Friday, November 16, 2012

It's been two and a half months..

"dear blog, sorry for abandoning you"
*blows off the 2 1/2 inch-dusts and webs that equals to 1 inch-dust per month*

Assalamualaikum and hello bloggerians!

I know, I know. It has been two and a half months since I last update. And it was just a HIATUS status post. LOL. Surprisingly there's still people that visits this blog even though it's not updated. Well, even two or three people meant a lot to me :) Thank you for dropping by to this blog of NOTHING-ness. Haha. Anyways I though of shorten down 2 months updates into two/three different blog posts maybe? Is that okay? I think this plan is awesome. LOL aku tanya, aku jawab sendiri. BAGUS.

So why am I so far away from this blog?

FIRST of all. I AM AWESOMELY DISEASED by the one thing call laziness. JYEAAH. I am lazy to do even a short update. Any medication that I could take on?

TWO! My hostel's cable internet is NOT WORKING for quite a long time! And, may I ask WHY THE HECK IS ONLY MY ROOM THAT THE internet DOES NOT WORKING?! WHY! Me hate you Lestari.

THREE. Can I type here saying that I am QUITE BUSY? Yes. I am BUSY. If not with the workloads, I'm busy SLEEPING. Yes, sleeping is working. Don't you question me.

Okay, three excuses might be enough. :)
Will be update on September, October, and Mid semester post.
I'll skip the October if I don't have to story what I did then. Or I've forgotten about them.
LOL. Goodbye for now. Assalamualaikum
Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Saturday, September 1, 2012

A new month.


P/s: Proper update soon, i'm on my vacation.
Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Entah kenapa.

Assalamualaikum dan selamat tengah malam semua!
Entah kenapa bila masa dah lewat, mata dah pedih mengantuk, masa tu la terpikir nak update blog ni. Pelik bukan? Tapi biasa lah tu, semua blogger pun sama je rasanya, waktu-waktu yang tak sepatutnya la idea nak mencurah-curah, ye dak? YE KE TIDAAK!? Jawab la. Haha. Okay melampau. *type sambil terbatuk2 ni* Tadi senyap je batuk ni, masa nak update belog ni lah dia nak muncul.

Tinggal seminggu setengah je lagi sebelum semester baru bermula. Jadual pulak keluar minggu depan. Aduyai. Kedengaran akan sibuk semester akan datang ni. Semoga dapat diredah dengan jayanya. Amin. Bila masuk sem baru, mesti ada target baru, azam baru kan? Tapi semua tu sekejap je bagi aku. Sampai midsem dah lupa azam. Terapung-apung entah ke mana. HIKHIK. Teruk kan? Sama ada start semangat dari mula, akhir hancur, atau start dari tengah, akhir okay, awal hancur. Semangat tak berterusan langsung. HEH. Kalau dah macam tu, terpaksalah kena buat reminder hari2. Kalau tu pun tak jalan. Haha. Duduk rumah cuci pinggan je la Aine oiih. Huhu. Nampaknya banyak yang perlu diperbaiki. Hmmm.

Sesama la kita berusaha ye. InsyaAllah. BOLEH! *Adik-adikku! InsyaAllah boleh!* HAHA Sempat lagi. Oh, dah mengantuk tahap maksima dah ni.
Ini comel gila okay. :3
Selamat tidur.

Assalamualaikum dan senyum selalu!❤
p/s: penutupan secara tiba2 kerana mengantuk yang amat
Tuesday, August 28, 2012


26th August 2012
My houzeee.

Assalamualaikum and hello! So as I stated on previous post, I invited my friends to my open house for HARI RAYA. Surprisingly, many of my friend came. Haha, to be exact my friends was the most part of the guests that came. Anyways, it was fun to meet up with old school friends, some that I have been lost contact. Sorry to those that I barely remember your names. It's been years! And my memories just suck. HIHI. The theme of the food is basely on SOUP. So there were Nasi Ayam, mee hoon and kuey teow to eat with the soup, Sup Ayam/ Sup Tulang! There's some more other food that my parents cook, and of course, KUIH RAYAA! :)

Anyways! I would like to thank each and everyone of you who came to ze openhouze last sunday. Those who couldn't make it, there's always next time, insyaAllah. :)

TAKE 1! LOL, I didn't notice there's BIGBANG's T.O.P in this picture. Cc: Hadi

Take 2~! WAWAN Juling. 

TAKE 3! CANDID! Haha Oppa Gangnam Style. Also, a creeper spotted. -..-
Only pictures that are taken. Sorry for those who didn't manage to be captured. HAHA. These were taken by ze BROTHER. Thank you, abang. I hope after this I'll be updating my blog more often. InsyaAllah. Me iz done typing! Assalamualaikum and have a great Raya everyone! :)
Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Assalamualaikum. :D
Dah 3 Syawal 1433h. Tak pernah nak tahu nak update blog ni dengan apa.
Ni gambar raya pertama.

Okay, sepatutnya tema tahun ni warna oren,
Tapi ada masalah sikit so ramai2 pakai baju time wedding abang. HAHA.

Raya pertama bangun, terus pergi sembahyang raya. Balik salam-salam semua. Pastu terus gerak pergi rumah Along kat Rawang. Makan bergedil yang first class punya kesedapan. Dah beraya kat rumah Along, balik rumah rehat2 kejap. Baru tukar baju oren pastu balik Melakaa! Sampai gi beraya umah Mektam. LONTONGG! Sedaaap. Jalan depan sikit dah rumah baru Achik ! Ada nasi minyaaak. HUUU. Dah salam, makan, semua. Gerak gi rumah Mak long kat Batu Berendam pulak. Uhh wajib pergi umah maklong sebab kuey teow dan mee goreng wajib di makan time RAYA. :D Satu hari melantak je kerja.

Visit semua dalam satu hari je. Sebab mama kerja. HUHU. Kemudian baru start raya balik. HEHE. Takyah risau la kan, ada satu bulan raya lagi pun.

Oh. Pengumuman.

26 August 2012 / 8 Syawal 1433 
Rumah Terbuka kami! :)

Siapa yang sudi datanglah, contact saya ye untuk alamat~

Selamat hari raya aidilfitri, Maaf zahir dan batin! Semoga menyambut hari raya tahun ini dengan meriah disamping keluarga tersayang ♥ Assalamualaikum semua!
Saturday, August 11, 2012

Poor abandoned blog.

HELLLOOWWW! Salam Ramadhan alls!

Yeahh, I've been away for so many weeks. It's just that, wether I'm busy, or I just don't have the mood to update. Like seriously, its not like I've forgotten about you dear blog, I just don't have the IDEA to update on. SO yeah. Since I've started typing right now. I'll do a proper update after so long. :)

So how's your ramadhan lately dear readers? It's started to be the last 10 days! Go and find that night that worth 1k of nights. Wooo, that's cool right? That Allah is giving us the opportunity to do good, supplies for the hereafter. Don't waste your ramadhan. It's a training session!

Okay, so what I've been doing away from the blog?

Hahaha, I do nothing much though seriously, I just stay at home and do chores and stuff. Well some of the chores. HEHE. Uh uh. I've baked lasagna twice! It turned out nicely done. :) Yesterday made honey cornflakes. It was easy peaasyy. Well I only do a lil of it, the sister do most of the cookie. Haha. Aidilfitri is coming huh? Not much done preparing though. There's still time. No worries.

PAINTING! Yeah, I've been abandoned that too, haha but! BUT! I've coloured in the upper half of it. JYEEAHH. :) I will try to finish it before 3rd Semester starts ! WWOOO

My BB is back from the deaaad. Its great to have it back, but all my contacts GONE! Have to find those numbers and bbpins again. Haih. It really feels like a NEW phone haha. Oh well, please contact me those who have my number, if you want to la. Tak paksa pung. LOL

Oh yeahh. Its August already. Time really flies huh? Anyways.

Till next update! Bye lovieess

time flies, things happened, people changes, always to remind myself those I've hurt, 
never be that person again, please remember Aine.
Saturday, July 28, 2012

Painting update.

So far I've colour in this much :)

I've been away from the painting when Ramadhan started.
not much of progress. Will work on it more! :)
Take care, Selamat berbuka for those who are fasting!
Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadhan is here ♥

Alhamdulillah, we've got a chance to meet another Ramadhan this year.
Let's not waste it, and use all the benefits in this wonderful month of Ramadhan.
Repent and do good. May us all, muslims have a bless-full Ramadhan. 
InsyaAllah. Happy Ramadhan to all muslims out there!

Fasting niat for a month.

Daily fasting niat.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My whole day with them.

Assalamualaikum and HEY Y'ALL!
So I made plans to hang out with these humans :P
Nabihah, me, Wafaa' and Ain! <3

Went out from house quite late due to the chores that needed to be done. So I drove all the way to Sunway Pyramid with them! So, when we get there we were having trouble to find the toilets that actually have water. Human nowadays, the technology and all. HUHU. Now bidet what's next? Nabihah said in the future there might be a ROBOT to clean us up. OH MY. -.-" HAHA. Let's just stick with tap and pipes shall we? HAHA. Okay, enough with the toilet talk. Sounds inappropriate, but that's that. Haha. Toilets nowadays look awesome though. HAHA.
Toilet pun jadi lah :P
The plan was to watch The Amazing Spiderman. I was like, why in the world that they have to remake the same story again? But in different version? I'm not sure myself. I don't really watch all of them. Haha. I just watch them, when I watch them. Geddit? LOL. So yeaah. Got the tickets after lunch at Ayam Penyet, and the movie was AWESOME. I'll give a 4 out of 5 since the Peter Parker is super CUTE. Ngeheh. HAHA. Humors is good, overall is good. So, i suggest you, who reading this, go and watch. If you want to laa. And I know most of you watched it already? LOL okay, fine.

So we just walk around the pyramid up and down left to right. SAMPAI LEMBIK.
More and more pictures!
FOREVER 21 madness. Haha, lots of pictures taken.
Tried on that heels that made me look like a MONSTER. HUGE. 
Forever 21, Nabihah the cameragirl. HIHI
WE WENT TO SHIBUYA! hahaha. Kidding, its the Asian Avenue of course. :P
Lunch at Ayam Penyet Api. :3 

Wafaa' on the photocrafts' glass door =.="
At this moment, we all are tired to the max.

Hihi bought that mustache ring at Asian Avenue. Its so cute!  It was RM10. That's all i spent for yesterday.
Excluding the lunch and movies and other food, yeah. HAHA.

So I had fun, WE had lots of fun, and walking haha. Lots of catching up too :). Ain bought clothes! Ask Irynna to join, but she couldn't. Huhu. No worries, there's loads of time, insyaAllah we'll hang out again. Since there's a lot more pictures, I'll upload them all on Facebook instead :) Fuhh, thinking of yesterday walk sure made me tired HAHA. Lameee. Stop and stareee.

Assalamualaikum and may the force be with yoouu. Da da dam da da dam da da dam~  :D

p/s: I have not yet watch Star Wars. Heh. I just got too random. 
Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bila rebit tekun nak mampus.

Assalamualaikum dan salam satu rebitpage untuk semua! :D

Haha ayat tajuk macam teruk gila. Tapi itulah kebenarannya. HAHA
Apa lah yang si Rebit ni duk tekun buat tu? HAHA.

Ni ha!
Pre-sen-te's Painting by Number Kit! <3
Tu la apa yang si rebit ni duk tekun mewarna je kerja dia 2-3 hari ni. HAHA. Tekun sampai orang cakap pun jawab ahh, haa? apa dia? LOL. Painting kit ni beli kat kedai besar dia kat Ikano Power Centre haritu. Kedai tu dekat sebelah foodcourt. Tapi benda ni dah banyak dah, kat mana-mana pun ada. Saja beli nak menghabiskan masa yang banyak gila ni. HAHA. Menganggurkan, biasa lah. Dulu selalu jumpa kat Melaka, memang teringin nak beli macam awesome gila kan, pastu dah jumpa ni terus beli, sebab duduk rumah pun tade benda sangat pun nak buat cuti ni.

Kit yang atas ni, besar gila nak mampus okay, cuba la tengok nombor2 kecik2 kat bawah tu. Memang lama la duk mengadap benda ni je nanti. HOHO. Oh oh, Eda pun tolong jugak, tapi dia nak warna-warna yang cantik je. HAHA yang hijau ke coklat ke dia taknak. Yang menarik je. Haha tak boleh bla, bila tah nak siap. Tercabut pinggang buat benda ni oh, nak mencari nombor bagai. HUHU. Tapi bila dah nampak sikit gambaran dia macam gembira gila LOL. Eksaited betul. Kalau la aku study setekun mewarna benda ni, mesti dah empat rata dah. HAHA ini serius! 

Akan terus mengupdate gambar painting ni sampailah siap. HUHU. 

Siapa yang teringin nak try painting kit ni jugak boleh la keluar rumah tu mencari kit ni. Jusco ada rasanya. Eh entahlah. Kiosk pun banyak rasanya kat mana-mana pun. HAHA. 
Apa-apa pun tekan ni kalau nak lompat ke laman web -----> Pre-sen-te

Okay, tu je la untuk hari ini. 
Assalamualaikum dan semoga ceria selalu!
Saturday, July 14, 2012

The opposite of me.

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon readers! :3

She's the wacky best friend of mine.
Not to say that she's absolutely opposite of me, but in most character, yes. Perhaps that's why we get along very easily. Used to crash her house a lot in the past. Just having fun talk about random stuffs. So we went to IKEA yesterdayyy~!

Like i said, she's opposite of me. I'm very lazy to do anything. But she's the type that can't do NOTHING. Haha, a medic student in UM. Very hardworking I must say. Going to be  a very fashionable doctor in the future, perhaps? Irynna told me that if she passed her final, then only we can go out. So I drove her to damansara and walk around Ikano, The Curve, and Cineleisure. I spent on loads of things. Bought 2 vintage blouses, Burt's bees lip balm, and HUGE painting kit. I PAMPERED myself with shopping yesterday LOL.

So, pictures~!
Irynna and her chatime. I don't know why people are addicted to these lately :O HAHA
Infront of Royal Ice Skating Rink, never knew there was a ROYAL ice skating rink there.
Took a picture with the pretty light pole because we can. HAHA. The flowers was so CUTE! <3
Pardon for my fat-ness HAHAHA. =.="

That is the best among candid pictures that Irynna took LOL.
One of the collared blouse that I bought. LOVE the material and the paper bag! :3
The sale kakak told us that we looked like siblings instead of friend, YEAH. We get that ALOT. LOL.

Taking a picture with the IKEA CURRYPUFF. DELICIOUSSS! :9
Love this convex lens! Haha it made us looked so PETITE.
We already am, though. TEEHEE.
I actually don't really know at which place is which on the picture LOL. Irynna knows the place better. I was just following around, kinda lost. Haha after a long walk in a Mall I was like, where are we again? HAHA. There's just lots of building that are connected to each other. Haha. I was blurr and confused. HOHO. The pictures have explained and story a lot of things. I'll stop typing here.

Assalamualaikum, take care and have a great weekend! Over and out. 
Thursday, July 12, 2012

Inilah yang dinanti-nantikan.

Assalamualaikum and salam satu blogger.
Sejak quote 1Malaysia tu wujud, semua nak ada satu kat semua benda. Sampai huruf I pun dah tak perlu lagi. Nasib huruf I yang sangat menyedihkan. :( Tak begitu?

Dah off-topic. Eh kejap, asal panas eh harini? Pasang A/C sekejap. 

Jadi, apa yang dinanti-nantikan sangat ni? Aine nak kahwin dah ke? Aine nak berhenti belajar ke? :O Okay itu bukan, dan semestinya bukan nak tulis pasal Naki. Cukuplah sekadar type nama dia sikit kat sini. Bangga la tu. Ini gara-gara takda idea nak update blog, tanya TL kat twitter HOHO. Naki sibuk suruh selit2 kan nama dia. Okay dah ada tu cukup la. :P Kembali ke pangkal jalan, so rasa-rasanya apa? Haha. Semestilah, bulan RAMADHAN yang hampir tiba.

Eh? Sebelum ni tak pernah nak kisah pun bulan Ramadhan. Tahu nak raya je. Huhu

Hahaha. Sejujurnyalah, memang masa dulu2 kita taktau sangat nikmat bulan Ramadhan ni. Selepas beberapa tahun. Baru la sedar kenapa ramai muslim mengejar kenikmatan bulan Ramadhan ni. Ye la kan, masa kecik di ajar kena puasa. Tahan lapar sampai maghrib. Selain daripada tu, syaitan kena gari. Tapi tak pernah nak ambil tahu kenapa, untuk apa. Pemikiran masa tu, hanya pikir, oh bulan Ramadhan, kena puasa. And that's it. Memanglah nikmat kemenangan semasa dah berbuka tu sangat best, tapi itu sahaja.

Tapi apa yang kita tak tahu tentang bulan Ramadhan?

Bulan Ramadhan bulan untuk kita meneliti mengenali diri kita sebenar. Kekuatan diri sendiri untuk menahan nafsu. Sebab masa ramadhan tak ada dah syaitan nak goda-goda bagai. Jadi kalau buat benda bukan-bukan tu 100% dari diri sendiri. Selain kalau ada kawan duk buat kerja setan duk menggoda. Jangan ingat benda ni tak wujud okay. Ada je di kalangan kita. Kena ingatkan diri sendiri jugak. Huhu.

Pintu-pintu neraka ditutup dan pintu syurga dibuka luas. Masa bulan Ramadhan ni la, kita nak menguatkan balik iman kita yang kejap naik kejap turun ni. Huhu. Latih diri untuk buat amalan yang baik sepanjang bulan tu. Kalau tak silap la, kalau lakukan rutin yang sama selama 30hari, rutin tu akan melekat sampai bila-bila. Jadi, cubalah try baca Qur'an hari2. Bukan time Ramadhan je, esok pun dah boleh mula. Cuma bila dilakukan pada bulan Ramadhan, ganjarannya digandakan berkali-kali. InsyaAllah. Berusahalah mencari malam lailatul qadar pada sepuluh malam terakhir pada bulan Ramadhan nanti. :)

Ni bukan cuma peringatan untuk semua, tapi untuk diri sendiri jugak.

Manusia kan, kita sering lupa, harini update macam ni, esok nanti lupa apa yang sendiri tulis tu. Sebab tu la kita ada keluarga dan rakan-rakan yang sering mengingatkan kita tentang benda2 ni. Memang kena sering diingatkan. Itu normal. :)

Seronok kot bulan Ramadhan, masa tu lah, mengeratkan keluarga dan rakan-rakan. Buat iftar, berbuka ramai-ramai. Haha. Makan tu yang menyeronokkan. Haha teruk betul. -.-" Pastu semua orang suka gila benda ni bila Ramadhan datang. Haha. BAZAR RAMADHAN laaa~ Masa ni la diuji dengan banyak gila jenis makanan, kuih muih. Mesti rambang mata nak ni nak tu. Pastu beli banyak2, makannya sikit je masa berbuka. Kalau makan tak pe, bukan nak melarang pun. Cuma jangan membazir. HABISKAN JUGAK! HAHA. Orang tamak selalu rugi. Tetiba selit tak tentu arah betul post ni. LOL.

Mak aih, baru lepas scroll, panjang bebenau la pulak post ni.

Naki yang bagi idea suruh post pasal puasa. Apa-apa pun thank you. Haha. Kecoh nau. :P Jangan buat baik time Ramadhan je, keep it up sampai bila2 amalan yang kita duk asyik buat tu. InsyaAllah, kalau kerana Allah banyak ganjarannya di akhirat kelak. :D Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal! LOL tagline orang pun aku curi. HAHA.

Harap-harap tak lembik ah masa Ramadhan nanti. Kuatkan diri ! YEAAAHH<-- jeritan semangat
LOL. Alaa, baru puasa kan, belum suruh pergi berperang betul2 lagi. Ni baru berperang dengan nafsu. Boleh punya. InsyaAllah. :)

Baru lepas dinner. Hahaha. Publish was delayed. Sedap gila mama masak tadi HOHO.

Okay. Tu je, cari gambar tadi macam tade la pulak. Jadi tak bergambarlah post ni. Macam biasa. HAHA. Assalamualaikum dan selamat malam semuaa! <3
Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Born-procrastinator, perhaps?

Assalamualaikum and good early morning dear readers!
Its wednesday? Suppose to be a wordless day. OH WELL. Lets just update. :D
Not been having a so-productive weeks lately. Im just plain lazy like seriously lazy, lazy. Get it? Haih.

I found this note on tumblr a long time ago. I think it's time for me to give it a try.
It seems FUN when you actually HAVE something productive to do for A day. The sweet of accomplishment, yes, that's it! Huhu. Well i procrastinate a lot lately. I haven't even put my mind on the first mission that I've been plotting since before semester break. Bad huh? SO LAZY YOU AINE. It's just baking though. I'm just lazy because the ingredients are not enough. Eleh, alasan. I forgot to buy them. Anyways, that's not just it. I also abandoned this blog! Seems that updates are once a week. :( I used to blog everyday! BAD. No IDEA maah. HAHA.

It's very hard to get ideas when you're home alone with chores and literally sits infront of the TV for almost the whole day. Haha, tak sihat langsung. Yes, my routine is unhealthy. AND I eat A LOT lately. Haih. I keep on walking into and out the kitchen so many times. There's so many things that I can cook in the kitchen, its just the fact that I don't want to. I'm getting FAT. Hahaha. That's what you get with an unhealthy life AINE! Hoho. Im talking to myself.

Whatever it is, let's talk about FOOD shall we? Haha, this is actually not a good idea at 2am, but oh well. Sorry if I made my readers drools or got hungry after reading this. Lets just put it this way, LETS BE FAT TOGETHER! HAHAHA. Such a evil mind of mine. Okay. This week, I actually cook quite often, (baru dua kali Hehe, teruk betul) it's just, nobody will eat anyway! Haha. So, I've been craving to cook Dukbokki! Yes, its the korean dish. Korean rice cake with spicy sauce. I bought the rice cake, and korean chili paste (gochujang) in a korean super market. But actually you can find them in Jusco. But let me remind yooouu. CERTAIN Jusco only sells korean ingredients.

Let me show you a picture!
Well the picture was taken with my mum's iPad so, its not that good in quality. It looked yummier in person too! Let me tell you the recipe in brief.

4cups of water,
Anchovies (important)
2-6 tbspn of Korean chili paste.
1 tbspn of sugar
2 green onions
300g of rice cakes.

This recipe can be modified to your likings. But I've underestimate the korean chili paste, they're actually quite spicy! :3
  1. Make anchovy stock! Put the water and anchovies, 7 for big ones, or about 1tbspn for small ones. Just let it bonds together. Haha. For about 5-7minutes. Up to you.  
  2. Then! Pick up all the anchovies, we just want the stock anyway :)
  3. Put other ingredients in! Korean chili paste, sugar, rice cakes, onions. For fish cake lovers, you may add fish cakes. It kinda gives better taste to the sauce :) 2tbspn of korean chili paste is enough for those that could not handle spiciness.
  4. Now! Continuously stir everything, until the sauce and rice cake thickens! It will in matter of time, trust me. HAHA.
  5. EAT! 
I actually put 3tbspn of the korean chili paste, and it already super spicy. It was delicious though~! HIKHIK. Hope you all could try it, since its simply delicious! Any questions about the recipe, or where the exact place to find the ingredients, you can leave a comment. :) I'll reply ASAP. Haha. 

Fuhh, hope that help. LOL, no one asked for it. I just want to share <3

I just want to remind my self and people that are already bored on holidays. Plan to make something~! Anything. Just to make a productive day. :) After planning, just try to 
That's all for this post.
I'll try my best to update tomorrow!
It's time for me to sleep.
Assalamualaikum and good night? Haha so messed up.
Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July is here. :)

Assalamualaikum and hello bloggerians! :3

I've been on a long hiatus since Mid June. Been busy with loads of things. Final's done. It was horrible. My results shows it all. Pointers dropped the H of alot! To be honest I wasn't really put my best effort on this sem's final. So, I deserve what I got. No harm done, there's still 6 semesters to go. I'll catch up on the pointers, insyaAllah.

Procrastinating, lazy, unfocused.

That's me. I have these disease. Its not that I couldn't study. My laziness level is higher than the hardworking bar. I can change. We can do anything if we put our minds to it. :) Eventhough the results is heart breaking, maybe its a SIGN that Allah has given me. Ada hikmah di sebalik semua kejadian. InsyaAllah. We all know, what we give is what we get. It shows that my effort wasn't enough. Not even barely enough.

After 2 semesters have past. Im no longer a FIRST year university student.

I should know by now, the exact way how to actually study and catch up "university style". After a year, there's ups and downs. Normal human being's life cycle. I'll be a better student, and friend. InsyaAllah. I'm only human though. We all are. Falling is hard, but getting up after a fall is twice as hard. When you're up high, there's a bigger chance for you to fall. Always remember that. Consistency is important. Yeah. That's where I lack.

Its been a WEEK since holiday started!

I only spend most of my time at home, doing chores especially. Running errands? HAHA. Well, I went out a lot too. Oh yeah. My blackberry's touchpad was no longer working. SAD. I know. So, I sent it to the hospital. I've been BBless for almost 6 days?! Wow. Hahaha. That's cool. So, any bbms and whatsapps, didn't reach me since then, LOL duhh. Anyway. Contact me through twitter, fb, or text me will do :)

This post is getting long. I'll write again soon :)
Assalamualaikum, and goodnight! <3
Wednesday, June 13, 2012

wordless wednesday XIII

The colour make it looked so delish. :3
Rainbow caaaake. Makan cake ni mesti muntah rainbow kan? AWESOME.
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

STADO week kedua

Aps naj jado ni aine? HAHA. <-- Typo sengaja.

Assalamualaikum, salam satu blogger. ;)

Cerita pasal typo tu hanya makhluk2 di twitter je paham hikhik. Lately ni macam macam typo dah aku ter-type kat Twitter tu. Huhu. LOL. Baiklah, dah lepas dua paper daripada limaaa, nampaknya target macam agak lari. Sebabnya masa paper math kejut tu macam kejung terkejut ngan soalan-soalan yang tertera kat kertas soalan tu. HUHU T__T.

Apa-apa pun, insyaAllah boleh lagi ni.

Tadi paper Tekno tak sempat nak habis jawab la pulak. Terlupa pulak nak jawab yang belakang dulu baru jawab yang depan2. Kan dah rugi markah, padahal tahu nak buat. Nak buat macam mana, takda rezeki markah kat situ. Redha dan tawakal je la. :)

Kenapa stado week kedua?

Sebabnyaa, semua student ada 1 minggu je study week, kitorang ada dua. Next paper on 19th June. Geddit? Hikhik. Alhamdulillah, diberikan lebih masa cover untuk lagi 3 subjek akhir. Mechanics of material, Digital electronics and system ngan Electric circuit 2. Harapharapnya boleh la score 3 subjek ni. InsyaAllah. Amin.

Samasama la kita berusaha untuk masa depan kita.

Oh, hampir terlupaaa, weekend ni satu-satunya abang saya, Ahmad Ikhwan Bin Tarmizi akan nikah dan majlis perkahwinan akan berlangsung pada 17 Jun 2012~! Siapa siapa yang free time tu dijemput hadir, siapa yang tak boleh, tak pe, saya kepahaman, time tu ramai yang sedang berperang menjawab soalan final. HAHA. Jadi merekamereka tu di maafkan. ECEEH. Macam jemput untuk kenduri kahwin sendiri pulak. Majlis side perempuan ngan side lelaki buat sekali je. Duadua duduk KL-Selangor je. Dekat. Jadi senang, lagi jimat. :)

Ni pelan majlis perkahwinan Ahmad Ikhwan dan Aisyah.

Sempat lagi =.="
Siapa yang nak datang tu, roger la kalau ada masalah pape okay? BBM pun boleh. Huhu. Mana tahu la kan, sesat ke, tak tau nak pakai baju apa ke, taktau nak bawak siapa ke, taktau nak naik apa ke. Hahaha. Okay, tu dah melampau.

Sampai disini sahaja saya merepek dan membebel.
Assalamualaikum. Selamat malammm. :D

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Final EXAM.

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to the readers. :)

Okay okay, I know that the tension has rise SUPER HIGH because of the final examination for this semester. O Allah, suddenly I feel the nervousness, heart beating vigorously, and butterflies in the tummmyy. Writing this post made me nervous. -.-" Nervousness actually is a good thing. It keeps on reminding you that what you're about to face is superbly IMPORTANT for you. A lil of it can take you a long way, but when there's TOO MUCH of nervousness might be telling you haven't fully prepared for the task.

Hehe, no pressure. <--- saying this actually giving pressure -.- LOL
Calm down, breathe in, breathe out.. FUUHHH.

This is going to be a reminder post for myself, and for all the readers that's going to have their finals soon. Dear self and friends, it's the effort that matters. InsyaAllah when there's effort, success will come right behind. Just remember that, EFFORT comes first. Let the result aside. :)

Always think, and be POSITIVE.

Positive energy is very important in anything. What ever hardships you're having, just be positive that there's moral and wisdom to it. And remember, Allah is always there for you. He knows what you really NEED. Keep on moving forward, be happy and SMILE the problems away. There's never been problems actually, look at it as a CHALLENGE instead. Allah never give a tests and burden that we couldn't carry. So, whatever happens, DON'T QUIT. Keep thinking positive that you can do it! It's just your mindset, really. Don't crush everything, yourself, with a negative mindset.

Just a short post for everyone.
Keep calm and listen to OneRepublic, HAHAHA! Kidding.
Keep calm and just do your very best, and leave the rest to Allah.

Usaha. Doa. Tawakal.

Hope we can answer the questions calmly, :)
Assalamualaikum, good evening and thanks for reading <3

Friday, May 25, 2012

Congratulations !

Assalamualaikum, and good evening readers!
Yes! It's beeen AWHILE. Hikhik. I've been busy of course. Life, studies, eteceh. HAHA

Firstly, i would like to put a HUGE picture of me. LOL. And wish, a very very congratulation...
Credit to: Jannah Syuhada, who took this picture of me. HIKHIK
and her mates that graduated last sunday; 20th May 2012. 

At this time, Abah was taking the picture with awesome actions, it was funny, so we were actually laughing. Hikhik.
Congratulation Eda! Finally got a degree graduation on Civil Engineering. Pergi convo sepatutnya menaikkan semangat saya tapi, macam sama je. HOHO. No feeling, because it was kinda boring and hot. Penonton je kan, biasalah, belum merasa lagi. InsyaAllah in another 3 years time, it's my turn to graduate. I'll do my best to graduate with FLYING COLOURS. Kalau boleh nak KELAS PERTAAMAA tu. Hikhik :)

Okay, done with the convocations. NOW! Babieesss! 

Aiera's 3rd birthday, wearing her birthday present: baju swim. Barbie cake okay,
Baby athirah! She's making sexy look there XD
It was quite scary when the cake slicing part. It's like we're torturing the Barbie doll picture on the cake. And none of us ate the printing. It was not that convincing to eat when I know it got print out with an actual printer with eatable ink. But still.. Oh well, done with the mumbling.

ANDDD! This is the huge-eyed baby Amanda! She's super cute, kalah saya tau.
hikhik perasan cute sudah. Ahaks. Oh oh, tu mummy dia, Kak Amoi :P 
Actually the babies pictures is when I went to Port Dickson with Kak Atie's family. Hikhik. Konon jadi babysitter la ni. Nahh, I was actually the driver. :) It was fun, eventhough I didn't get to jump into the swimming pool nor the sea. LOL. These post consist of 2 weekends, the convocation part, and the weekend before that which I went to PD. I have shorten everything using mere pictures. How awesome am I? Hikhik.

Now, the pictures is taking a lot of spaces of this post am I right? Well, I like it LARGE. 

The study process, it's going well. Actually I'm lazy to talk about this part, none of you like it either, am I right? Haha. Menambah stress je. EH wait. Jangan sebut stressstress nanti ada orang marah. Hikhik. Okay cool je. Final's is around the corner, did my counting there's only 19days left before the first paper on 11th of June. But right now, still there's some presentations that needed to be done. And then free off you go to do fully preparations for the finals. Almost there! 

Keep moving forward, the Robinsons said. 

Assalamualaikum and goodnight everyone.   :) 
Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MAY. Please be nice.

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon bloghoppers!

After a long hiatus, I've been BUSY. Workload is piling up. May is the month that all the assignments and PBL projects dues are on! SCREAAAMMM! My stress level is going off the bar. Since this is the place where I could really release my stress, just the bit, but it helps :) SO! What work laa yang banyak2 sangat tu kan? One of the assignment due yesterday, so there's 5more assignments and PBL. *dropdowncryinglikeababy* Alaa, 5 je, apa sangat la kann. T_T

Engineering Maths' due 16may
Dynamic and Mechanism individual  due 2nd May
Dynamic and Mechanism group due 18May
PBL project Digital Electronics and System due (21st-27May )
Electrical Technology due urrmm, i forgotten the due date. I dont even remember what is it about. Haha. I think its something to do with simulations. I think. HAHA. Teruknya aku.

As a conclusion, I am quite busy this month. *runsincircle*

Alhamdulillah, so far, my carry marks are okay. Well, it is not that awesome. But it's okay, still tolerable. I have to try harder to archive my GOAL. Eceeeh. Poyo gila. Haha. Alaa test 1 baru, lek lek. Haha konon, padahal aku la yang tak bertenang langsung. Oh just remembered this friday there's Test 2 for dynamic. OH GREATT. SUKA GILAAA. Haha. LALALALALA. Okay dah gila -.-

Somehow this blog post stressing me at the end. THIS WAS SUPPOSE TO BE COMFORTING ME! Haha. Okay, calm down. Tarik nafas, hembus. Hee. Keep calm and blast music. Eh lately there's not even a single picture on my blogpost. Nampak malasnye. Wait wait, let me find a decent picture.........

Found it! Naahhhh!

Amik kau banyak terus. HAHA!
Got tired while finding the pictures, got lazy to type more. <--- alasan padahal takda idea dah.
Assalamualaikum and have a great day! :) Fuhh, I cheered up! <3
Friday, April 20, 2012

Sudah setahun berlalu.

Assalamualaikum dan salam satu rebitpage.

Eh, korang tahu classmate aku kata dia konpius KMS tu untuk Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor atau Kolej Mara Seremban hewhew. Apa2 pun hashtag #KMSmemories tu untuk penuh kat TL aku sebab masuk harini dah setahun warga SeMaC (untuk menghilangkan kekonpiusan) tinggalkan tempat tu. Macam2 la diorang duk tweet kat twitta tu, tersemat rasa rindu yang amat, eceehh ayat. -.-" Masuk trending list sekejap je la tapi, tapi still. COOL kot.

Nickname rabbit tu pun asalnya budak2 matrik jugak lah yang start panggil. Sebab aku bawak patung rabbit drama GOS tu melekat kat beg ke merata. HAHA. Rindu cafe carina, budak2 bilik, koop, dewan antares yang panas tu, dataran kosmik, dewan kuliah sejuk macam kat London, squash court tempat lepas geram petang2. Bilik tingkat bawah, takyah naik tangga. Sebelah koop ngan kafe lagi. Hahaha!

Rindu budak2 practicum yang PERANGAI UNIK2 belaka. Haha.

Okay, tetiba malas pulak nak tulis pepanjang, yang penting, rindu gila kat matrik selangor tu. Balik tiap minggu itu mesti time matrik dulu HAHA. Nasib perangai tu dah kurang kat sini. -.- Melayang study aku nanti. Jadi, ni lah post sempena setahun setelah graduate dari matrik selangor. :)

Bosan senanye ni, daripada aku tulis post panjang2 baik aku gi buat assignment yang melambak tu.
Assalamualaikum dan semoga sihat sentiasa semua.
Wednesday, April 18, 2012

wordless wednesday XII


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mid-Semester BREAK!

Assalamualaikum dan salam satu dunia blogging. :)

Okay, dah janji nak post bila pertengahan semester cuti dah nak abis kan? *directtranslationfromenglish* LOL Tak senonoh betul perangai tulis bahasa berterabur isk isk isk. Okay. Post ni mungkin akan ada ke-campuraduk-kan bahasa melayu ngan english. Harap Maklum. Huhu.

Jadi~ nak kena cerita dari weekend lepas sampai hari ni ke? -.-"

Okay lah long story, short. Balik2 je haritu, terus singgah Wangsa Walk nak settlekan Abang punya Kad Kahwin, OH YES! For your information, my brother is getting married this 17th of June. Masa tu saya sepatutnya tengah study week rasanya. -.-" Tak boleh nak study last minute la cani :( Elehh, cakap je, ended up study last minute jugak. HOHO. Kembali ke pangkal jalan cerita tadi, kat wangsa walk, beli casing BB baruuu. I'm wearing the purple one! :D Banyak kot kat Wangsa walk. Teehee. *mukabahagia*

Alaa, takkan nak cerita detail sangat. Haha. Yang penting! Kebanyakkan masa di habiskan untuk TIDUR. Tidur je memanjang, adoyai. Tak tidur, makan, tak makan, tidur. HAHA. Okay gemuk. Saya tahu -.-' Satu minggu ni, study tak langsung okay? Rasa bersalah? Ada laa sikit. Sikit. HAHA. Apa nak jadi ni Aine oiihh. Huhu.

Okay! Went to the dentist to do SCALING. NYILUUUU. Hewhew. Kena marah ngan doktor sebab dah lama tak scaling. And borak2 sikit ngan doktor tu, comel gila dia :). Kecik je orang nye, macam bebudak je. Dah sakit sakit gigi tu boleh pulak lagi makan McFlurry Horlicks tu, sebab gian sangat nak rasa, ye la kan, benda baru. HAHA. Call McD semata2 nak order McFlurry HAHA! Cool gila an? HOHO.

Satu minggu ni memang melahap je la kan, semua benda aku makan *dah mula dah pertukaran kata nama* -.- Tadi, pegi IKEA MEAATBALL! Ada 10 biji meatball tengah terapung2 kat dalam perut ni haa. Sedap gilaa. Mesti ramai yang jeles. HIHI. *kejam* Alhamdulillah. Terubat rindu nak makan benda tu :D Apa lagi aku makan? Errmm. Maggie! Dah lama tak makan megi masak atas stove haritu sanggup tinggal kat rumah sensorang taknak keluar semata2 nak masak megi tahu? HAHA!

OH OH, haritu ada shopping jugaakk.

Ni yang nak cerita pasal kematian purse merah jambu ku.
(start berdrama) Pada suatu hari yang hening. Aku teringat yang purse pink aku yang ber-material-kan cotton itu sudah hapak, kotor, dan berbau MILO.. Aku pun terasa ingin untuk (teruknya ayat) mencuci purse tersebut. Dengan hati yang ikhlas dan bahagia aku ingin purse tersebut menjadi bersih, wangi dan suci murni semula. Aku pun mengeluarkan isi2 purse tersebut, dan merendamnya kedalam solution VANISH di dilute dengan air la tapi. Kang hilang pulak purse aku tu -.-" Lepas tu, aku biarkan semalaman, keesokkan harinya, aku perasan terdapat satu lubang menembusi purse tersebut. Rupa-rupanyaaa! :( Aku lupa nak keluar kan kunci locker! Waaaa T_T Chemical reaction kunci tu punya karat ngan vanish telah corrode-kan material purse aku tu. Kesedihan yang teramat. Tamatlah riwayat purse tersebut, kerana telah berlubang. (end of drama) Separuh daripada reader mesti tak baca sampai sini, sebab dah nek menyampah -.-" HAHA.

Jadi, dengan drama di atas, sila catit moral of the story okay? Cari la sendiri okay, malas nak gitau moral tu. Haha. Mama belikan purse baru! Design serupa macam yang lama, tapi warna dan corak berbeza :) Thankyou mama. <3 Purse baru pun nak bagitau dunia. Japgi orang usha pulak purse aku nanti. Eleeh, bajet purse mahal je. Haha. *cakap dengan diri sendiri*

Rasanya itu sajelah kemerepekan tentang cuti pertengahan semester saya, hihi panjangnya post ni, boleh buat cerpen la saya :P Ayat tungang langgang teringin nak buat cerpen, HEH. *cakap dengan diri sendiri... lagi.* Gambar, memang takda hihi. Malas punya pasal.
Assalamualaikum dan selamat malam wahai pembaca2 memalam buta ni. <3
Thursday, April 12, 2012

9 April 2012


I forgotten it's birthday, because I'm very bad at remembering dates, so, i decided to put the DOB of this blog on the sidebar here ------------------> 
its already 12th April, and I just remembered, typical me. :P

p/s: I'll do a proper update when my mid semester break almost at the end. So I can sum up everything.
Monday, April 9, 2012

Dancing rabbit :D


Me loving this song. 
dance to the right dance to the left LOL.
This is the part of me that you never gonna ever take away from me~~
play the song and watch the rabbit dance with the song hihihihi.

Runs in circle!

Assalamualaikum and goood, urmm, good evening? everybody! :D What ever, HAHA I got a feeling that this post, going to be LONG!

Yes, I am uber happy because the mid semester break is hereee.. I actually thought that no one actually read this blog, BUT THERE ACTUALLY IS. Ngehehe sorry for my scrambled words. Please bare with me for awhile.

So, I'm going to start with SPRING FESTIVAL. We went into the Hall late, we missed the drum parts. :( But oh well, there was a lot of SPEECH at the beginning, was absolutely boring, I must tell you. Huhu. But soon after, there was LOTS of jaw-dropping performance. I fancy the Acrobatics, Magic Show, UKM's dance, and Lion Dance. Haha, the magician guy was so cute *__* haha! Sempat lagi !

They performed gagshow, but then,

Haha, couldn't blame the organiser because it's originally a chinese event, but, make it international a bit la. Mintak subtitle tak bagi pulak. HAHA. I should start taking Mandrin classes perhaps? -.-" Okay, technically, it was seriously boring in the beginning, WE DIDN'T even understand A THING -.-" I was regretting on coming already haha! But it went good when the performance started to be awesome. :D

Like always, the hall was ours -.-" Kesah kami orang lain pikir apa. HAHA!

THAT's THAT. END about Spring fest.

So I'm currently on my dearly bed at home in Serdang. Oh how I miss the fast loading buffer internet. Haha dramatic much? Got back here yesterday afternoon, and straight I went to Wangsa Walk because Abang wanted to settle something about his Wedding Card thinggy. AND I SHOP for FOOD AND BB CASINGS. FYI, that was the 2nd time I step into Wangsa Walk, I love that place! Next time, gonna go for a proper shopping mode LOL.

Then, at night. Went to Busu's CHAR KUEY TEOW stall near Matrade in KL. Hihu. Despite that I couldn't eat the shrimps, the Char Kuey Teow was delicious! Wether I was starving, or it is nice. :D But I think it was a delish. Not all can cook a great tasted Char Kuey Teow. HUHU. So thumbs up for Busu's stall. Anyone interested to taste, let me know, me will give direction. :D Sempat lagi pomot ha.

Im falling for Jon Schmidt and SHINee once again.

So yesterday I gave myself time to start the search engine on SHINee and Jon Schmidt. I miss them badly, I MUST SAY. SHINee have improved a lot, dance and vocal. Jon Schmidt, as always, his music piece never fail to cheer me up. :D Won't start ranting on it. My readers would be bored, drop dead, sleeping -.-" HAHA Exaggerating.

SHINee- Sherlock (Clue+Note)
Jon Schmidt- ROCKmaninoff, but I think the whole album of Bonus Tracks by Jon Schmidt are AWESOME :) Must try and listen to them! A MUST

So well, that's about it, this post really did ended up long -.-" pardon me.
Assalamualaikum, and take care dear blog readers <3

p/s: I've been eating a lot at home, jangan tanya kalau naik lepas mid sem nanti dah tak kenal :P

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