Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happie Birthdaeee ♥

My beloved Mother, Simah bte Husain~~~~~ weeeee

happy birthdaayy happy birthday to youu~ (:
love you FOREVER! :D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


a picture i took otw to endah parade LOL! *street flower

weeeeee.. its been awhile since i update this blog
2 days ago my i got my L license.. so i went to the office
to give the kakak, Athirah's picture.. then the kakak said
that i can take the L license home!
haha it is soo LOW quality la.. nevermind la.. the expiry date is on April..
so, not going to use the license for a long time anyway
i have to pay full payment first then i can continue
to go practice for the next exams

on the same day.. it was on Monday.. irynn had 1 day OFF from work haha
so i went CRASH her place~ we did nothing more than ONLINING
haha then Athirah asked me to take her license picture...
that's when the Perfect Academy call saying that i can take my L license ady
so after we take the picture.. me and irynn straight to Endah Parade
for Lunch since im seriously HUNGRY.. then after eating and all..
went to visit Azrul and Adrian do their job at P1 Wimax
they're not really working anyway! hahaha~ their work are so EASY
but then BORING lah.. so people who go Endah Parade go visit them
at P1 Wimax booth near the McD icecream stall, LG floor i think

anyway.. ryte after that i planned to go to ex-school to take my sch mag
but then the teachers said the magazine will be given out on results day
so.. i went to see the CHEER people.. aww my JUNIORS..haha!
me and irynn went with siti.. so we three go and serbu the dewan bacaan
and i just notice that.. that school seriously changed
every classes' names! theres no more Science students and Social!
theyre ALL are WOOODs name! =X yeah WOODs i say!!
they should change it back! wat kind of class is 3RAMIN? sounds like RAMEN!
haha wat do i care? im not in that school anymore..
the canteeen are so much more prettier than last time..
new chairs and tables, and more stalls!
seriously the school hated our year huh? LOLs
so we went there for awhile ony.. then went back home so that's it

i dun know what to write ady..
oh yeah.. i wont be updating this blog with SHINee stuff..
cos i've reOPen my fanaccount on LJ
so no more FLAILs here haha!
so then till next update!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Onew ♥

its just a random title.. a good one huh?
fyi: HE's MINE! hahaha XD


kay! ive been doing nothing at home lately..
im still waiting for my L license which havent been informed to me about
haha at home.. ive been SHINee-ing alot
yeah. ive finished SHINee Yunhanam
Yunhanam was awesome~ haha Onew Sangtae was the best Part!
and i also watched Idol Maknae Rebellion
which Taemin, Key, and Jonghyun battled with other idol group
they was super COMPETITIVE! haha
haha Taemin was surprisingly good with that pole thinggy haha!
but he lost the next one.. but he beat a guy in 3SEC!
haha the maths question.. haha everyone got confused
it was 2nd grade maths question lol
the part when they make a phone call to Nicole (kara) was so CUTE
haha Nicole talked like a machine.. she likes to repeat the same word~
lastly SHINee challenge the competitor to do a Crossdressing competition
wether they can be prettier than Taemin as a girl (Taeyeon)
haha it was AWESOME.. and SHINee lost.. =X haha
cos the plastic surgery doctor picked Dongho (U-Kiss)! haha
taemin as a girl (taeyeon) *preetty than a girl ryte?
i think he's prettier than Me! XD

the best part is the doctor look at this picture said Taemin look
"prettier" in person than in the picture (taeyeon) haha!
Taemin was dissapointed by that tho
haha he wanted to be seen in people's eye as a manly boy
so he wants to be said that he looked "cool" more than "pretty"
haha Taemin has GROWN up! :D aww..~ *shucks

wow.. i wrote long about Maknae Rebellion lol!
haha Yunhanam! yeaaah i know its a very OLD program
but but but~ i get to see sooo many Onew Sangtae! omoo he's CUTE!
kay! ill stop about SHINee and talk about something else
oh yeah! Irynn got a job already~ congratulation girl! (:
and and and I wanted start back my Japanese class..
but its kinda, my mum havent give the confirmation~

and and and i went to Equine Park Jusco yesterday..
wanted to buy that purple SHINee-ish sneakers but got no size for me
and its the only pair LEFT~ so im gonna search the same sneakers
in Alamanda and Cheras Selatan Jusco~

i really wanted to go see SHINee in Singapore.. but too bad
its just a dream that i should keep as a DREAM *sounds sad huh?
hahaha~ anyway.. i hope i can go to Super Junior's CONCERT~!

so that's all for today's post!
whatever he does, its the Onew condition! ♫ ~

Saturday, January 16, 2010


yeaaah! i changed my blog layout to PURPLE! (:

*lovesss.. its a NEW START! :D
this is the result of my BOREDOM! haha~~ a good thing ryte?

Friday, January 15, 2010


its SHINee PEOPLE!!! theyre GOING Singapore~~
WHy still sitting down doing nothing?!
why WASTING another SECOND?????!
go BUY the tickets people!!
woot!! im so high! wooooooot



its MALAYSIA baby!!! haha
eventho im not a fan.. BUT still!! wooot!
im in SHOCK!
hahaha! SUJU's COMING to Malaysia... yeaaaay
now all i need to do is rob a BANK and
buy the tickets for these!
wooooot! haha XD
im a good girl ill never rob.. maybe? *evil grin

wohoo i really wish that ill get to go~~~
i want a GENIE
ill tell u MY WISSSSSSSHH~~~
i only need 3 wishes~
  • get to go SHINee concert in Singapore
  • get to see ONEWWW my love dubu
  • get to go SUJU's Concert~

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fun fact :D

"post la ape ape" ni lah ape ape.. i dun even kno wat's my MOTIVe =.="

one! i cant read a blog or anything on computer screen that used black background
= i will see lines the minute i read it

two!! i often use the language that no one understands

three!!! i often pronounce words wrongly and make it become a new word! (aine's dictionary) the same thing goes to typoss
example: LOL-> LOIL (Laugh out intensively?? Loud)

four!!!! i laugh like there's laughing gas around me~ :D hehe yeap i spent 90% of my life LAUGHING! XD..

five!!!!! nobody [reminds me of wondergirls] can stop me from being WEIRD..
cos i do that most of my time everyday.. yeap i can go really really Super WEIRD sometimes

six!!!!!! my 2nd sister can laugh just looking at my face.. even im not doing any jokes~
* im a clown i guess... but i think i can be the FUNNIEST clown at home?.. Clowns arent FUNNY anyway.. seriously theyre not..

seven!!!!!!! CLowns arent FUNNY.. theyre annoying *yeah i know i wrote this.. but still.. its a fact!

Eight!!!!!!!! i have the ability to CRAP and being SUPER Random.. My RANDOMness... no one can beat it! im BORN to CRAP and being RANDOM.. emmm maybe they are people more random than me.. awesome~

Nine!!!!!!!!! i have lots of nicknames.. (: haha!

Ten!!!!!!!!!! im not typing anything here__________________________.....

kay! that's some FUN FACTS i know~
not really FUN huh? i think i enjoy playing a swing then reading this
arhhh.. i dun think anyone understand this post HAHA XD

im ending this post with..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hello Baby!

its a show where SHINee on it! woot with a baby.. more like a cute CHILD
its starting on 19Jan! (: on KBS *korea airtime la
so itll take a month to arrive in Malaysia's airtime, i guess haha

anyway! there's a preview of it! its the FULL TEASER! (:

ive found the child picture in wordpress.. he's super lucky! :D
Onew's CUTER tho! hahaha XD
i hope i get to watch this show! must be FUN! (:

SHINee is love

credits to wordpress (:
Sunday, January 10, 2010

more stuff to write..

okay! the last post was all about Driving Academy
and some pictures on family outing at Sunway Lagoon
so now im gonna write other things i did on the week that
i didnt update this blog.. so here goess~

the day before KPP i went to Jusco Cheras Selatan to watch AVATAR
i really want to watch the 3D version.. but i havent get to go.. anyone?
hahaha Avatar movie was uperbly AWESOME it was a very long Story
but seriously awesome i almost got frozen in the cinema
because of the long-ness of the movie.. but Avatar is a must watch!
i like the night day in Pandora cause it looked so beautiul cause cause cause..
PANDORA glows! every single trees and anything LIGHTS up at night
really really PWEETY.. and and Pandora has more than 1 moon! preety!
hehe the plants, animals, insects in Pandora is sooo weirdly structure but
its CREATIVE.. fuuuhh i would like to go Pandora someday HAHA!

anyways.. i heard that Saujanians got the School Magazine already
and i saw the cover at Ann Ni's blog.. it looked AWESOME.. good job girls!
i dont know when should i go to school and take the Magazine
i missed school actualy.. ahaha NOT!
i still havent get to go Ice Skating~ gahh when when WHEEEEN!!? =X

hmmm.. i thot i have so many things to type.. but now..
i got nothing! haha.. OH yeah! im thinking bout changing my blog to Purple!
yeaaahh going to change it sooon~ (:
New year maahh need New Layout laaa.. hahah XD
maybe? i feel lazy at the same time! should i?
VOTE people! at the poll up there (:

so, i think that's all for now~
till next POST! :)
purple is my colour in 2010!

been awhile~ ♥

woaahh its been awhile since i update this blog
so, here i am updating so that this blog wont DIE
haha as i promised.. ill be posting sunway lagoon's pics on this post
yeap im about to do it hehe..
sorry Chee Kuan hehe if u were waiting for the pics (:
here it is
this bridge was super SCARY~! i freaked out all the way when walking on it =X

iPhone freaks haha XD

sengal faces! hahaha XD

so! let me start with this post with....
Perfect Driving School! (:
woot~ on Wed, 6Jan2010.. i went for KPP (Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu)
it was 5 hours lecture class! yeah BORING! haha
i went with Athirah.. i asked her to register the driving academy at my place
love this day because i found Siti Radiatul Atira.. my gosh, missed her so much
and Nicole Chan was there too! it was FUN meeting high school friends
its a coincedence that we met at the driving academy.. yea it wasn't planned
as Siti wrote in her blog she dyed her hair, RUBY RED.. haha
but it doesnt look ruby red laaa! hahaha more like brown.. but still pretty
we started the lecture and it was BORING seriously.. the first teacher was okay
but the second one after the break... err got no idea why.. he mumbles alot~ =X
haha when we got our break.. me, thirah and siti go lunch at the near mamak
we talk talk talk.. haha and we got back in the class LATE hehehe XD

Sat, 9Jan2010 went again to the Driving Academy to take the
Computer test.. and alhamdulilah i passed by 2marks! haha~ :D
it was quite good for a person that watch BOF on the day before the exam haha
anyway.. me and thirah get to finish the test early and passed so, we had to
leave from the exam place and made Siti stay alone.. *she passed her exam too
since me and thirah finish the person that drive us there
dragged us to stay for the theory lesson.. we waited like hours for the exam
then need to plus 6 bloody HOURS more! haih.. the theory lecture was fun
but amali lecture was kinda boring and that time everyone were exhausted ady
poor Siti didnt have the time to continue the theory lecture
cause it was late ady when she finished her exam

so now.. ill be getting my L license! i cant wait to drive for the first time!
hehe i dun know when am i suppose to go practical practice~
next Wednesday, maybe? so then, i think im posting bout this only
since it already a long post with just about the Driving Academy haha XD

so, till next post! (:
hopefully im good in driving
Sunday, January 3, 2010

type type..

yeah today is the 3rd day of 2010~!
the time is moving faster and faster each day
well the time are actually moving the same pace everyday
but im the one that feels it moves faster each day
so today.. i woke up at 10am! haha earlyyyy
yeap its because today had a family outing at Sunway Lagoon!
haha it wasnt crowded.. many people.. but not that crowded.. just okay
anyway! we went to the Water Park n Amusement Park!
in Water Park, we all played with the WATER! haha! XD *obviously
and and we finished playing at the water park late
so didnt really get to play the amusement park that much *everyone exhausted

but! i tried walking on the LONG bridge of sunway lagoon!
hehe it was SCARRY!!!!! yeah i have ACROPHOBIA! haha
my sister was looking so COOL walking on the bridge..
but actually she's also SCARED! hahaha well im WORSE.. hehe
we didnt even go halfway of the bridge!
we turned and go back where we came from~~ haha
SO! people, dun ajak me to go to high placess like
CABLE CARS or that LONG BRIDGE! i SERIOUSLY will not survive till the end
super scary i tell you! *yeah im LAME

anyway! after we went out from the LAGOON
we all flew to PYRAMID... my mum wanted to pay for something
then, we all went for an early dinner at Kenny Rodgers weeee...
after eating, my sister, abg radi and my mum went to find CarloRino?
me, my lil sis, and my dad go and watch people playing ice skating down there
haha it was FUN jus seeing them PLAY~~i wannaaaa SKATE!! :D
i dunno when.. but im SURE i will skate on the ICEEE soon! haha
right after that went home and SLEEP

most of my friends are finding a JOB to keep them BUSY on this long holidays
i cant find JOBS yet because i registered for my DRIVING LICENSE
woot!! ill be driving!~~ haha!
but i still havent go to the UNDANG LECTURE thinggy
its hard laa.. this driving thinggy never give any schedual oso~ aiyoo
should give schedual so i wont be missing any of those boring lecture~
but yeah i have to past the undang2 test to get L!
if not my dad will have to pay more for another test~
i hope im good in driving! cos i never drove illegally before *not allowed haha
im such a GOOD girl..

my 2nd sister went back to her Uni already..
so, one of the sengal people not at home
BORING laa.. my lil sis starting school tomorrow
as a secondary school student! (: dun wry u'll be fine *konon baek! :P
ill be ROTTING at home kinda alone, doing, i dont know what.. haih
i have the UNDANG Lecture this Wednesday i hope i have the feeling to go
cannot feeling feeling! MUST go! =.=

that's all for now~
good luck for the job application my friends~!
WORK hard to get good salary and BELANJA me okay? ;p
ill post sunway's picture on the next POST! (:

Saturday, January 2, 2010

yummy bbq nyte

lamb lamb lamb lamb
yeap its all about the delicious LAMB!
woots! im changing from human to a LAMB cos ate so many LAMB yesterday nyte!
hehehe the LAMB was yummy! and
i woke up this morning searching for more Grilled Lamb to BITE
but its all FINISHED~ haha! XD *crazy lamb eater

anyways.. i just noticed that i forgot to post this picture~
i edited it to post it here but i forgot! heehe so here's the picta!
its from Reunion
puiyan looks so cute in this picta! :D

anyways! didnt take lots of pics last nyte~ was busy EATING!
hahahaha! fun eat.. yum yum!

ohyeah! the people that are selected for NS going to their camps already!
goodluck you guys! hope the Camp will be FUN! :)

that's all for now!
till next post
haha byeeeeeeeeeeeee

p/s: i want some more LAMB! hahaha XD
Friday, January 1, 2010

woots! youkoso 2010~!

Happy New Year to ALL My friends..
AND whoever that likes to visit my blog~! :)
people people thank you for everything that u all did for me
throughout the year of 2009
hope that 2010 will be better than 2009!
i love u all~~~ :D

and and.. HAPPIe Birthday to my DAD! :D

Gah! i havent think of my resolutions! XD
i think im gonna change my blog template again! since its NEW YEAR!
hehe should i? or this template is already nice?

anyway.. this is just a short post!
till next time!
i love you, family n friends

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