Thursday, February 28, 2013

Playing with the torchlight.

Yesterday night I got the mood to get back to my DSLR. So I got the idea to play with the torchlight and slow shutters.
The easy steps.
  1. Get a partner or friends to join.
  2. Set up the camera/dslr to be in manual.
  3. Use the shutter mode, set up the lowest shutter.
  4. The camera must be fixed on a table or a tripod.
  5. Prepare a torchlight wrapped with cloth, or use LED light.
  6. Set up the room to be super dark.
  7. Click the shutter button.
  8. Start your imaginary mind and draw when the shutter click once
  9. Stop and move out from the camera before the second click of shutter.
  10. Wait for the picture to process, and walaahhh. :D
If the room is not dark enough, it's okay, you can always edit the picture later !
Have fun playing with the torchlight.
Somehow browsing the picture seems scary all the sudden. Haha.
Here's the best pictures that we manage to come up with!

By NanaNadya
Take 1: Kak Nana writing Thai Lulz. 
Take 2: Kak Nana's Thai gotten better. Haha
Take 3: Look decent with Caps. :D
By Rashidah Omar;
Take 1: Shidah wants to give this to her mum

Take 2: Got confused with mirror-ing the letter S. HAHA
 By me!
Take 1: Supposed to be stars in the sky. But got confused with the on-off button on the torchlight. LULZ.

Take 2: The name! Haha full name with own personal artsy touch at the end.
Actually I just lost track of the spaces. HEHE. 

So! That's how we roll when we're bored! Playing with the mini torchlight and slow shutter mode! Fun, but tiring. Asyik salah and redo redo redo. Haha

Saturday, February 23, 2013

25 Facts About Me.

  1. I'm actually short, but tall at the same time. I'm short if I'm with my friends but a lil bit taller or bigger than my sisters. Older sisters. 
  2. I stalk humans when I'm curious about that person or persons? 
  3. Sometimes, I see things in a way way differently than others, and some might not just understand me. 
  4. I like to blame myself on everything, to myself. By myself. 
  5. Getting along is not a problem to me, unless there's no cooperation in the process. 
  6. I dislike karaoke, since I can't really sing well. HAHA. 
  7. Adapting to air-conditioner coldness and Malaysia hotness is a piece of cake. Unless, I'm sick.
  8. I can't bear not buying cute things that caught my eyes in a shop. It'll just hunt me. Haha. 
  9. While shopping, once I started buying things, I'll keep on buying and buying. Well, this is what I'm learning to control. But if nothing really interest me to buy, at the end of the day, nothing. 
  10. I get really shy when there's too many unknown faces in a room/place. 
  11. Laziness is my worst disease, and it can be sooooo BAD. 
  12. I like listening to the same set of songs repeatedly.
  13. Baking is fun for me, but I don't bake for myself but for others. 
  14. When I was young-er I have interests in working in saloons. Till now. 
  15. I actually don't have any interest in what I'm studying now. But I'm getting the hang of it and building interests.
  16. Travelling, trips, or going out is always fun for me. 
  17. I talk crap most of the time and I also speak gibberish.
  18. Photography is what I enjoy doing. Editing pictures and stuff, I can do it all night long. 
  19. I get good at stuff easily. Only those I have lots interests in. 
  20. Gets demotivated and breaking down easily. 
  21. I like to spice things up a lot. Making weird stories and theories. 
  22. I'm super loud, random and vertigo. HAHA :P 
  23. Being different, weird and cheerful is what makes me an alien. 
  24. Even little things gets me happy. 
  25. I can be very very very ANNOYING at most times :)
Friday, February 22, 2013


Sometimes, we always feel that everything is just not right. No. Everything did not go as what we planned. Yes. That's is certainly the worst feeling ever for me. Since I'm the person that usually, well, most of the time, the person that put hopes high up. Even though there's not a confirmation on something. Who can change ourselves than our own self effort right? Yes perhaps other people may help, to advise, to remind. But whatever it is the important part is our own self. To choose wether to will or not to change. Is this even normal I don't even know. Putting hopes high will make you? Yes, disappointed. So, as you can see, I get disappointed quite often. I've study on my own self, getting to know about myself more, that I have this issue. And it's all come from me. I put my hopes too high. That's my problem. So far, I could not change that. But! Right now, at disappointment times, I choose not to show it. That I am disappointed, and being cool about it. Well, sometimes, it does not even work, but I'm trying my best to change this.

I always think that there's always a solution to a problem. And I think that, this is a eye-opener that make me see that, not everything we want Allah willing it. Kann? All we have to do is appreciate what we have, and take a good care of everything that we love, appreciate them. What we have, ALL of it, is what Allah give to us all. Take a good care of it. Perhaps, by appreciating, we tend to see the bright side more than the dark side of something. Being a half-full glass of person. This may help to be always thankful on what we already have, perhaps. And not being a greedy asking for more and more and more. But still does not satisfied with it. Learn to appreciate what we have before you have to appreciate what we HAD. Not every WANTS you can get, but NEEDS always come in handy. So, I will try my best not to be disappointed easily. We plan, but Allah is the greatest planner. Everything happens for a reason, perhaps more than one reason. Remember, Aine. Always remember that. To change is your own choice. You're good because you choose to be, you're bad because you choose to be. ITS YOUR CHOICE TO BE BAD OR GOOD. You choose. It was always your choice. Wether to change to be better, or to be worse. Think wisely.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013


Sebab dah lama tak update blog, terlupa cara sebenar nak update blog.
Dan mungkin jugak, sebab takda IDEA? Atau mungkin sengaja?
Atau atau atau, saya dah tak bersemangat untuk menulis? :O
Oh tidak, ini tidak mungkin.

Cuti bakal kehabisan dalam masa seminggu lagi, tapi banyak lagi mission2 yang belum diselesaikan. Tak tahu sempat ke tak sebelum semester 4 start. Apa2 pun setahu saya semester depan tak ada cuti panjang :'(. Tapi! Boleh je kan nak balik rumah? Hewhew. Harapnya la. Mengapa perlu adanya Amali Kejuruteraan wahai UTEM? Mengapa? *drama*

Oh, dalam masa yang sama, nak mengucapkan Selamat Tahun Baru Cina untuk semuaaa rakan2 yang menyambut. Semoga berbahagia mengeratkan silaturahim sesama keluarga dan rakan-rakan! :) Teringin nak pergi Spring Festival UTeM lagi? Mungkin.

Tahun ularrr! Hissss. *ihsan google*
Dan sesungguhnya semua sudah tahu yang UTeM dah keluar keputusan rasmi.

Apa yang dapat, banyak tu la yang diusahakan, banyak tu la rezeki kita. Tahniah untuk semua
Semoga diingatkan diri ni untuk bekerja dengan lebih dan lebih keras lagi disemester hadapan.

Okay, dah tak tahu nak tulis apa.
Assalamualaikum, semoga gembira selalu! :)

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