Monday, May 30, 2011

the WORLD is a MESS

yeah since ive got no EVENTS or anything else to post, how about a little bit off-topic post
as you see, nowadays there's so many wrong doings of humans in this world.
since everyone knows that NOBODY in this world is born perfect in this world,
except the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, yes, this is one awesome man that Allah S.W.T loves the most
Humans nowadays, they just don't have anything else to do, do they?
and seriously why is the ACID MAN exist? why? dengki sangat ke sampai nak simbah2 asid ha?!
is the acid man got arrested yet? huu, NEWS, i don't really update them, to be frankly yes.
but i do know some of those heart-breaking crimes that is going on the world out there,
bullies, babies got thrown away and etc. These wrong doings, we should take a look at it.
the WRONGS we should avoid, and make the world a better place, it wont be the best, but BETTER.
we, youths can change these things. Its not easy since there is too many of it already,
keep on doing it and it'll be a habit, but its worths to try dear friends LOL *sounds so wise suddenly
This is the time when COMMON SENSE ARE NO LONGER COMMON for young people nowadays.
Get on your common sense, AND Gather your humanity and these kind of things wont happen,
But yeah i know, it is not THAT EASY, so this is just a MERE RANDOM POST that i published.
a sudden change to a WISE GIRL buahahaha. I just don't have anything else to post, but I MEAN IT!
so, think about it, for your future and your own good.
Your happiness, your fortune, your luck, by anytime Allah can take it back, SO BE THANKFUL.
and so TAKYAH AH SIMBAH2 ASID BAGAI =.=, *macam la acid man tu baca post ni kan?
alaaa.. mana tau kaan ada yang baca ni planning nak try simbah2 clorox ke kan? HAHA
boleh jugak dia ubah fikiran.. *konon! :P
i just want the humans been acidified other people face get caught~ thats all
if the ACID MAN ARE CAUGHT that's a good thing! MUAHAHA, alhamdulillah

THINK ABOUT IT THROUGHLY on everything and every aspect before you do anything :)
im just saying you know.
take care peeps, assalamualaikum~! :D

p/s: i know i made this post 'quite' late, but oh well. Got nothing else in mind! <3
Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saya da malas, and ooh Arashi

Saya dah malas nak update blog.
why? because of this suckish blogger keep on getting on my NERVE =.=
yes. that's why.

by the way, im still in Melaka! :)
been eyeing on online shopping wedges, and some wedges elsewhere,
I JUST WANT a pair of wedges, a comfortable one that i can wear everywhere! ;D
let me know any decent and affordable online shop that sells WEDGES okay? LOL
yeah, pretty obsessed with wedges for now. PM PM PM okay? :)

oh btw~ a GOOD NEWS for Malaysian ARASHIAN!

Malaysian [Scene] Dome DVD Screening
and Nino's Birthday Celebration Calling All Malaysian Arashian~! ^^

Date: 18 June 2011 (Saturday)
Venue: Red Box, The Gardens
Time: 11 am to 4 pm (maybe extend to 5 pm)
**Fee: RM39 (inclusive of lunch, birthday cake and beverages)
Payment: Must be bank in before 4 June 2011

Account Type: Maybank
Account Number: 112175116517

Once you've already banked-in the payment, please email to
Shakie (
OR Fitrin ( these details:

Full name:
LJ Name:
Time of Transaction:
Phone Number:

***P/S: . Please bring along the transaction slip (for those who use cash deposit machine)
OR print-screen the page of the transaction on the June 18.
If you need more information regarding this event,
you are most welcome to contact any of the organizers below:

Reef: 012-2631539
Shakie: 017-4637501
Shida: 012-3296876
Fitrin: 013-4928283

Let's have some fun with ARASHI~!

or easier, please contact me first, and ill let my friend know :) <3
see? isnt that AWESOME or what? i went to the AAA concert and it was awesome!
AND THIS WILL BE TOO! lets participate! <3
THERE WILL BE MERCHANDISE SALE TOOO! lets look forward to it! <3
interested? please leave a poke on this post okay? will reply a.s.a.p
its not like i have anything else to do XD *ill just wait the comments LOL #ihavenolife
Monday, May 23, 2011

Partner In Crime ♥

oh Siti Radiatul Atira, we've know each other for EVER. hahaha
Happy 19th Birthday babe, dah tuaa da kamu :P
Have a Blast, hehe i know you will *kening kening*

p/s: Baby Athirah, got her 5months's shot! SHE'S 5 MONTHS OLD TODAY :) <3
Sunday, May 22, 2011

omagah so cute

okay, eventhough i apply the widgets so late, when people all already used it for a long time,
suka suka, rabbit takda, domo-kun pun jadi laa.. AHHH COMEL GILA =.= obses*
Blog's mood tu pun macam awesome gila, credits to WIDGETINDEX!

Untuk Malaysian Blogger Crew!

*tetiba berjiwa patriotik plak =.=
Yes! straight to the point, inilah t-shirt untuk penulis-penulis blog Malaysia.
jangan ingat Malaysia ni lame sangat, ramai tau penulis blog kat Malaysia, termasuk anda! :D
dijual dengan harga RM25.00 termasuk bayaran pos :) MURAH GILA OKAY? XD
oh tempahan dah mula pada 20 Mei sampai 31st Mei 2011 :D

teringin nak order? ni ah TEKAN SINI! :D *selamat membelii <3
pakai baju ni awesome gila doe. ahahaha rasa macam berkuasa macam tu ada crew kan? LOL
oh kat bawah ni panduan ukuran saiz :)

saya pun harap2 dapat beli, tapi macam tengah pokai skang, so tunggu dulu laah :)
AWESOME kot tee ni =.=
jom beli ramai-ramai pastu pakai sama-sama, AWESOME KOT?! lol dah la tu, byee! <3

p/s: HEBAT KAN? :D

Melaaakaa :)

hahaha, so, peeps, dont ask me out unless you're in Melaka too :)

p/s: i kidnapped Irynna WITH ME HAHAHAHAH! *smirk
Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pashmina ♥

YEAAAAY, went out with mama, ate lunch and walk around
BOUGHT a black pashminaaa~ woot woot for RM15!
that's all bye! <3
Friday, May 20, 2011

Lazy post.

did nothing today. woke up late, online and was bored
siti radiatul atira woke up SOOOO much later than me, and said she was bored
and we went out for a bit to The MINES
what did we do? EATTT muahahaha!
bought Auntie Anne's, HOT & ROLL, COOL BLOG, and TAKO TAO!
i really wish someday, Tutti Fruiti will be opening there in Mines, I WISH!
oh btw talking about Tutti Fruiti, IT WILL BE OPENING IN SERI PETALING!
or is it OPENED? oh well, its the closest place to get me a frozen yogurt! XD

oh, that's all for this possstttiee~! <3
byebye! :D

p/s: ill be in Melaka by sunday till wednesday and will be back to Melaka the following day!
Thursday, May 19, 2011


it was an awesome outing, well not for the guys, Lahh even tweeted it was BORING!
sorry korang, lambat sangat sampai, then dah tak sempat for anything.
its okay. Will plan out a better one next time, but must be PUNCTUAL laaaah :P

so! it was a LONG JOURNEY for me! omagah, i dun mind though i love them.
first! i woken up by a call from my Mama, telling me that her office pass is at home, she left it.
then talked about chores and stuff, she asked me to go and send the pass to her office before i go out.
so there i go, to Angkasapuri at around 10am, after that
Rus first, Irynna, Anis and lastly Siti... tadaaa the CAR NOW IS FULL! XD
so then! till reach the Subang Jaya Toll, there was major traffic jam, then we reaached the destination!
got in Sunway with a STARVING tummy, went to GASOLINE and ate!
after we finished eating, *magical sounds* SHAFEEQA and SHAKEERA arrived! :D,
walk around, and walk againnn.. Lahh and Ariff joined~
they were seem to be very BORED of the outing, soorry guys.
nothing much were DONE, went home with LOTS OF PICCTUREEE!
now, u know what we've been doing in SUNWAY PYRAMID!

till next post~
Byeeeee :D
Sunday, May 15, 2011


taken at pizzahut Jusco Melakaa :D story below

woot woot the title is soo AWESOME 3 M! 3M! lololol

when was at Melaka did nothing but went out to Jusco and shop at EtudeHouse,
yeah nothing much, Abg Radi Husin went to make his n
ew pair of spectacles, K-spec okay? LOL
oh oh, pegi Pizza Hut, SERVICE SUCK, then COMPLAINED baru nak terhegeh2 serve=.=
haha i made Abg Radi COMPLETELY a FAN OF RUNNING Man! hahaha! who DOESN'T LOVE RUNNING MAN?!
kan? kalau ada tu bukan manusia la tu, ataupun takda sense of humour!
lol gila dah abg radi went on a RUNNNG MAN FRENZY! lol
he's watching it more than i AM! Omagah lololol

MACAROONS! *still in Melaka!
ah ahh! made Macaroons! Siti Radiatul Atira AMAZINGLY found my sister house! :D
so we started to bake at 6pm and it was HARD! so here's some of the macaroons that turn out well..

this thing is SUPER SWEET! =.= i don't like it. it
was nice at first.. soon after more bites.. BWEEK! too sweet..

lalalala, know why this post is delayed =.= i know, tried to post up pictures its too big =.=
THAT's THE PROBLEM omagah so i resized it, so bad i blamed the blogger MUAH

MEATBALLS! got back on the weekend and WENT FOR MEAATBALLING! muahaaha
Baby atiya: achik! yeay yeay kita pegi meatball laaah :DD
*muka tak sabar mata berkilau*

Baby atiya: Mama i want Meatball too!! :o

fyi, one meatball is missing from my plate,
its already in my STOMACH! <3
tak sabaar2 nak makan, kan? XD

yummmmmm sangaat sedaaaap :D heehee, tak lupa doa makan OKAY!? LOL
then then! bought athirah a new PLUSH TOYY FROM IKEAAA <3
that's all! MEAAATTBALL IKEAAA *droolss

then then BALIK, end
assalamualaikum! :D
Saturday, May 14, 2011

i procrastinate alot. again

dang blogger ate this post the other daay and i am going to rePOST..
rajin tak rajin tak saya? :P heee
oh by the way, da tuka BGmusic! found that song when i was looking through matluthfi's vids
oh oh will do a post of my FAVOURITE VLOGGER on NEXT! stay tuned!
so! on this post, i wrote about.. what i've been doing and i was in Melaka staying with my sister
giving a helping hand, membuat semak dan memyemak di rumah kak Atie tu :P
gembira tgk BABY ATHIRAH.. COMEL TO THE MAX *sudden change of language LOL
gamba gamba gamba! :D
alololo comeeeeei :DDD

so! when it was Farna's Birthday which is exactly 10 days before today -.-
don't blame me! blogger MUNCH the post off when i post it on 12th of May
i'll just type it again SHORTLY! here goes
farna and rus visit my place-rus wanted to meet baby athirah-rus run off to meet the BF-
went out to midvalley with farna and mahirah-lunch at sushi king-
watch an awesome movie, WORLD INVASION? was it? forgotten-
sent farna home and mahirah next- i got home, end
picture picture!

Melaka adventure will be post on different post, cause this post will be SUPER long =.=
assalamualaikum! till next post :D

Yeay! the posts REAPPEAR!

haha only the 'i procrastinate alot' post is GONE completely
but its okay ill write it back on the next posts!


because blogger broke down it deleted the whole posts that I updated!! darnnn =.=
had to rewrite.. so lazy! STUPID BLOG. ur getting on my NERVE!
of all time! you had to pick the time that I update?! gosh this is tiring

ITS GOOONE =.= dang you blogger

my 'i procrastinate alot.', 'good times' and 'friends' posts ARE GONE!!
thankyouverymuchlaa blogger! all my efforts on writing it! *lebih2 pulakk*
STILL! its not easy for me to update and it JUST GONE LIKE THAT!? poof! poof! GONE!
aduhhhhhh sabar je laaaa! hish,
scratch the 'with love by Aine' and change the emoticon to this >:(, from down there!
saddening, i know :'( i wonder if i should write it back or not..
ill do it if i really got nothing else to do, why are you like this blogger, where's my posts?!
Pleaaaasssee make it reappear~ :(
Am i the only one who's experiencing this or are there the others? :(
cari nahas betul la blogger ni, nak saman takda duit pulak.. jap, kalau nak saman sapa yang bayar?
Thursday, May 12, 2011

good times.

i was reading through my old posts when it was 2008.
OMAGASH i was small last time, well, small-er!
need to go back to that STATE! seriously! :D and i used to use these kinds of emoticons!

iyada'!! iyada'!!!yawnshiushiudunnoNOOOOOO~!!sabishi..struckano....
yeaaahh! ONION FACE emoticons! i love it last time..
suddenly macam nak suka balik pulak huhuhu

OH OH OH ! and i often do those TAGS :DD
yeaahh those LONG, super long tags with LOTS of questions
good times good times..
pictures pun, those pictures when i was in secondary school.. UNFORMS! :D
hahahha i think that's all for this memories post LOL!



im hoping for this not to happend.
they are very very important to me.
so i would not want them to LEAVE.
stay in touch peeps. i wont forget you if you dont forget me. *haha ugut!*
just a random post, :)
Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Harry Potter ROCKS!

but! i don't read the books, maybe i should start reading them?
I love the movies, i love THEIR ACCENT, its just so CUTE lol, weird huh?
and the movie is so ADDICTIVE and its not BORING after you watch it several of times
waiting EXCITEDLY for HP7Part2~ :D
well among the HP movies, i love the 3rd one the BEST! it is because,
HARRY, RON and HERMOINE look at their BEST haha!
others are quite slacky? too young? and too URGHHH? LOL
but still Harry Potter Sequence are AWESOME!
thumbs UP for Harry Potter,
and DON'T FORGET TO WATCH HP7 part 2 this JULY
*sudden promotion* hehe promoter tak berbayar

look at them! they were so YOUNG! :D
so that's all! byebye!
Assalamualaikum! :D
p/s: this is just a RANDOM post XD

Farna Syhida ♥

but i still love this Baby, ♥
You're NOW 18 and LEGAL :)
luuuvv you :)

i curi picture you from facebook :D sorry
Tuesday, May 3, 2011


bosan punya pasal :)
background: GIMP

Let me TELL you :)

Assalamualaikum~ :)
yeah freedom started, and its been weeks since.
im so lazy to update this blog due to so called BUSY-ness
so what's NEW?
alhamdulillah ive been called for an interview for Japanese Linguistic in UM
the interview is on 6th of May which coming fast! and.. i am so nervous about it!
i hope i'll do well, insyaAllah..

so what i've been doing?
right after the holiday started i went out with friends and also went for a gathering!
it was AWESOME seriously.. need to write it down here so, i wont forget about it :)
i have problem remembering those events that pasts a long time ago :)
ahh i went to SMK SERI SAUJANA to get my SPM certificate~ the school CHANGED!
met Pn Lena my class teacher when i was form5 and Pn Aida.. talk like nobody bussiness
and took some pictures! <3

Went for Nasi Arab in Setiawangsa for a gathering of F3p2 and F3p1 peeps
it was SO FAR! seriously! Setiawangsa!! lots of train stations.
im so glad that i found 'Atiq and Tieka on the way to Majid Jamek! :D, yeah i was alone
after finished eating went to Wangsa Walk, planned to bowl but it was hell lots of peeps..
so, we walk around instead.. And went for TUTTI FRUTTI, for the first time, yes.
Bak kata kak atie.. "tak kaya sangat nak pegi tutti fruitti" *and yeah quite EXPENSIVE
the gathering was awesome gonna miss the times with KMS peeps :)
so later on, Ain Farhan suddenly asked on going for a sleepover at Nabihah's place.
me, Irynna, Rus, Ain and Nabihah went Mid Valley and The Gardens before the sleepover.
Walk around the mall, had Lunch and watched THE ROOMATE, i was expecting more
from the movie.. more KILLING to be exact =.= after the movies, we walk around
once more and straight to Nabihah's place :) it was far.. and tiring but FUN :D
got to Nabihah's place wash up and had dinner! Nasi Arab.. again :D
at night.. watched Korean Movie, Death Bell.. KIM BEOM!!! :)
and before we went to bed we wore MASKS and FAKE CUCUMBERS :)

for the couple of days before today.. ive BEEN BUSY with baking cuppies
there's A LOT of orders from my lil sister's friends :)
i got myself the first income for 2011~ so anyone wants to order some cupcakes
go to my facebook account :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Otanjoubi Omedetou

Irynna Binti Mohd Azim
-loves aine-

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