Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Universal Studios Singapore!

Assalamualaikum, and heyy dearry bloggie!
Let's start with the journeeey!

Bismillah. This trip was actually a family day that was done by my dad's working place. So this year's to USS we go! Since I actually not expecting this coming, I had planned this trip with Kancil. Therefore, the result of tagging him along. And he tag a friend of ours. Shy shy cat la konon since the trip is with my family. The family that gathered is just those are still single. HAHAHA. My parents, and 2 of my sisters. The others couldn't join, for their reasons.

I've forgotten the dates. *checks calendar*

Friday. 28 December 2012
It was on the study week break. To Johor Bahru we gooo! We shoot out in the morning later that planned due to some problems LOL. We went directly to Johor from Melaka. Stops awhile for brunch, first stop UTM! Yeay. We met our long-lost friends. Long-lost la sangat. HAHA. It was fun hanging around with old friend, talking, eating ice cream and just laugh. Even though it was just for a short while they made time to meet us. Sweet gila. Lagi2 orang yang busy tu. HAHA. :P Orang datang dari jauh la katakan. Thank you domo, pika, dug, effa, opie, and others. :)

We went to meet my family at Plaza Angsana, that place looked new. It's been so long since I last went to Johor. Kancil's school mate surprisingly close with MY school mate, they know each other in  UTM. They helped us lead to destinations. Thank you Effa and Opie. Walk around eat and talk. Meet up with the family and after that, next stop is the Johor Premium Outlets! Walk around walk walk and walk. And bought 2 cardigans from Cotton On. Hohoho. When it has gotten dark, started to move to next place! We went to eat at all-time-awesome Mee Rebus Tulang in Johor! Wuwuttt. Sedaap. :3 Typing this, making me so hungry right now. -.- BAD.
Thank you Effa, & Opie :)
Fatty goodness. LAMB! :3'

After 1 day of walking shopping and eating. Off we go to the hotel that we're staying for the weekend! The fun part of this hotel is, they have CAR ELEVATOR ! Awesomely super big elevator for cars to go to the car park. Cool idea to save spaces. So it got us all excited for awhile. Hahaha. Jakun gila -.-'.  Got our keys and check the rooms. Later on, mama and abah asked us if wanted to go down to walk around at the Pasar Karat. Here is where the mystery came. We called the boys tons of times, there was no answer at all. It was just a little while since separated and they're gone missing. 0.0 Me and my sisters started to panic. Just because their room is quite scary looking, we thought alot of weird things. -.-" you know... Nevermind. And actually they're downstair went out earlier than anyone else. Great. Hahaha. Why the heck am I typing this down? -.- Ah well. So! That night after walking around the Pasar Karat. Lots of things caught my eyes, but it wasn't a shopping mood since we all are drop dead tired. Got back to the room and SLEEP!

Saturday 29 December 2012
Got up QUITE early for breakfast, and the Johor-Singapore bus SUPPOSED to pick us up early from the hotel. Well. The bus arrived late and wasted my sleeping time -.-. It was around 9-10 when the bus arrived. Then off to SINGAPORE! Go through the usual immigration process and stuff. And SAMPAI! Universal Studios Singaporeeee. Walk around, and first ride was the TRANSFORMER ride! It was awessommmee! I think if I ever going that place again Me going to ride that again Ngehngeh. Walk around the USS and take rides, till EVENING! Well, the boys enjoyed more rides. :) But! We got into a rock theater which was awesome too! It was a fun trip to USS! I think pictures will do best here.

Le tickets. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. 

Don't mind the Garret popcorn popping out from my handbag. -.- selekeh.

Such a gorgeous car.
Far far away Castle! :3

Went to Shrek's houseee! :3
Transformer rideee!
We are taxi models. HUAHUA
After the walking and everything, finally souvenir shopping! Bought matching tee for Kancil. And still haven't worn it together yet. Meet up and shoot off back to Johor around 9-10pm. The bus was tardy tardy taaardy! Went to late dinner and back to the hotel dropped dead.

Sunday 30 December 2012
Woke up late, yet surprisingly the boys woke up very early. They get to breakfast at the hotel, and we didn't haha. Check out and went out to eat again, Mee Sup! But the lontong tasted better -.-" Haha. Talk around the table. Off back to Angsana for awhile. Walk around, suddenly there was a blackout. Scary I must say. Finaally, back to Melakaaa in the evening. :)

I seriously typed almost everything. Well, I wanted to read it again in the future. It has to be a little bit detailed. Little bit? You call this little Aine Ilina? -.-" Oh well. Anyways! It was an AWESOME trip! Plus more awesome due to the coming finals that time LOL. Good times, good times, have to be cherish! Alhamdulillah♥

Assalamualaikum, and hope to have more trips and adventures! *simpanduit2*

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