Thursday, March 18, 2010

wahhh... :D

haha ive been not UPDATING quite a LONG time

so! WHO MISSED ME???? :D i know u do~ haha!
a news that i want to tell everybody.. that I'VE ROT COMPLETELY!
omooo~~ this LONG holiday is soo BORING haha!
especially on WEEKDAYS! dang.. HATE it! boo yoou!!
oh anyway! it wont be BORING on 20th MARCH! mu.ha.ha.ha!
im going to SUPER JUNIOR's SUPER SHOW2 concert!! weeee!!
haha went MERCHANDISE-shopping this evening it was AWESOME!
i love KPOPSHOPPING laaaah!! its so awesome~
but too bad not many of SHINee merchandise selling~ *wah my grammar*
hmm bought Suju BALLOONS~ for the concert.. i think i wana go back thr
to buy the SUJU lightstick! it looked so awesome laah! XDDD

haihh i will go POKAI soon enough~~ XDD
anyway..there's nothing much happend while i didnt BLOG
oh yeah!


i finally OWNED a BLUE lollipop that ive been waiting for a YEAR!!
yeah yeah its that BLUE LG lollipop PHONE
its SO AWESOME! i call it LOL-ie XDD

so well im lazy to POST the pictures of my lollipop
cos i took the pictures.. but then i think ive deleted it~ ><
soo.. will show next time laah~ :D

so till next POST!
anyeong! :D

p/s: cant wait for SUJU! :DDDD
pp/s: when is SHINee going to come here?? =X


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