Thursday, December 31, 2009


i just remembered to post about outing on 29dec
went Mid Valley with Irynn, Afiq, Izmir, and Azrul
i woke up late so went MV a lil bit late hehe XD
but i had to go home early on that day >.<
oh well~ never mind! because i get to watch....
Holmes is A GENIUS detective! woots! tensai!
it was seriously AWESOME! its a must watch!
better watch in CINEMA!
hehe the movie was super nice! watch it people!
anyways.. right after the movies
i had to go home already
sorry guys.. and irynn, cos i abandoned you.. =X
i didnt even get to eat with themm! huaaaaa T.T.. next time yea?

haha anyways! 2010 is coming by another few hours!
time really flies! i still remember ive jus starting 2009..
and now.. 2010 already!
time goes on really fast.. and yeay! get to see lots of FIREWORKS today
hopefully i get to see them from my house's balcony
1 January 2010.. New Year and my Dad's birthday
so tomorrow's night gonna have a BBQ.. AGAIN! weeee~ :D

i gonna write down my Resolutions for 2010~ !
i hope 2010 will be a better year.. :)

that's all for now!
happy new year~
Wednesday, December 30, 2009

reunion pictures ♥

people from so many different school~!... i think haha! XD



woots! these people are FUN~ seriously they are
sorry for going home early yea.. :(
anyway~ that's the ony picture im posting.. the others ill post on FB k?
there's still more CANDID pictures! muahaha XD
that's all for now!
laughter is the best medicine~ :D



as u can see from this collage on the left~
there's bagpipe people!
yeah! my sis' wedding at the groom's side
used bagpipe marching band
instead of using KOMPANG!
and they actually played those wedding song!
woots! my first time seeing MAN in SKIRT!
i didn't have to go Scotland to see them!
cos my sis BROUGHT them here! haha *not literally!
the bagpipe does sounded the same like in those movies!
haha sounded like a duck's QUACK but an asthma duck XD
wat a weird example huh? but anyways!
it is realllyyy LOUD .. kinda annoying.. but fun to hear :D
the wedding was kinda fun~ :) *the bagpipe was the best part
but their catering is not very nice
and yes ive post about this twice haha

SPLITTING image! hahaha XD

yeap.. my lil sis got a STRIKE! and i only got SPAREs
haha its jus her LUCK hahaha! XD
evil sister! muahaha :D

bowling POSE! wooots!
haha my dad's and bro's
my bro... pose 10/10 but the bowling ball ended up in the longkang! XD

so ill be posting REUNION pics NEXT!
till next post!
bowling is FUN~~
Tuesday, December 29, 2009

late updates

im gonna update a lil bit later...
cause ive been busy with so many things.. HAHA *kononnye
anyways will be..
  • uploading photos from bowling
  • updating bout SKBBSP1 Reunion ; Class of 2004,
  • and today's Outing~
Okay! ill update bout this A.S.A.P, tmr maybe?
and people~ please wait a lil longer for the pictures, okay? :)
sorry for the LATE-ness haha!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

had a long day

yeap today was a BLAST haha * not really
but today was FUN
i woke up kinda late since i slept really late..
then after i woke up eat and everything
my aunty and uncle with my cousins going back to terengganu already..
after they finished haj they stayed here at my place
so past few days the house is lively
we said our goodbyes and everything
then my parents and bro send them to the KLIA

my parents straightaway go to a wedding
but after my bro got home, me , eda, inani went Alamanda for a movie
we watched Princess And The Frog~
it was kinda boring.. but still okay laa

straight away we go home after the movies
and after dawn we went BOWLING!! wohhhooo
it was FUN, my mum's surprisingly AWESOME in this game
wohhooo mama ROCKS! lol
anyway.. after 3 games each person.. *tiring yea
we went to a restaurant to eat..
yum yum.. i ate alot~~ wohhoo

and now.. i jus got back and writing all this thing here
today is family BONDING day! hahaha
next trip; desa water park?? hehe :D

im super tired and need sleep now..
need to wake up early tomorrow to go Rus' place!
that's all for now..
have a great day! *tomorrow!

[will post the pictures on the next post! :)]

p/s: im sorry i couldn't make any cupcakes today.. i didnt have the time..
so, no cuppycakes for the reunion ):
Saturday, December 26, 2009


here the pictures i PROMISED!!
btw.. im going to bring cupcakes for SKBBSP1 Reunion! ;D
this batch of cupcakes is very hard to iced!
i made a different type of icing which is super SMOOTH!
and very hard to apply on the cupcakes!
so.. it turned out kinda uglyyy~~

the wedding today was fun
lots of pics
but the catering was not that delicious

that's all for now!
eat cuppycakes! :D
Friday, December 25, 2009

cuppycakes ♥

the title sayssssss CUPPYCAKES
tomorrow is the day for the WEDDING on groom's side
we will be wearing RED! wohooo lols!
anyway.. my sis asks me to bake some cuppycakes for the event
[will post the pictures of the cupcakes on next post!]
weeeee! its been awhile since i bake them.. XD
anyway~ its gonna be fun! and tiring
i went to the store for baking supplies that Rus was talking about..
WOOAH i love that place weh! there's everything there~~~ HAHA
Rus, that place is kinda far laa! u said its NEAR ony.. =.="
just another mile from that place, can see MID VALLEY! haha far ryte?
haha but! worth it laa.. i got everything i need for baking!
im surely gonna go there again to buy other stuffs! wohooo!

so! ive found the baking supplies shop....
NOW! im excited to open a CUPPYCAKES bakeryblog
wohoo~~ when it's OPENED and bussiness started~~
visit it and buy yea! :D
hehe Rus is SOOOO gonna be my KULI muahahaha! *kidding! ; evil smile
HAHA anyway.. i dont really know how to open a SHOPblog
those who have experience, can teach me??
or give me any link to guide me for opening a SHOPblog? ;
yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

i hope this will work as planned! weeeee
that's all for now!
Baking is FUN!
Thursday, December 24, 2009


haih... yeap my life at home on this LONG holidays is getting very BORING
i need to do something to keep me busy and all........
i started to watch BOF but my cousins and sister watches it
and they watched far ahead of me already
=.= i have to wait till they finish and watch it again..
anyway.. Rus! come la my house.. i bought the dvd ady.. lets do drama marathon! :D

i got to start my baking lessons faster! im getting super BORED at home..
gah.. i want to go outing with friends again.. where are you people!?
never contact me pun haha.. i think i should register to driving class first..
hmm yeah maybe i should do that~ :) *random

oh yeah! my sis' recomend me a JOB!
wohoo.. ive got green lights from my mum ady sumore!
want to know what's the job? ....... a Kindergarten Teacher! weeeee
my sis said its a English teacher.. gah my english not that good! LOL
hehe, the kindergarten is just in my neighbourhood.. i can just WALK to get there!
lol.. and and the salary is rm800 a month!
but i still don't know wether im going to work there or not
hahaha *lazyness terserlah!

anyway.. i did nothing today.. just went to Amcorp Mall to find clothes
for this saturday event.. huhu Amcorp Mall is sumhow.. really BORING
or isit just me? BUT! memang boring pun tempat tu! =.="

im getting lazy to update my photoblog!
cos i seriously got no AMAZING photo to post!~
haha i wanted to go Putrajaya to snaps some scenery there
who wants to follow!?????????? LOL

seriously.. i am so SUPER DUPER bored at home~~~~
fyi.. i've been using "seriously" and "wow" and"wohoo"and alot !
That's explained that im really BORED,
that i keep on repeating the same WORD!

i think that's all i wana type
i love SHINee!
Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SHINee 2010 calendar

wohooo~ New Year is cmg!
but for us Muslim we already had our new year on
18thDec awal muharam
so! i better think of my resolution faster~ haha
anyway! SHINee's 2010 CALLENDAR is OUT!
wohoo.. i was BROWSING through wordpress
and FOUND their pictures~ weeeeee
feel like posting them here~~ so! here WE GO!!! :D

aww look at my adorable Onew! *melts

awww look at THEM!!! super super SHINee

click to enlarge

THEY are soo super adorable!! kyaaa
hehe.. enjoy the pics! cos i did!

that's all for now!!
SHINee is

there's more fantastic pics in WORDPRESS! :D
credits to wordpress! :)
Tuesday, December 22, 2009

wow! so many things to write

  1. PROM
Yesterday, 21 December 2009 was the Prom Night for SMK Seri Saujana ; Waltz Under The Blue Moon
before prom, i was seriously BUSY with my sis wedding
so, right after the Wedding I terus HAUNT for prom stuff~
it was tiring to all things in one day! my legs CRAMPED!
so the PROM nyte was Seriously AWESOME..
yeah im kinda SLEEPY on that nyte.. but! the AWESOME-ness kept me awake
neways the FOOD was seriously delish!
yeh yeh yeh Buffet!
i loves BROCCOLI and they served it!
hee.. its more FUN when they actually play the songs i like!
They also played WonderGirls' Nobody! Suju's Sorry Sorry..
yeah! the best part was Sorry Sorry! people actually know the DANCE!

its my first time jumped, walked, RUN, and even danced with HEELS!
sumhow its kinda fun.. BUT! later on.. i cant even STAND! lols
yeap HEELS kills! hahaha XD

anyway.. i had FUN! its seriously FUN
SAUJANA rocks..
ill miss all my friends~~ T.T
i will cherish this memories..
I love you all! *sobss

so the awards! lol
PromKing: Min Chun
PromQueen: Melody
Best Dressed;
Girl: Serena Yap *love ur dress serena!! ;D
Guy: Ou Yang
Best Couple: Yao Juan with his date

2. Wedding

my sister wedding was THE BOMB
lots of people came..
for my friends who came..
thank you! i really appreciate it and thank you very much for helping out
to , irynn, rus, maira, nabihah.. afifah, afiq and azrul!
thanks for helping and coming to the wedding =)

lots of people came BUT the food and the DOORGIFT got lots and lots EXTRA
yea if anyone wana eat lauk kenduri kawen datang la rumah ;D

if wants photo please visit my FACEBOOK okay? i am too lazy+tired to
post it here hehe

so that's all for now... i think

Thursday, December 17, 2009


ill be busy till 19th Dec!
so many things to do for the Wedding Event *i dun really do anything..
but! i have to help la.. haha XD
sounded BUSY je... not really busy..

so.. ill be posting pics and all after the wedding!
so anyway~~ my fellow friends.. u all Invited to this WEDDING~ :D
come come come!!

that's all for today~
always be happie! :D
Monday, December 14, 2009

its.. ITS,,,ONEW's Birthday!

Happie 20th Birthday Onew oppa!! (21st in Korea)
Saengil Chukha Hamnida! 생일축하합니다 ~!
Hope you will GROW sweeter and LOVELY-ier!!
I LOVE your sweet VOICE! keep on SINGING lovablebly? LOL
hehe i love your SMILE Onew!! keep on SMILING for your adorable FANS!'re ADORKABLE! kyaaaaa!! =)) come Malaysia yeah! bring SHINee here :P
I surely will go see you!!! :D
ill study hard in University to be as smart as YOU!
Hope your wishes will come true.. and Keep WOrking Hard for SHINee
keep on being the BEST leader!!~!
Aja aja HWAITING! :D
happie birthday! DUBUONEW! :D
Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yeah this is just a random post, with a random pict~ :D

i just had a haircut.. loving it.. cut my fringe back like last time! :D
but! my hair is slightly SHORTER!
gah sayangnyeee it was soo long now gone! *exagerating
neways my sis' wedding is on 19th Dec! =)
i hope i survive in the clothes im suppose to wear >.<

long holidays is getting BORED! people lets go out again!
time to find prom stuff! *mendoukusai desuyo!
im super BORED.. haishhhh~
neways that's all for this random post~~

shampoo in swirl!

ps: anyone know any japanese class? i need to resume the japanese in me! :D
pps: why the HECK my music player there are not playing!?~ =S
Friday, December 11, 2009

Im a FAN of..


YEAHH!! FЯED is sooo AWESOME!! he's INSANELY cute and Super RANDOM!!

i love RANDOM stuff and he's like the KING of RANDOM world..


his Videos are HILARIOUS~!

i discover FЯED when watching iCarly..

iCarly is an AWESOME series!! watch it people~~ its soo darn interesting and FUNNY!

anyway! this is the 1st video of FЯED i watched ; FЯED goes swimming!

he is soo awesome!

to watch more FЯEDvideos, click here

there's 3 Seasons its totally AWESOME! :D

that's all for today!

brush your teeth! ;D


Thursday, December 10, 2009


awww theyre so cute! i used to watch teletubbies when i was lil
the old days i will always be the Yellow one and my lilsis the red one
but i like the red one! cos its super cute!
being the yellow one till i grow up claiming my fav colour is yellow

here's a video teletubbies dance RingDingDong by SHINee :D
they're so CUTE!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Out-ing~ =)

SPM jus finished and we girls had our hang out already!
it was a very tiring day.. well more tiring cos lil miss irynna likes to walk
lol it was FUN anyway..
and i really need walk.. haha its been awhile since i walk this MUCH haha

anyway! lets start talking about today~
planned yesterday that we are going to Mid Valley at 10:00am
but! since i had BBQ last nyte *it was a DELISHIOUS nyte~ :P
i was SOOO tired and i woke up late today
planned 10:00am arrive Mid, but i woke up at 10:00 =.= *sorry people~ :S
so i arrive at mid with nabihah tagging along, meet up with Maira and Anis
poor them, they arrive mid at exactly 10:00am so punctual huh? lols
*korang da experience pegi mid ngan naek KTM tade orang sebab aine.. okay la tu =P hehe

the benefit is..they managed to buy New Moon tickets
i didnt join them tho.. since i've watched earlier
then, we don't really know what to do
thr we went to The Gardens for awhile to look around haha
yeah mid is getting Boring lol
we took pictures and all and go back to Mid
Nabihah was fully excited to go MPH
to buy some books cause its been awhile since she bought them
haha quite awhile for Nabihah to pick a book
after that, Irynna's finally arrive
then Rus pulak sampai
she was sooo LATE!! ahahaha XD
after Rus arrive, they all going to movies already

Irynn and me... went for Breakfast/Lunch at the food court
since i havent had anything since morning
after eating went to meet Farna~~its been awhile!
she's working.. -Metrojaya worker~ *gaji tinggi kot! blanja me later farna!
then we WALK WALK and walk
around Gardens and MidValley to buy survey prom dresses
it was FUN, but now i realise that,
i cant wear LONG prom dress! *its too LONG for me
yeah.. if u all didnt know im SHORT sobs
so, might be wearing short dress then..
we take take pictures of the dresses that caught our eyes...

then after finished surveying, went to Rock Corner to see my Miura Haruma!
i wanted to buy gokusen graduation day movie, but i had second thots...
so didnt buy Gokusen or Catch a Wave which Haruma's in it
but! i bought Stickers!~ from Action City its a cartoon clear stickers! so CUTE!
then bought another 3 sticker cards from Teddy Tales~
yeah.. all i bought today was Stickers~
but im happy with it~! weeee *aine adore Stickers!

then we meet up with others wen they finished their movies
go Farna's workplace.. she looks so bored there lol
anyway.. after that go walk around Mid Valley again
and lastly we went for Purikura!
it was fun..Rus was late again *lembab la u haha kidding~
Purikura as always its very FUN
poor Nabihah her face got blocked by others~
the machine was SMAALL and there was 6People in it!
then after finished hyped up and all
time to go home

went home with Irynn otw to the parking lot
we came across a word RIBS and the conv goes like this:
me: Ribs only used for Pig's rytee...
irynn: No.. can use for beef also
me: Pigs ony laa
irynn: Beef also laaaaa
me: ouhhh does chicken have ribs?
irynn: .... *stare
me: they have ryte?
irynn: .....*stare
me: they don't?
irynn: ... of course la they have ribs! how chicken will look like without their ribs!
me: *act how chicken moves without it ribs ; "zombie-like"
we laughs
irynn: chicken without ribs will look like they have extra breast
we all laughs
me: so, chickens without ribs are CHICKEN ZOMBIES!
*cos chickens will walk like zombies without its RIBS
::nabihah was around but she didn't say anything but laughed::

so we walk walk to the parking lot.. and arrive at irynn's
my mum pick me up there then me and nabihah went home
i bathe and eat spagetti and wrote this~

so that's almost everything that i do today~haha XD
this is a VERY long POST!!
till next post!

p/s: bbq nyte picture and today's will be upload in Facebook

Happie b'day Minho~!

Happy 19th Birthday to Choi Minho *from SHINee
Happpppyyyy Birthdayyyyyy Happie birthday to youuuuuu, Minho
Tuesday, December 8, 2009

its OVER~~!

Yeah!! its FINALLY OVER!!
no more school~~ hehe
going to miss all my friends though
but.. im still happy that the exams are FINALLY over!
gahh! now! after SPM to do LIST!

  1. throw out all the books~!
  2. prom
  3. start taking lots of pictures again
  4. start cupcakes bussiness
  5. resume/restart japanese class~!
  6. take driving license?.... maybe
  7. buy J&Kdramas DVDs! woot *if got enough money =.="
  8. DRAMA marathon! weee!
  9. go movies with Friends
  10. PuriKura with FRIENDS!! yeaaah!! ;D
  11. hang out with past & present friends! *people contact me! =)
  12. Update blogspot everyday.. and don't abandoned Photoblogiee or LJ
  13. Take baking class
  14. SLEEEPOVER! yeaah! XD
that's all for now.. maybe later ill add! haha! XD

  • 6th Dec, Nur Ain Farhan
  • 7th Dec, Nur Haizrina Anis!
  • 8th Dec, my own BIG sister Aine Izzati & Abg Radi's Mum :D
Happie birthday people! =) love ya!!
hope ur wishes come true
semoga panjang umur murah rezeki!

gonna have BBQ nyte today!! YEAY!!
celebrating birthdays and SPM funeral! *this is just my celebration laa haha XD

till next post! gyahaha

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