Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life is not always easy.


I've abandoned this blog for awhile due to the same problems LOL. Wifi connection, and the laziness. Quite occupied with a lot of things to handle. A month and a half, I've been living as a University student. This job is not easy. There's a lot of problems I've go through. A LOT. It's very tiring, and stressful. I know that life is hard. That problems have to be solved, not to be run away from. I'm handling my problems quite well. I think. I know there's misunderstanding, but I know it'll be fine. But, for those are living in a simple life, easy life. ACCEPT IT. There's problems in this WORLD. Don't be judging people bluntly. Humans tend to make a lot of mistakes. A LOT. That's how they learn. Please don't give them hard time. When they already having hard time without you giving them those. You think, everything must be in a problem-free zone? NO. I said, no. What ever problem that you're having or may come, its a test. From Allah SWT. We just have to be prepared for everything that may come. Be strong when facing it. Take them as a challenge. I'm not strong myself, I know. I'll fall without support. That's what family and friends  are for. Support each other.

Not all humans, have this kind of mindset. I know, and I've seen infront of my eyes. Humans that I know, most of them, think only for themselves. MY DEAR FRIENDS. What you're doing are WRONG! I've never seen a human like that person, so selfish. In studying you cant be success alone. It's a group-hard-work! ITS NOT INDIVIDUAL! It is if you go and get your OWN PRIVATE TUTOR. Then, it will your own success~ GET IT? One class, must united. Be successful together, not alone! For those who think ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE. You may fill up the drop-out form. WHAT? YOU THINK YOU'RE SO GREAT ah? Haih. We have to consider those friends that are not strong in studies. Not all students have the same brain. We are humans, with different talent. Mentang2 amik Mechatronics, ingat kitorang ROBOT ke? -.- Dah terkeluar ke-BM-an saya.

For everyone, be united, don't stay in particular groups. Ask around, ask for help. The strong ones, should help others. Since they have advantages. Share your knowledge with everyone. Then you'll be blessed. What ever happend, the effort if the most important thing. Win or lose, is another story. Allah Maha Adil. Enjoy this video!

That's all for now, Assalamualaikum!
Saturday, October 15, 2011

Siapa nak follower banyak! Baca!


Rasa cam nak troll. NGEH NGEH.
Jangan amalkan, lebih baik rendam kepala dalam kepala tandas ;)

Yes, im a procrastinator. Kerja banyak tapi..............

Different brains.

Assalamualaikum. :)

Since most of our friends just got into Universities, I've read and encounter so many complaints. The same problem most of us have right now is the MIND. Different people have different colours. Addition we're university students. We meet lots of new humans. From different places, atmosphere, surrounding, and also background. This is where, different kinds of CHARACTER exists. First thing first, don't judge a book by it's cover. When you meet new people, do not speak like you've knew them for months. Me and my friends are open-minded, most of them are. But some of other humans tend to no be open. Lots of my peers are having a slight problem adapting with new people like these. It is hard, yes, I'm having the same problem to be honest. But! The thing is, they don't know you much, yet. So, just be yourself in adapting. BE YOURSELF. NOT BE THEM. There are some people, trying to be someone else. JUST to make friends, or POPULAR? I'm not sure la why. I call them HIPPO.

Even if your thinking is not the same as others, just let them be! Stick to your own mindset! Don't let other people change it. Its a big world. What do you expect? All of them have the same attitude and character as you? They think alike? NOOO. Not as you think. There are some, but not all. Sometimes, this person say that. That person say this. You got insulted for nothing. Being too friendly, they got weird out. Being too shy, they say you're arrogant. Bla bla bla. There's always something wrong somewhere. Humans. Just remember anything happend, be strong and just let it be. Because they don't get you, yet.

Most people, judge others easily. I do too. But we have to know them first, know them throughly. Be alert, observant. Judging people is not easy lol. Okay. I know I sounded like a stalker, haha. I am anyway. Hihi. Don't take anything seriously at first. If you can't even take jokes, a bit hard laa. But take in counting that, there are sensitive people out there. Don't just go bluff something hurtful to them =.=". There's so many things to take account to mix with new people. Its not easy but at least try to avoid sensitive issues that can make things bad. Like i said, different people, different character, different brain, different thinking. Making new friends are fun, not abusive. Set your mindset, and FLYY haha! What am i writing. -.- Sleepy already. HAHA. 

This is jus an advise from me to you all out there. Dont just judge other people badly. Always think positive. For example a person that never greet or say anything to you, just think that "ohh maybe she/he's a shy person. Maybe she/he's sick or something." Stay positive. Eh, 'sick' tu for sakit okay, not gila =.= Later got misunderstanding pulak. Suddenly got BM at the end. Sleepy already I'll end it. Conclusion, be free in making friends but be careful on how you approach a person. Stay positive. Stay with your mindset, dont change it for others, let others understands you. It'll take time but dont worry, u have a lot. I know I mumble a lot, but i hope, this is helpful, somehow. I seriously hope so! Haha.

Oh yeah! SMILE laa. People smile at you, just smile back laa. No need to be so arrogant.
:D see? It's not hard pun.

Assalamualaikum, and goodnight all! :D
Saturday, October 8, 2011

New things are fun.


Assalamualaikum. :)
I've got no better idea for the title but, yeah! New things are fun! LOL I sounded so materialistic, well, I'm a girl, its normal right? No? haha FINEE. The word NEW only stays for awhile for everything. Everything will become OLD. Ahh remind me of Steve Jobs. He's a great person in technology world. Every single person in the world knows him. Twitter keep on having trends about him on the day he died. Yes, he died my dear fellow friends, if you still don't know. Fighting of cancer? Was it? Correct me if I'm wrong. He was the co-founder, chairman, and chief executive of Apple Inc. Was also Pixar's chief executive okay? Who don't know what Pixar is, you're not living in this world. =.= haha.

So now! Done with the iSAD part. As you can see, I've change my blog template. The few that compliments, thank you. :)

This weekend suppose to have a club activity, hiking to a Waterfall in Pahang. I didn't sign up for it, and didn't get to go. Because i have another test next week. A harder one, BMCG. A mechanical subject. And I know its not surprising, that I still havent study a thing about it. Hihi. I'll start tonight, or tomorrow maybe? Its all FORCES and evil kind of stuff, where the torque, tension, equilibrium etc have to be calculated. =.= Not liking this subject that much. Haha. But I've got to do my very best for the MARKS! :D Targeting on getting dean list for this semester. InsyaAllah. Thinking on joining the Frisbee team too. But still haven't fully decided about it. LOL

Just now, in the afternoon. Misses camwhoring with photobooth so I open the camera. Then! Started to camwhore by myself. And soon, my housemates and I started to go crazyy camwhoring. We took picture with every effect available! LOL. At the end there was 100+ pictures that we took. Haha. It's great to have crazy housemate, but I know, I will always be the craziest. Ngehehe. I don't think they get me just yet. Haha. But they're okay :)

That's it for now. Assalamualaikum~ :D

JYEAH, new template.

Hihi, succeed on applying and edit some bit of this template!
The final result is a simpler layout. I'll stick with this for now. Now, im dead tired. Will do a proper update soon :)


p/s: the header is from someone, i should credit him/her. But i forgot what was the person's name. Anyway, thanks! :D
Monday, October 3, 2011

Sebab esok takda kelas.

Saya tahu ramai yang jeles kan kan kan? kalau tak! Jeles jugakk. Eh lupa bg salam! Assalamualaikumm :). Dapat jugak update lagi, kesian sangat kat blog ni. Dah la bosan, usang pulak tu kalau tak update. SHIAN dia. Haha tak boleh bla. =.=" Padahal nak update amenda ni pun tak tau lagi. Haha poyo je. Tak pe! Semangat tu yang penting. Okay kawan kawan? Haha.

Gembira benau budak ni takda kelas esok, padahal hari Rabu ada test Beke. -______- Takpe! Esok kan freeee. Belajar esok laa, insyaAllah. Sebab tak tau nak update apa, nak update pasal KMS! Hihi. Rinduu tahuu? :3 Tengok picture lama2, lagi bertambah tambah rindu. Dulu semua sekepala je. Sekarang dah kat tempat lain, cara pun jadi lain sikit. Sikit la. Mungkin sebab baru lagi, tak kenal lagi semua orang, jadi macam bertambah rindu dengan budak2 KMS yang bengong2. Boleh dikatakan 'CULTURE SHOCK' ah jugak. Culture shock amenda tah saya pung tak tahu. HAHA.

Jadi, kena lah, berkenalan dengan classmate semua dulu baru okay la kot. Kot je la. =.= Tapi serius rindu gilaaaa budak matriks. Diorang sangat happening. Petang2 mesti penuh padang tu ngan manusia. Squash court pun kena ambik nombor giliran centu. Eh mana ada pun. HAHA. Metafora tu. Jadi macam best laa kehidupan kat matrik walaupun kerja asyik balik rumah je memanjang. Huhu. Nak buat cane, dah sayang sangat kat rumah tu kan? :P

Dan dan cakap best sekarang, dulu stress sangat duduk matriks tu. Nak balik jee. Sekarang baru nak perasan duduk KMS adalah pengalaman yang paling best. Serius, Rabbit comel. HAHA! Kucing Serius, jangan marah. Eh Hairil! aku baru perasan kat gambar2 kms, aku jumpa kau jadi creeper kat gambar tu, masa War of the band LOL! Sempat lagi tinggalkan pesanan kat sini. =.="

oklah, sebelum bertambah merapu, baikk saya beredar! Selamat malam. Oh oh! Untuk pelajar PMR! Goodluck korang! Semoga berjayaa. Doa banyak2, solat hajat! :) 8A boleh dapat tuu. InsyaAllah.

Asalamualaikum :)

p/s: post tak bergambar, sebab internet lembab sangat takleh upload =.="
Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's October already?

Because this picture looked COOL, I put it here LOL
I've only update 3 times for September's entry. :( I am super sorry for my readers, since I've been 'quite' busy since University started. There's this and that. My October resolution is to still update regularly despite the busy-ness. Hopefully. I will definitely try my best to get this blog updated.

I know this picture somehow not related to this post LOL 
So, if you ask me, how University life? How's the study? Firstly I'll answer, so far, Im doing well regardless that I've been not step my parents house in Selangor for almost 3 weeks and still in counting. But thanks to my housemates, they're can be labelled as awesome that made me survive the life here in Melaka. Not just that, its also because my sister is nearby, duhhh. Untunglaah kan kan?. :P

Waahhh, proud to hear Aine stops her tradition on going back home every weekend, don't you? Haha okay, poyo. Last weekend i had a club program so i didn't go back home, and this weekend my mum and Eda came here to Melaka! But now, they went to visit my little sister already. Next week, also, not going home to Selangor, since my family is coming here to Melaka for my brother's shift from Kolej Mara Kulim to Kolej Professional Mara Melaka. Yeah, as you can see, most of my family is in Melaka already. Even my relatives are here. :D

So next! How's my study? It's going well since, so far, everything that Im learning now is just the basics of everything. The challenging parts have yet to come. I will study as smart as i can. And built A PINK COLOURED MEGATRON! LOL. Dream to. I have to keep surviving. Waahh say so much, right now, I actually supposed to study, have a test next Wednesday~ Electronic Device and System's test. Its weird that the tests are being done at night. Well have to get used to it then. :)

Assalamualaikum, and happy October all :)

p/s: I know the pictures are weird and not related. I just like those pictures and put it randomly LOL.

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