Sunday, March 11, 2012

February favourite!

Assalamualaikum and hello! It's my first time on doing a post on month favourite! :)
So basicly I'm going to talk about the things I own that I use and love along the month of February. <3
The most favourite is this face cleanser. L'oreal Paris Perfect CLEAN. I've been using the orange colour one, it cleans and exfoliate the face AWESOMELY okay?! This is highly recommended. It is actually a light scrub, with apricot seeds? I think. The smell is delicious! And its for all skin types. This product came with a scrublet too! I left the scrublet at home, in Selangor. That small scrublet works as a soft exfoliate-er haha arghh, it softly scrubs the face laa. Your face will be AWESOMELY soft and clean after cleansing with this cleanser LOL. Seriously! Not joking. Haha. Ini serius *nada wonderpet* So it also have for normal-combination skin type the blue one, and the dry-sensitve skin type, the pink. Im going to try the blue next. Since the orange one works well as daily scrubs. :D Again, this is highly recommended for your skinssss yeah. HAHA. This can be purchase, in local drugstores, if in Malaysia, like Watsons and Guardian. :) I am so sorry, I forgot the price, but I think it was below RM30 if im not mistaken.

Next is ETUDE HOUSE's Moistful Colagen, emulsion and facial freshner. This two things that I always apply on my face after cleansing it at home. After almost a month of using this product, you really see it works, to be honest. Haha, but this thing cost quite expensive, and this actually my mum's she asked me to use instead. But I didn't bring it here, in hostel because the bottle is glass and very heavy -.-". Go to etude house, buy something you need, and ask for a free samples on this thing. Well, it may work on my face, doesn't mean it work on others. We all have different skin types. Its not wrong to try :) It has colagen to reduce age-ing. It's better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent. Think of the long-term la :)

Etude House's Sun Guard - Natural Covering. This is a awesome sun guard, or mostly called as sun block. My skin is easily tanned plus I'm living a such a hot climate, nama pun Malaysia. So, wearing a sunblock before going out the house is a MUST. Unless I don't have it with me la.. -.-" Haha. This sun guard, works great for combination skin, if I'm not mistaken. And it actually peach in colour- look like foundation colour. It's not like the normal sunblock those in white. It gives a lil coverage to the face when applied. Not much but it's okay. For me, it evens out my skintone too :) I forgotten the price, I think its about RM20 - RM30. But sometimes, there's promotions, then, you can get it super cheap!

I think that's all for my february favourites, I don't favourite things much. Because I don't really have much stuff. Hahaha. I seldom change my things, and don't really change products that often. :) When I love that particular thing, I'll keep on using the same thing. Huhu. This is mere just for sharing.
Take care and Assalamualaikum :)
Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What I learned today,

41 53 43 49 49 20 43 4F 44 45 
3A 29
Saturday, March 3, 2012

Randomize session.

 When our DYNAMIC tutor came into class, I was like..

Yes, the reason was, he is our Engineering Maths subject's tutor too, the same person, yes ! How awesomely cool is that? Haha. It's like he knows everything, like google! :O He's okay neway. Hihi. I wonder how he can cope tutoring us with 2 different subjects, plus these are the killer subjects ! Amaaazing LOL. He was tutoring on how to get a x-t graph the solution was wayyyyyyy toooo LONG, I just got blurr at the end and got lost -.-"

Way too much to calculate, but I guess there's no shorter way, perhaps? Hihi, by the way, I was just so bored so I played with the meme generator online. :3 I still haven't install microsoft on my lappy, sad, I know, can't open any notes or tutorials. *reason-to-not-study* HAHAHA! Okay that was just a joke. -.- I'll get slaughtered if I'm not doing good this semester. Not by anyone, by myself. o.O okay that sounded scarier. Haha, get my point straight, its just- I have to get a better results this semester :) Sometimes we have to be a lil bit harder on your ourself, for our own good, am I right? Haha back to business, HAHA. =.=

So I have been surviving on 2 weekends here in Melaka, well almost. An improvement isn't it? :D Haha. Be proud my fellow friends. :> 

Oh oh, it's MARCH already! Not far to mid semester, by then it's almost final! :O I should not be too relaxed with the studies. Note to self. These note to self thinggy, it don't really work. But oh well. At least, I try to Hihi. 

Ah! I asked kak Nana awhile ago on what to update this blog with, and she said about Pizza Hut having a 50% discount everyday? Haha. I not sure myself since, frankly, I am NOT a fan of Pizza Hut. I always have a hard time on finishing the pizza. Even the small, those with 4 pieces cuts. Heh. The pizza is very filling. Plus toppings are so little, cipuut je dalam bahasa melayu nye la -.-" Bahasa melayu ke tu? HAHA. So I tend to choose Domino's pizza instead of Pizza Hut, since Domino's have different type of crusts. Hihi I like New York. Feveret. LOL And and and, I think the toppings are more on Domino's than Pizza Hut. But I guess it depends on the store branch too. But I still prefer Domino's. Hewhew.  

What's your choice? Domino's or Pizza Hut? Heee. 
This won't make someone sue me for giving an honest opinion right? Haha. Sorry for being so random, the title says it all. Well then, take care and assalamualaikum readers! <3 Thank you for hopping by.

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