Sunday, January 23, 2011

M A M A, Happy B I R T H D A Y!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Partner in C R I M E

went out with this old lady~ :P
well we spent the whole outing by WALKING, WALKING, and some more WALKING.. and EATING..
That's all that we actually do today =.= SUPER tired really, but it was FUN..
Poor siti, her HANDBAG that she wants to buy is GONE~ huhu takda rezeki la babe :P
uuh uhh! i, Aine Ilina had my first time own STARBUCKS drink! MUAHAHAHA,
thank you siti sebab keluar ngan I, sayang you :DDD

RUS AZUREEN! *nak merajuk ngan YOUU :P
same goes to Farna Syhida :D

NEXT TIME tau!? haha XD

okay! thats ALL!

p/s: tmrw's my mum's BIRTHDAY! sayang mama! :D

F U N N A Y Panda


funny gif picture..hahaha! oh, im going out todaay! yeay!
FINALLY! siti radiatul atira, farna syhida :D miss them,
where's RUS AZUREEN ?

p/s: ahahha i cant stop laughing looking at this gif~ Gila dengki oh panda tuu! XDDD
Friday, January 21, 2011

b a b y

yeah.. i procrastinate too much, the post about wafaa's birthday, still got no picture till noww.. and still there's no picture.. oh well, the holidays is ending soon T.T eventhough it was great with the Langkawi trip.. but~ i still want more holiday, like habsah said, 'is it valid to extend this holiday?? :D' hee, anyway! i want to talk aboutt....


the new cutey family member~~ she's SUPEEER ADORABLEEEE!
wait.. *stealing pic from her mama's FB*


she's much cuter when she smilesss :D

Izza ATHIRAH, the princess of expressions~
tidur pun nak berkerut kerut kaan? XD

she's gotten big from the first time i saaww her!
SHE's GROWING.. well duuhh !
cant wait to go shopping with her! :DDDD
♥ achik :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


i am just damn lazy :S
my mid semester break started last week and i went to LANGKAWI..
since im super darn lazy to even update this blog.. u may just go a check the pictures ive upload in facebook, poor blog you've been abandoned.
oh anyway.. the Langkawi trip was SUPER awesome, seriously, it was THE BOMB
i feel like 3 days with my friends there is not enough, i hope we can go there again soon :)
feels like wanted to stay there for a longer time, its been awhile since i went to Langkawi..
3days of holidays.. not enough.. i used to go there often, miss it super much :)

so, till then! :D
*this is just a lazy post, i wonder when ill post a proper blog post, i procrastinate too much*

p/s: say NO to LONG JOURNEY train, thank you~ :)


i didnt notice that i forgotten to wish Happy New Year from this blog! =.= i suck
okaay i just realise that ive been reaaally abandoning this blogg.. :(
okay now.. proper New Year wish! eventho.. its almost February already~ ,
what~? i was "BUSY" hehehe! so!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all BLOGGERS! love you all lots..
ill try and update this blog more often, ill try.. OMAGOSH its 2011 already.. im turning 20 next year! tuwentiiiee~ o.O its kinda unbelievable?! im OLLLD?! =.= okay done~

so cute ryte this comic? :DD

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