Sunday, November 27, 2011

Salam Maal Hijrah. :D


Dah masuk tahun baru ikut kalendar Islam. Satu empat tiga tiga hijrah. Kena mulakan azam baru. Jangan malas-malas belajar lagi. Cuba berdikari sendiri sikit. Huhu. Kena kuatkan ibadah. Kurangkan bermain. Fokus kena lebih. Kurangkan makan HAHAHA! Kurangkan online -.-". InsyaAllah.

Huu, sempena Maal Hijrah ni, ada majlis pertunangan abang. Gambar taktau kat siapa huhu. Sebab saya tertinggal DSLR kat Melaka. Bagus betul. So, tengah hari gerak pergi rumah sebelah. Sampai, bincang2 pantun2 pastu, sarung cicin.Tangkap2 gambar, makan, pastu lepak2 kejap. Pastu balik. Huhu tu je. :3 Tahniah abang, dah tunang dah diaa huhu :D Semoga berkekalan sampai kahwin nanti :) InsyaAllah. Amin.
Friday, November 25, 2011

Home for the weekend.

Yesterday, i went to the hospital to visit my classmate who had an accident 2 days ago. He's condition is quite bad, but he's stable. Let's pray hard for his recover. InsyaAllah. Amin.

So, today got no class. I arrived Serdang yesterday night! Hee. Today I went Sunway Pyramid with my little sister! Its been awhile since we hang out together. We did nothing actually. Haha! Wanted to catch a movie, but the seats are selling fast. So we had lunch at Wendy's! The burger was HUGE and delish. :D The chilis too! Huhu. Me love Wendy's but it's kinda expensive. So after lunch, we just walk around the mall. Wanted to buy the sneakers at Forever 21 and a long skirt at Cotton On. But I didnt. -.- Second thoughts. Maybe later. Huhu. After walk around, went home, since the little sis banyak sangat penyakit, macam2 betul. Haha. Arrived home, and online, online, dinner, online, up till now. HAHA! That was my day.

Assalamualaikum and take careee! :D
Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hitam Kuning Hitam Kuningg!


Harimau Malaya, mengaummm. :D
Saya pergi tengok match Final SEA GAMES Malaysia VS Indonesia. Malaysia menang 5-4. WOOOOTT. Masa tengok match kat bawah tadi, Ya Allah. Malaysia naik nak serang pun diorang sorak macam gila-gila punya! Haha apetah lagi bila GOL! Hahaha boleh pokak tinge eden. -.- Haha. Kitorang tengok stress gila kot, biasa lah perempuan excited dia lebih sikit. #ToBeHonest. Haha yang tak boleh bla masa last2 tu dua2 side dapat gol, tapi dua dua punn offside. GAHHAHA. Khairul Fahmi la terbaikk. :D Hehe. Tapi kesian Baddrol asyik kena baling je -.- dia dah la macam lidi. But last, dia yang dapatkan gol tu. REZEKI KOT gol centu! Alhamdulillah! TAHNIAH MALAYSIAA! Sangat berbaloi tengok live tadi, dari mula sampai habis kot! Frankly laa, saya ni bukan meminat bola sangat pun. Ni pun first time tengok sampai habis. Terus nak jadi fan ni. HAHA! =.= Okay mungkin tak la KIPAS SUSAH MATI sangat kan. Bangga gila ngan Team Malaysiaaa. AUMMMM.

Tu je laa, Tahniah Malaysia. Sekarang, nak makan ubat yang bergunung tu, pastu tidur. Esok kelas pukul 10am. Oh tak cuti tau esok. Untuk pengumuman UMUM. HAHA. Selamat malaaam! Assalamualaikumm.
Monday, November 21, 2011

A trip to the clinic.

Assalamualaikum and good evening peeps. :)

So, since I've been sick for a more than a week already, my mum asked my brother to send me to the clinic. Me don't fancy clinics, because doctors always give lots of medicine! Sangat pemurah when it comes to medicine LOL. Uh uh, the clinic's gadgets are so high class. Haha. They uses the temperature gun, instead of the ear temperature thinggy haha. It was so cool. Haha or maybe saya yang jakun -.-.

Colourful pills! :D haha! -.-
Okay whatever it is, the medicine was alot! I didn't know I was having fever, yet the doctor prescribe me with HUGE FEVER PILLS that have to be taken 2pills for 3 times a day! -.- 2pills okay? Haha seriously doctor? Maybe my temperature was high according to the gun? :O So other medicines are, flu, coughing mixture, sore throat candy- this one's nicee. Hahaha! And lastly huge antibiotics pills, shocking orange colour, loving the colour, hating the taste -.-" Letak je kat lidah rasa tak sedap gilaa! Okay, I'm so lifeless, I even list all the medicine that I'm prescribe with. Haha.

I didn't go to class today, the doctor was kind enough to give me a MC for today. Only. Yeaay! =.= Haha! Well then, I have to get off and continue studying mechanics, having Test 2 this Wednesdaaaay. CUAK. Need to score Test 2 since my carry marks are so low. -.-" Wish me LUCCK! And take care all.

Assalamualaikummm! :D
p/s: sesungguhnya penyakit itu penghapus dosa.
Sunday, November 20, 2011

Me want theseee ♥

A pair of Converse sneakers. ♥
Beats, by Dr. Dre 

That headphone by Dr Dre looked so COOOOLL. HAHA!
Oh and and, I'm searching for Curve 4's casing. I think they haven't release the unoriginal ones. The original ones are so expensive! Haha. Me want those cute and cheap ones. LOL. But I have expensive taste. -.- It's because anything that I touch in a Mall, look at the price tag, and.... WALK AWAAYY. Hahaha! My sisters are no different! :P But I prefer those that looked expensive, but very cheap! YEAH! That's how you SUPPOSED to shop! LOL.

One fact about me that, I buy things because it's CUTE! HAHAHA. Don't really care about the function sometimes! HAHA! I suck. But, when I want to buy something, I often get second thoughts. Especially when I'm buying for myself, using my own money. Haha kedekut dengan diri sendiri. But when I'm in the SHOPPING mood, if I have money, I will just buy the things that get my attention. It's bad I know. Haha but onlyy sooomeetimees. *innocent face* 

But, seriously, me like cute and colourful stuffs! Ngeh.
Anyone want to give me these? LOL :3 

That's all, Assalamualaikumm, and have a nice daay!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello! I'm Back! :D

Assalamualaikuumm :D
So! How's my readers doing lately?
I guess I've been away from this blog for quite a long time already, I'm sorry,
I just don't know what to post sometimes. LOL. And the main thing is I'm lazy of course. It seems that this blog still have some readers, even if I'm not updating. *Since chatbox got some messages :D
So I seriously need to keep on updating this blog from time to time.

What's new?
Haha I got myself a Blackberry lately, was my birthday present! :D I didn't mention it last time. Hehe. Those that knows me, and I know you, haha feel free to ask for my BBpin! So, I can BBM you! :D Free maaahh. Haha. Been using for almost two months now. This thing is good for social networking! Highly recommended. *promote*

How's my life going?
So faaaarr, it's okay~ Alhamdulillah. Im not feeling that well, been coughing alot, and started to sneeze awhile ago LOL. Last week, I lost my voice completely, but it started to came back. When I was voiceless my brother said this "Aman dunia sikit kau takda suara" Haha! -.- It's actually true. Because I am so NOISY *hashtag* to be honest. Haha. Been hanging around in twitter a lot, seriously. I have no life. HAHA!  It's going well with the study. Im actually staying at my hostel for this weekend! First time okay? haha. Cried. Like seriously -.-" I suck. Well, part of me wanted to stay and study, part of me want to go home. Dilemma. So I cried. Tak paham? Tak paham sudah.

So, its the 2nd week of November already! I didn't do a proper update for like one month! Haha poor blog got abandoned alot. Final is getting nearer by seconds. It's creeping me out. Lots of thing to study, with so little time. But insyaAllah, I'll get through this. :D I just have to keep on studying and do exercise. Yes, I'm lacking of exercises, fitness and also the brain LOL. I'm very lazy, you see. It's hard to see me to be hardworking ngeh. Need to change this A.S.A.P.

Now, my mission is, to do lots of exercises. Also have to keep on updating this blog with anything that i could think of LOL. #notetoself.

Take care of your health peeps, the weather is really bad.
Drink lots of water! #notetoselftoo.

Assalamualaikum, and goodnight! :D

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weee, holidays!

Ngeh ngeh ngeh
Started mid semester break! WEEE! Throws confetti ! YEAH!

I'm blurr right now, I have no idea what to write. =.=

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