Sunday, May 23, 2010

Siti Radiatul Atira♥

Happy 18th Birthday!!!
kamu da tuaaa! :DDD
will always love you darling!
Friday, May 7, 2010


Everyone will go on seperated ways now
time to choose a path
for the future

goodluck to those awesome humans, my friends (:
Wednesday, May 5, 2010


my blog LIST suddenly GONE?!

did the DOMINOS PIZZA delivery guy got lost?!
he arrived with a COLD PIZZA!!

this is ABSURD =x

updatesss~ :D

finally i have the mood to UPDATE about something!

hahaha idk what's that "something" is but ill just update anything~ :)
so yeah.. lately all the university intake (UPU) the results has been OUT..
and also the Form6 students intake.. i was selected for form6 at SMK Sri Sentosa
taking up Science.. but idk wether i shud go to Uni or form6 offers..
still waiting for my Matriks appeal results.. im seriously dont know which to pick..
and and bake again last time.. since there's alot to bake i got some help from
Rus and Athirah.. thank you humans! u girls are awesome

i bought MORE ETUDE HOUSE cosmetics products~~ haha
so anyway.. ive been only ROTTING at home doing absolutely NOTHING
i can use the car to drive anywhere cos my mum and sis flew to UK ady
T.T saya ditinggalkan~~~~ =X oh well ive asked them to buy me
2pairs of CONVERSE high cut sneakers~~ weeee~ :D
so ryte now the car IS MINE! but idk where the heck to go LOL

fyi.. Super Junior will be back with their 4th Album with only 10members
yeahhh SADDENING~ :( but they will always be 13 forever! :D

gonna END this post with this SONG! ;D

stop being a FAKE, FAKER!
it doesnt matter if this song has different meaning..
i just like it because they keep on saying the word FAKE again and again.. ;)

oh yeah!

so fast! its MAY alreadyyyyy!!!


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