Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rindu sangat sangat.

Rindu kat mereka, paling2 Izza Athirah. :'(  Nak gi UK please.
Curi gambar dari Instagram Atie. Harap Maklum.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Half of it.

Been so sooooo away from posting new updates. Again. Like always. :) Refer to last last last posts. HAHA

So, currently started my so-called STUDY week for the fourth semester, oh my this semester is horrible. My goal seems so far right now. But it's my job to catch it up later. I mean by later- before my finals on 10th June. Things are so stressful and tiring. I don't even know what exactly are the 'things'. I just need my break for awhile. So, I'm home. Will start sucking knowledge starting when I get back to Melaka. Soon, I must.

There's so many to write here. I just couldn't get it done. I don't know why. Perhaps I see blogging differently now? NOOOOOOO

So, I have eight semesters till I graduate. I'm on my fourth. Therefore. It's halfway there. I'm barely dying, barely alive. I am still not knowing what I'm studying for. Seriously. I need to set a mission ASAP. Taking up something very hard, need super high motivation when you don't really have interest on it.

I have accepted the challenge, and I must go on and strive excellent till the end. I have to. I have to.

Suddenly, writing this blog post, seems to be so stressing. Anyway lets put everything aside for awhile. I just got back home from Melaka! Yeayy. Home, the best place in the world. Went PD to send the friend home, I got home, went to neighbor's wedding, and off I go out to KL with my lil sis, Kancil, and Naqib. Walk around till my knee are kinda broken. Haha. ._. Today's long story short.

Oh great, my blogging mood has just ran away.


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