Friday, January 30, 2009

ITS BEEN AWHILE!!! ohisashiburi!!!!

weeeeee its been awhile since i BLOG!!
so noww...i shall start what ive been DOING!~

hehhe i shall start with Birthday Wishes!!
TO MY MAMA!! happy birthday!!! *23january!*
TO mY LIL SIS~~ *5january!*
To My Big BROTHER!!! *25january!*

hahaha anyway Chinese New Year..
i was in Melaka..
there's School Holiday from 24/1/2009 - 2/2/2009~
(still on SCHOOL HOLIDAY *LOTS OF HOMEWORK i havent done.. die!)

i was in melaka from 23/1/09, which is Friday evening after school's end start packing to melaka..
Melaka was.. kinda Boring.. BUT! the Swimming POOL was HUGE!
sumore in the Hotel Room there's NHK Channel!
hehe YUP! i dun have NHK at Home! =(
then got back to Kuala Lumpur on 27/1/09~~ Friday till Tuesday... i think.. ive forgotten!

nvm...haha kinda long was in Melaka well eat alot of SEAFOOD!! weee DELISH!
anyway.. it wasnt that bored huhu LOLs!
we Celebrate my mum's and bro's Birthday there!

eat Black forest cake! weeeee
and and!
the a day b4 the Last Day of staying in Melaka~ I BOUGHT BLOODY MONDAY!!!!
i saw a Speedy Shop in Mahkota Parade, Melaka,, and i was "yay! there's a SPEEDY!"
it was closed a day b4 cos of CNY!!

shoot..the the next day i ask my dad to go there again.. and ....OPENED!! weee
i search search search and searching..
i didnt find it.. ony found Scrap Teacher..
BUT! SEARCH again! FOUND it! MITSUKETA yo!!! weeeee 1 LEFT!! LUCKY!!!!
so happie! ask my dad to buy it for me!!!! woohooo

then watched at night but ppl was sooo tired soo Delayed! hahaha
*i like to watch Drama together with many ppl..ITS FUN!

then go HOME!!!after got home, we started to watch Bloody Monday Again
*we means me+my big sis+my lil sis

but then not really in a Drama Mood~ so we delayed it again.. the next day...hahahaha me and my big sis watched BLoody Monday from starting to Ending!! which take alot of time

we watched from 10.00pm - 8.00 am!!!! HAHAHAHA
sugee~ desune? haha after that we sleep! LOL

now i have to do alot Of homework =.= and the Holiday ALMOST finished ady..and i havent FINISHED MOST OF IT!!!! DARN!!

*hehe its been awhile since i blog soo its kinda long!!*

today watched the drama that i got free from buying Scrap Teacher.. the drama called
Dare Yorimo Mama Ai Su

haha surprisingly... THE DRAMA WAS FUN!! haha.
so now.. i think that's ALL that i can talk about for now.. hehe..

time to sleeeeep~ -.-

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