Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramadan sudah tiba

Alhamdulillah kita dapat sambut ramadan tahun ni :)
Semoga Ramadan ini lebih baik dari Ramadan yang lepas, InsyaAllah. Amin
So! kita semua kena la beramal lebih sikit kalau nak ganjaran yang beratus-ratus ganda :D

Niat untuk esok~

Selamat menyambut pesta ibadah ini~

Assalamualaikum, dan selamat beramal :D
Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wordless wednesday. V

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A girls' day outtt~

Okay finally I'm updating something, oh FYI, i changed the date of this post, Just to make the events are more organised when I'll be reading it, few years later. :) This Blog is like a diary to me anyway, a public diary? LOL *kena tapis la tapi*

OKAY! stop talking bout the blog, and start talking about the day out! YEAAHH, its been quite often in this couple of weeks, I've been hanging out with Siti Radiatul Atira. Yeah, keluar je, mesti dengan minah ni, buah hati pun dah jealous. HAHA. What to do. She's going back to college soon, so kena la keluar sebelum dia pergi jauh. Am I right? (Y). haha.

So! firstly Siti fetch me from my house and off we go to SS2. SS2? I've only been there like twice. First time was with Irynna and her grandaunt. Why did we go SS2 Anyway?! Sebabnyaa, Rus Azureen is working at Fat Spoon that day. Bertuah punya kawan, orang ajak pegi Sports day sekolah a week before, boleh pulak dia pergi kerja? -.-" oh anyway. Rus have something going on, so we're the girlfriends, its our JOB. To meet and accompany her, tell stories, catching up, cursing. SKIP THAT.

We arrived SS2 or people call it UPTOWN? idc LOL

Another problem, that Siti don't really remember where the Fatspoon Cafe was. =.= I lagi lah tak tahu, I never reach there before. We go around all the buildings, and finally found the Cafe Rus working at. And next problem appeared, WHERE THE HECK TO PARK?! Susah gila nak park around there. Go around the building twice, and there! Alhamdulillah, ada rezeki parking. Agak jauh. Tapi takda la jauh sangat. ATLEST ada la Parking.

kerja pun cover ayu tauu, *tau aja orang amik gamba dia -.-

Yeaaaay, arrived Fatspooon! And I was STARVING.

Lapar sangat sampai terlupa nak amik gamba makanan tuu :(
anggap je laa atas tu ada gamba makanan :D

So, we greeted Rus and Rus' mum. Sat down. Rus came to take the order, BAHAHA she's a waitress. Siap duduk bagai kan? borak2 lagi. Memang ah, dah nama pun kawan. So i ordered something heavy, Chicken Curry Rice, Siti ordered desserts. The curry WAS AWESOME. YEAAAH. Not everyone can cook a nice CURRY that can satisfy me! Fatspoon did a great job. Alaa aine ni, padahal curry tu pedas sebab tu dia suka ^^" yes. One of it, sebab pedas! :D sukaaaa. I think the food there is not bad so! Jomlah pegi Fat Spoon Cafe rakan-rakan! *pomotpomot LOL.

berdiri kat tgh2 The Street tu tiba2 amik gambar #cacat

So after done eating. We went to The CURVE. Disini la SchazaZedane *pomot2blogdia* diceritakan oleh saya tentang Perempuan Pakai Legging Jadi Seluar Pastu Cover-Cover guna beg. =.= NASEB Schaza takda, abes kena sumpit perempuan tu nanti -.-. Okay FASTFORWARD. Hmm walk around The Curve, and there was a Squasy Tournament! Rus said something about meeting Nicol Ann David, and SUDDENLY! She crossed infront of US! :O I KNOW RIGHT?! Awesome. lol eksaited lebih. The we walk around The Street. Buy nothing, cos NO MONEY NO BUY. :X
oh lupa, takda duit pun, pegi tutti jugak BAHAHA! XD *addicted

Went back to tesco, where we park our car, and Rus have to do some Groceries shopping for Fatspoon, ada 8packs of FRENCH FRIES -.- perggh. After done with the buying, OFF TO Fatspoon to drop Rus and Siti and me BALIKKK. On the way to send me home, we got crazy in the car singing High School Musical's songs. EPIC. Serius dah lama tak dengar. We were a BIG fan of HSM when we were young, well, young-er.

Siti stayed at my house for awhile, Solat, and then went home. OMAGAH, i story almost EVERYTHING that we do that day XD seriously, BANYAK GILA SAYA TULIS!
dah dah la tuu, next post okay?

Assalamualaikumm! <3
Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wordless wednesday. IV

Monday, July 18, 2011

First Tutorial! :D

Acane nak letak gif, pastu gif tu gerak-gerak? macam ni?


Im using photobucket for the easiest way, of adding gif.
Make your photobucket account, you may use other photo uploader if it can support gifs.
But the best for me is Photobucket :) upload ur gif in your album
and LASTLY! copy paste your html codes in place.
For example, if you want to put here in your posts, you have to paste it on the EDIT HTML space. If you want to put on your sidebar, add the HTML/Javascript gadget, and paste your codes there!

some wrong doings are uploading the gif directly through Add Image button when posting, the gif will be uploaded to be an image file, so, it wont be moving. THEREFORE, i used the miracle of HTML codes :)

Goodluck! :D


haha saya tau, saya sangat awesome kan? Tengoklah, sampai google punya website pun nak gambar sendiri. Lagi satu nampak tak kat sidebar blog ni? Comel kaaan rabbit tuu? :DD sukaaa. Haha and siapa yang mata power, perasan tak favicon blog saya sebenarnya tak sama dengan blogger biasa. Mengada gatal tangan nak tukar2 bagaiii :P. #konon

Header je tak tuka lagi, perlu ke tukar ah? Kalau tukar kan, macam akan nampak semak je, macam tak suka la pulaak. Haha. Lagi sekali, mengada. OH OH, tadi kan saya buat punya website! huu try la cari sendiri! hhaha! *bengong. Serious macam dah tak tau nak buat apa dah ni. Oh and ada terasa macam nak tukaar blog template. Patutkah? Atau stick with this one? Answers pleaaase :) leave a comment kay! <3

Assalamualaikumm :D

The cutest baby in Malaysia

bought the bunny ears headband for her

Izza Athirah.
Has a mother named Aine Izzati and dad Radi Husin. So, im her aunt. Yeay. A good girl, who's going to be 7 months old on 23rd of this month. She's SUPER DUPER AWESOMELY cute. Macam Achik dia :P. But, seriously she's very adorable, and a very clever girl. I always wonder when is she going to walk and go around the shopping mall with me LOL. Betul tak tipu. Im very excited for that. Haha. Now, she has started to crawl backwards, and turns round and round. Boleh buat Ring Ding Dong jugaak :). Haha.

kidsblisshot, by Izza Athirah's Cikrul *pomotpomot*

Her crying can be very scarry though. She is a very punctual. It is because, while she was still in her mother's tummy, her mother was working on schedules. So, whenever milk is not given to her in time, she'll cry as hard as she can, and nothing works that time. Even giving her milk when she's crying, she wont drink it. *merajukpunyapasal. I experieced it before, OMAGAH, it was super scarry. I put her to sleep for awhile, but she's supposed to drink her milk hours ago. She woke up and CRY until her face is red -.- so scarry like seriously scarry! Cos she's dont cry often and suddenly cry super loud, siapa tak takut. LOL

But eventually she'll listen and done sulking. A good girl, punctual pulak tu. Huhu. Lambat sikit je mengamuk. Fuuh. She look best when she's laughing, ada dimples! haha~ Jelaous. Super dang CUTE okay? She likes to do lot sorts of expression, haha her thinking expression is epic cute, like figuring things out. Muka kesian pun ada tau, lol. Haha comel je. Oh yeah, she likes to look at lights. Any light will do, she just love to look at it. Light can win her attention. She's just so CUTE. I'll just go, "alololo comelnyaa dia" again and again, whenever I see her. I think if you meet her in person will do the same. Haha. That is why she is the CUTEST baby in Malaysia :D

Meet Izza Athirah Bt Radi Husin,
my super adorable niece.
She's growing up :')

Assalamualaikum. :D
Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter 7 Part 2. :)

one word, A to the W, E.S.O.M. and E.
AWESOME! SUPERBLY AWESOME dang! I loved it, and so going to watch it again WOOT WOOT. Watched it at IOI Mall Puchong. People are going Liverpool match, BUT I WENT FOR HARRY POTTER. Seriously, siapa belum tengok, CEPAT CEPAT tengok! Its a MUST WATCH list!

Why is it so awesome?

Because, this last part of Harry Potter, has the most Magic AND Actions! yeaaaah! :D it makes it the BEST out of others. I like the part where all the professors are doing the shield protector, O.O it was COOL, I wish Hogwarts offer me to study there lol! And not just that, there's still some FUNNY moments, which make it VERY awesome. Wont be putting any spoilers or anything, BUT you seriously have to watch! Those who havent watch, BOOK the tickets NOW! SERIOUSLY

Spoiler: Voldermort is still ugly, still don't have a proper nose. And still bald-headed that looked like an ugly watermelon. Well lets just say that he's still ugly as always :D

Last and not least, I watched it in Three Dimensional Movie. Muehehe, MORE AWESOMENESS!
Thankyou AineIzzati & RadiHusin
Harry Potter 7 part 2 is a MUST watch, where IT ALL ENDS!!
Bye and Assalamualaikumm! :D


Sabtu pagi bangun awal pagi, pergi Kursus program SMART SOLAT. Ceramah bermula pada pukul 8:30 pagi hingga 6:00 petang. Satu hari tau Alhamdulillah dapat tempuh sampai habis. Takdelah pegi sendiri, pergi dengan ibu tercinta :). Kursus ni dianjurkan oleh AJK Masjid RTM, Angkasapuri. Ustaz yang bagi ceramah tu best sangat. Sesi Pertama, pengenalan mengenai solat, SEMUA la mengenai solat. Dari mengambil Wudhuk, hinggalah rukun-rukun solaat :).

Sesi kedua dengan Ustazah buat praktikal, sangat sempoi, sebab kursus ni hanya untuk wanita dan kanak-kanak perempuan sahaja. Tapi macam ibu ibu yang lebih eksaited. Haha, BETUL tak tipu. Kesian budak-budak tak berapa paham dengan gurau senda Ustaz dan Ustazah.

Sesi praktikal, Ustazah ajar semua cara nak Berwudhuk, bertayamum, dan menunaikan solat dari Niat, sampai lah memberi salam. Serius saya kata, kursus ni sangat berbaloi dihadiri. Semua dapat tau, dan refresh balik semua benda yang dah hampir lupa. Belajar Pendidikan Agama pun kat KMS masa semester satu je. Mana cukup. Kita amat digalakkan menghadiri kursus-kursus macam ni. Ilmu bukan senang nak dapat taau. Semua orang tahu :).

Bila dah pergi kursus ni, banyak la tauu benda-benda yang kita selalu buat tu sama ada salah ke makruh ke. Time ni jugaklah untuk bertanyakan soalan, kekeliruan tentang apa-apa berkenaan dengan solat. Baru sekarang saya tahu yang ambil wudhuk dalam toilet, dan solat di bilik yang ada toilet adalah makruh. MAKRUH JEE. Memang la makruh je, tapi kita boleh mengelakkan perkara2 makruh untuk perfect kan air wudhuk kita kan? Dan banyak lagi kesalahan yang selalu kita buat semasa ingin mengerjakan solat.

Bak kata ustaz, pegi je solat kat Masjid atau Surau kalau kat rumah tu memang semua bilik ada toilet dan takda tempat angkat wudhuk. Saya sendiri pun tak selalu pergi Masjid. Tapi pergi masjid atau surau, solat berjemaah banyak pahalanya. On the way pergi Masjid atau surau pun dah dapat pahala tau. Apetah lagi kalau jalan kaki.

Panjang jugak post ni -.-
Renung renung kan dan selamat beramal!
Assalamualaikum~ :)
Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday, Girls Night Out~!

Yes! the tittle says it all,

I was surprised at first, when my parents don't really mind Im going out at night. LIKE SERIOUSLY?! huuu. Well, I'm all grown up now, boleh keluar malam dah. Alaa its not like we're doing a PARTY sopan ke apa. LOL. Bukan selalu punnn. Just hanging around doing some catching ups. Tempat nak Tutti Fruitti ajaa LOL. So, I waited for Siti Radiatul who's fetching me from ma house. She arrived at 9:00PM. Head out to Rus Azureen's place fetch her and OFF we go to Tutti Fruiti Seri Petaling.


we (me and Siti obviously) making havoc in the shop ^-^". Rus dah lari dulu, ha ha ha MALUU. Okay, the problem is -.- we were just picking the flavors of the frozen yogurt, tu pun nak havoc. Eee Rus ambik perisa chocolate~ :S haha! Siti love the Vanilla flavor and I love the Original TF. Awesome. While taking up the toppings, OMAGAH, I did a MESS -.-. Sorry abang2 tutti. BAHAHA okay, sebab tu la Rus dah blaa awal2 muahahha. Memalukan. Well it was Siti fault too! haha, no lah SIAPA SURUH AINE TARIK TUTTI CUP tu -.- #cacat. Alaa its what people called hmm.. REFLEX lol! #alasan.

sedaaap kan? jeles tak? jeles tak? LOL

Okay, went outside the shop to eat our FROYO~

Lol, me and Siti actually, didn't know what froyo stands for. HAHA. But Rus Azureen TAHU. JENJENJENG. Poyo je nak jenjenjeng bagaii. Frozen Yogurt it is! Haha seriously i had no idea that Froyo is a SHORTFORM of Frozen Yogurt. -.- It is so easy to figure out, yet we don't know what it is.

So~! we talk talk and talk, curse curse. LOL. Talk until it is 11:00 pm. Actually planned to stay there at Tutti longer cause on weekends and friday it closes at 1:00am,BUT! poor Siti lives very far, BANGI okay -.- SUPER far, so have to consider her driving in the middle of the night alone.
There's alot of things happend lately, I hope, all that will end soon!

Don't worry babe, Aine kan adaaa :D haha!

Okay! That's all till next post!
Love yourself, and be confident *tetibe bagi kata2 semangat takdakenamengenapunn.
Assalamualaikumm! <3
Friday, July 15, 2011


macam lagu SHINee- Ring Ding Dong tu?

Kejuruteraan mekatronik
ialah hasil daripada gabungan sinergi tiga cabang utama bidang kejuruteraan iaitu
kejuruteraan mekanik, elektronik, dan perisian
[sumber: Wikipedia]

Punyaa lah, saya nak melarikan diri daripada science field dan apa-apa jua berkaitan dengan sains. Terutamanya KEJURUTERAAN. Haa AMBIK kau, dia bagi MEKATRONIK. Fuuuhh. TERBAIK, siap "gabungan sinergi tiga cabang bidang kejuruteraan lagi" -.-. TIGA okay? TIGA~.

Tapi, walaupun kena campak kat entah mana-mana tah Universiti tu, dan dengan course yang gila mencabar minda. Nasib baik dapat. Alhamdulillah :). Ada yang tak di terima masuk ke mana-mana universiti. So, bersyukurlah, ada jugak rezeki saya sebenarnya.

Walaubagaimanapun. AYAT!
Saya masih akan cuba untuk tukar universiti dan kursus yang di impikan selama ini. Takda la di impikan sangat, tapi course yang boleh larat nak handle la. HAHA. Walau sebanyak mana procedure yang perlu saya (termasuk kakak, abang dan parents) tempuhi, AKAN CUBA SEDAYA UPAYA untuk mencari jalan melarikan diri daripada kursus MEKATRONIK yang awesome gila babeng ni. InsyaAllah, di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan. Amin.

okay, enough about myself~ :)

Kepada rakan-rakan saya yang AWESOME-AWESOME, yang dapat pelbagai jenis UNIVERSITI, Tahniah! untuk korang, Bangga sangat-sangat~ :')

Semoga kita semua dapat tempuh dunia university pulak, insyaAllah.
Thursday, July 14, 2011

okay, risau plus takut gila.

I seriously hope so. :\
14/07/11 10:32
From: 15888

RM0:00 UPU: Semak keputusan ke IPTA (Ijazah Pertama) mulai 12:00 tgh 15/7/2011
di @ taip UPU RESULT [No KP] dan sms ke 15888.

Mula mula sekali, alhamdulillah, mesej ni free. Haha siapa pulak nak bayar kan? Tak mintak pun sms ni. Dah tau dah bila result keluar lagipun. Pastu kan, "mulai 12:00 tgh''? err tgh hari ke tgh malam? KEEEE tgh tu stands for 'tengah hari'? hmmm.. confius la. Tapi apa-apa je laah. Tengah malam ke, tengah siang ke, sama je, still cuaakk nak tgk result ni. Nak buat apa lagikan? Tawakal, dan berdoa semoga dapat result yang awesome, insyaAllah, kalau dah rezeki ada la tu. InsyaAllah. Amin. :D

Jadi~ post ni sebenarnya,

AINE ILINA BINTI TARMIZI, aka Rabbit nak wish semua yang bakal mengadap result UPU ni esok, ALL THE BEST. InsyaAllah, korang dapat Universiti yang korang harapkan selama ini *ayat gempak*. Amin, amin ya rabbana al-amin. :)
GOODLUCK semuaa! doakan saya juga ya? :D

p/s: still risau plus takut gila, tapi saya perlu tawakal. :) insyaAllah. amin

When you grow up

-Priscilla Ahn

So, I've been thinking that, am I getting old already ? Like seriously Im turning 9teen this September and 20 years old next year~! :O omagah. My friends all are saying that my attitude and character doesn't suit my age at all, TAK MATANG LANGSUNG bak kata Rus Azureen kan? Well I don't want to change this character, yes I know, Im super CHILDISH, ANNOYYING, SHORT, and super CUTE? LOL. Okay, haha I just don't want to feel the oldness yet, OLDNESS? is there such word anyway? =.= alaa muda lagi kot :P

I'm a children magnet. #konon

Want to know why? *keningkening. Since studying in SeMaC, kids keep on coming to me, well, I love to layan them anyway haha so they kept on coming to me, ONLY ONE PROBLEM, what I don't fancy is, that the little kids at SeMaC likes to pau duit kakak2 dan abang2, students budak SeMaC ni, I'm not sure that those SeMaC ex students experienced this before or not, but im sure that there is other victims LOL. Alaa budak-budak, biasalah tuu kan? NO! Its unhealthy to do this. If once in awhile takpe laa, ini.. okay end there. So, im very good with kids i guess? LOL only that my little cousins are very very hyper active. Cute yet WILD. Kids are just awesome. kan kan kan? Irynna's lil cousin is super cute. A good girl :). HAHA. *pomotpomot. Wish to meet you again. I just like to be around kids, and feel young again! :D

i don't remember most of my childhood, but
oh well, being a child is fun!

But, im all grown up now. When I was little I super cute and fair, hahaha! nak jugak -.- Well seriously! I don't even know what happend as I grow, that I've gotten TANNED lololol. Its okay, im still CUTE anyway. Aduh daripada tadi lagi, menyampah orang yang tengah baca ni. When i was a kid, i like to spend my parents money on toys, board games, UNO, those colourful pens and markers, Teddy Bears, and every year i wanted to change my school bag for a new one. Perrggh. Now, when I've finally grown up, I am STILL spending my parents money. But on other stuff, like clothings, shawls, cosmetics, going out for movies, petrol. Perrgghh. I should be thankful for my parents who have been spending alot on my needs and wants LOL. Alhamdulillah.

What's the point of this post anyway? Just going to remind myself that I'm all grown up now. But I don't seem old? HAHA a 17 year old boy asked Irynna and me, our age, and was surprised how small we were, as in our SIZE. He said we didn't look old at ALL! :D *BANGGA*. Kan Irynna kan? :) Small is POWERFULL, BEEEELIVEE IT! (copyrighted from Save-ums). So, eventhough you're getting old, doesn't mean you have to be completely matured and act super old right? Chill lah :D Well, done with my crappiness in this post. Thankyou for reading.
Assalamualaikum! :)

p/s: currently worrying on UPU RESULTS tomorrow, wish me the best! :) *takpe AINE, insyaAllah ada rezeki, amin :)
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

wordless wednesday. III

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

dah terlampau bosan sangat

Peace cannot be kept by force It can only be archived by UNDERSTANDING
-Albert Einstein

okay, tak ada kena mengena pun quote kat atas ni. (sebenarnya ada maksud tersirat) #konon
kesian belog ni tak di update oleh owner dia yang pemalas ni. So, tengah-tengah makan biskut fames amos ni, saya update la blog ni kejap. Sebenarnya tak tahu nak tulis apa ni, tapi orang cakap bila dah start menetaip tu baru datang idea- mana ada siapa-siapa cakap ni pun. Okaylah, sekarang ni dah hampir mati kutu kat rumah ni taktau nak buat apa. Sorrry sikit eh, saya takda kutu. =.=

I am kuki monstaa~ famesamos sedaap :D

Aine Izzaidah pun telah meninggalkan rumah, pulang ke Shah Alam :( duk umah keseorangan, melantak dan menternak lemak bak kata Arai yang kejam. Sabau je le. Nak tengok drama, macam semua drama best dah takda kat dunia ni. Eh kejap, City Hunter kan ada? Oh baru tengok episode satu. Hmm Lee Min Ho hensem gila okay :D HOT!. Terjerit-jerit tengok dia kat dalam tv siaran ONE HD~ Lee Min Ho kan, siapa je tak kenal. Alaa yang berlakon dalam BOF jadi Gu Jun Pyo yang AWESOME tu. Nanti nak sambung tengok City Hunter laa :D, tunggu kat TV macam lembab sangat la pulak. Mengada-ngada tul. Okay la, decided tengok City Hunter nanti. Hmm

alololo comelnya rabbit tuu :D

Rasa macam nak bela rabbit, nak buat kawan la katakan, daripada main Bunny Shooter membunuh kaum je baik ternak rabbit, bagi beranak pinak, pastu dah banyak-banyak kalekanlah mereka warna pink, pastu boleh buat set macam dalam game bunny shooter tu, memanah. Dan tengok rabbit-rabbit tu tergelak-gelak, bila tak kena panah. Mesti gila kan? Apa laa yang saya tulis ni, merapu tahap gaban. Hahaha, terlupa nak tulis, ini gurauan. :) Saya suka sangat rabbit sebab mereka comel macam saya.. Haha tetttt.

Nak keluar, tapi tak ada wang, dan juga geng. Ada yang dah masuk belajar balik, ada yang sibuk bekerja. Ye laa kan, bukan macam saya duduk rumah online, tidur dan makan. Huhu, tapi banyak events yang tak nak dilepaskan peluang untuk dihadiri, *ayat nak over the top sangat, poyo*. Okay~ events tersebut adalah, Ex Sekolah Menengah punya sports day 23 Julai ni. Senior yang baik kan saya ni? Haha, oh teringat pulak, semalam kan, pegilah Kos Store dekat Seri Petaling tu nak beli barang adik, pastu kan.. Terserempak dengan cikgu sekolah menengah dulu, dia penolong kanan hal ehwal murid tak silap -.- *rasanya la.. Dia tengah shop barang untuk Cheer sekolah. Untungnya budak cheer sekolah sekarang ni, jeles la jugak kan, dulu kena cari sendiri semua bahan. Ni cikgu yang belikan semua props. Untunglaaah.

Okay la, beralih arah kepada Cheer Comp event! Weee tak sabar nak pegi tengok. Sebenarnya Cheer Comp ni diadakan masa 9th July tu, tapi paham la kan, 9th July tu tarikh apa -.-. Jadi, dah di pospon kan pada 24th July~ Sebenarnya, tak pernah pegi Cheer Comp ni sampai habis, tahun lepas pegi sekejap je, pastu dah kena balik, sebab kena balik Matriks dah. HUHU tahun ni harap-harap dapat tengok Cheer Comp dengan girlpren girlpren saya! :) mesti BEST~

Tengok, kan dah kata, bila dah menetaip baru banyak idea? Serious post ni panjang -.-

comelkan dia? <3 Izza Athirah

Tadi Aine Izzati calling calling, dia kat Johor duk Hotel takda internet, dah siap tepon adik dia ni, bosan lettewww :P haha, berkawan dengan Izza Athirah, sebabnya Radi Husin keje. Tapi yang bestnya, Atiya dapat photoshoot dengan Kak Kaybee. Seronok nyaa, tak sabar nak tengok hasil, MESTI COMEL-COMEL gamba Atiya yang gila comel tuu. Tadi buat Videocall through phones sekali, Ya Allah, Comel bebenor anak kakak aku ni -.- HAHA. Rinduu, dah besar dah dia. Siap dah swimming lagi~ :D. Dia dah boleh merangkak, tapi baru reverse. Atiya GOOD GIRL! CLEVER GIRL :)

dah dah la tuu, banyak pulak nak ditaipnya ni -.-
penat orang nak baca, hee bajet ada orang baca blog dia je :P

Assalamualaikum! <3
Thursday, July 7, 2011

I started to be a V.I.P

Yes! started to listen to BIGBANG song :)
I'm not a fan, UNTIL I heard Love Song!
i LOVE this song, and im going to check them out more,
from now on :D

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Albert Einstein's

important than knowledge.

When you look at YOURSELF from
a universal standpoint,
something inside always reminds or
inform you that there are bigger
and better things to worry about.

Not everything that counts
can be counted, and not
everything that can be counted counts.

The important this is
not to stop questioning.
Curiousity has its own
reason for existing. :)

If the facts don't fit the theory,
CHANGE the facts.

INSANITY is doing the same thing
over and over again and
expecting different RESULTS.

A person starts to
LIVE when he can
live outside of himself.

Do not worry about
your difficulties
I can assure you
mine are still GREATER

When you sit with a nice girl for
two hours, it seems like two minutes.
When you sit on a hot stove for
two minutes, it seems like two hours.

Peace cannot be kept by force
It can only be archived

You cannot simultaneously
prevent and prepare for war.

We can't SOLVE problems by
using the same kind of
thinking we used when
we created them.

Everything should be made as SIMPLE
as posible, but not simpler.

:)haha SO TRUE about the MATHEMATICS! XD

wordless wednesday. II

disebabkan kemalasan, hanya buat wordless wednesday XD
Monday, July 4, 2011

its a NEW month again, :)

and baby athirah dah start merangkak

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