Sunday, September 26, 2010

my.Birthday :D

.the cake.


i went home this weekend so that i can celebrate my birthday with family
skipped my Chemistry STRIVE for Excellent class.. sorry, but 'terpaksa'
ill try my best to strive for excellent myself ;)
SO! i went home on friday, 24thSept, and that night went The Mines for Secret Recipe..
my dad bought a WHOLE cake of Chocolate Endulgence, heaven! XDD
there's still more in the fridge btw, oh and i get free food and drinks! :D

PEOPLE! IM 18, legally black haired hahaha! *lame
im still the lame aine tho! haha, i wont change much i guess
oh bytheway.. i misses my saujanians friends.. korang! rindu~ :S
-random moments-

back to the story...
i ate FOC tom yam kung, with kasturi green apple juice,
mama and abah ate curry mee, atie ngan abang radi ate lasagna-kurang sedap
hahaha, secret recipe decorated my cake PRETTILY!

eat eat eat and by the time finishes eating..
the stores are closing down already didnt get to buy prezzie..

the end
the tales of the birthday celebration

-to be continued, tales of present hunting-

Saturday, September 25, 2010

trying to get used to it..

its been 4-5months since ive been studying in SeMaC, the place i call, CAVE
lately ive been doing good with the people there.. but studying is still so-so
there's still much to learn, well honestly the studies there are insane..
especially for us physics students huaaa..
the AWESOME part is we have like 16 bloody chapters,
we're on the 13th chapter but the finals is another 3weeks =.= super awesome ryte? haihh
i hope i can finishes mastering everything in time for physics, seriously hoping.
playing squasy on evenings and stalks is fun. XD

On my birthday.. Irynna gathers people and they sang birthday song for me,
thankyou to all who participate that night haha..anyway! my classmates sang again for me
on the next day~ it was great.. all the people who wishes me on FB and texted me,
thanks! love you all lots! :D

and! i wanted to write about the TANGLONG FESTIVAL in SeMaC!
it was AWESOME! hahaha it was my first time playing tanglong! i was super excited!,
FUN seriously~ i didn't know about the event, my friend told me and ask me to go..
its supposed be a busy night with loads of tutors and stuff to do.. hardtime on deciding...
but ended up going with Wafa, but for only for awhile.. *cakap je,tapi balik lmbt jgk*
when i reach Astaka, i found my classmates and boom! the night turns out to be great..
it was FUN.. i had FUN with friends, get to know and talk with new people :),
i learnt how to light up a tanglong! it was hard tho.. i accidently burnt my pretty tanglong,
that belongs to my friend zaqir before he gave me lol.. T.T thankyou zaqir..
well it burnt, was not entirely my fault! its the fire's fault, and the wind, too :D..
oh yeah! we even ate mooncakes! my chinese roomate gave us mooncakes too! it tastes different but still nice~ :) as said we only will go for awhile and i ended up to be playing around late because it was FUN hanging out with friends talking crap and do some catching up..
all the stress ran away.. for awhile, till we got back to the room,
PANICKING with the mountain of works to do, and its already late..
but, it was WORTH IT.. :)
we ended up sleeping anyway~ haha blame the tiredness! :P

ive got no idea whytheheck did this pic ended up like that HUHU

the end
tales of SeMaC

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