Wednesday, July 23, 2008


haha guess wat??
haha yup i wasn't suppose to open internet (2nd test is still going!)
(i, aine, don't think that u, hu is reading this, guessed wat it was)
im weird!


anyway! i cant stop myself for not opening the comp!!
okay! today's exam
chemistry was HARD!~~

English was .....

i jus hav to write it down HAHA what actually happend::
::English test::

the test starts in 5 more minutes pack bags and put at the back
of the class...
teacher start giving the test papers..

teacher giving some correction for the test paper..

then,, saying
kenneth: Teacher what's RUSTLE??(there's been a death in the opposite hse)

teacher,en. saravanan: u talking about the poem there's been a death in the opposite house right?

teacher, en. saravanan: Rustle is the sound of peoples moving out and in...
Students: SHOCK and laughs

well actually there's a question in the test paper : what is the meaning of rustle??

the good news is teacher GAVE THE ANSWER!!!!!

this often happened!.... last year when i was taking my test..
my teacher told the answer for Agama test paper

kenneth: teacher What is the role of the minister??
the next question on the test paper!

teacher, en. saravanan: the minister's work is to sit in the prime minister office

*hahaa hazel jus told me!*


-kenneth shud ask the minister role 1st!! i dun rmbr the answer!!-
-i can get advantages!-

student: LAUGHHSSS

teacher: okay okay stop the jokes.. start answering the ques~
now he act like a teacher.. haha

STUDENTS: *doing test*

::school's over::

going home!! went down the stairs! (so crowded)

walked to my bus.. saw a cat sitting like a rabbit

it was a sick cat (stray of cos)

well actually its a kucing kurap

shocked! the cat jus stay at the basketball court didnt run didnt move
eventho there's soooo MANY students walking there to get home

maybe it experienced sitting quietly in crowds~

anis wrongly call it anjing kurap

its actually very different.. anjing:dog, kucing:cat

she must be tired!

-(fyi still in the school)-

we laugh laugh laugh then GO HOME

the end


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