Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HUHU I'VE BEEN TAGGED~~!! -yay- ^^

ive been tagged by AISYAH!

Name: Aine Ilina bt Tarmizi

Nickname: Aine (pronounce as 'Aini'), ina, nene??..
What do people normally mistake your name as: Aine'(normal mistake), iliana (i dun understand y)
Birthday: 21st Sept 1992 (present pls!! haha jk)
Birthplace: Hospital at Jalan Ipoh, KL
Time of Birth: evening mayb... hmmm not sure~
Single or taken: taken.. hahaha jk, im single~
Zodiac sign: Monkey!~

[Your Appearance]
How tall are you: im SHORT!! but for me my height is fine..
Wish you were taller: nope
Eye colour: very dark brown..
Eye colour you want: original eye colour
Natural hair colour: very very dark brown,,, jus say its black la
Current hair colour: still the same from i born till now..
Short or long hair: medium length i think... mayb short?? no no its medium length
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color: nope
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair: dramatic?? don't think so,, normal ony..
Do you wear make-up: depends..
Ever had hair extensions: no! for what??
Paint your nails: yup.. but not ryte now..i painted it b4..

[In the opposite gender]
What color eyes: Black! pure BLACK! blue, BROWN!
What color hair: Black, brown.. blonde? maybe
Shy or Outgoing: not too shy not too outgoing! huhu
Looks or personality: BOTH~!
Serious or Fun: Fun! of cos! serious oso can but sumtimes~
Older or Younger than you: depends

[This or that]
Flowers or Chocolate: CHOCOLATE!!
Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
Relationship or One night stand:hmm.. relationship is better..
School or work: SCHOOL of cos!!
Love or money: BOTH? can ah.. more on LOVE
Movie or music: Music!!
Country or city: BOTH!! more on city~
Sunny or rainy days: SUNNY!! its feel HAPPIE,, But HOT la.. SUNNY but not a very Hot weather!
Friends or Family: BOTH!! more on FAMILY!

[Have you ever]
Lied: Yea~ >.< -A bad girl huh?-
Stole something: hmmm dun think so..haha
Hurt someone close to you: SORRY if I DID~
Broke someone’s heart: nope...
Had your heart broken: YUP! haha no la!
Wondered what was wrong with you: yup.. i wondered if im TOO Annoying??
Wish you were a prince/princess: i did... it was the time i needed money! haha
Liked someone who was taken: shud i tell?? ~private~
Shaved your head:NOPE!!!! that's INSANE!
Used chopsticks: YUP!! LOVE TO USE IT...
Sang in the mirror to yourself: NOPE

Flowers: Orchids
Candy: Lollipops!
Colour: Orange, Pink, Purple, White, Brown
Movie: L CHANGE THE WORLD!!!(death note)
Singer: Ya-cha, Jaehee (KCB), Kamenashi Kazuya! (KAT-TUN)
Word: YO!
Junk food: hmmm i dun have any fav of this.. i eat ony
Website: ainenoyorokobijinsei.blogspot.com
Location: hmm my sweet HOME!
Ever cried over someone: what kind of "someone" if a friend: YUP
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: NOPE.. im stable
Do you think you’re attractive: DUNNO?? ask others- who knows me~
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: ..... dunno~
Do you play any sports: love to play bowling!

Fact #4: I cant do Peace sign properly on my right hand! -weird huh?-
Fact #5: I love lollipops!
Fact #6: I have problems on my left hand finger (the ringer) >.< -it hurts sumtimes-

haha XD
so many FACTs!

tagging: every1~~

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