Monday, April 6, 2009

im HOME!

just got back from BUKIT MERAH!
it was a SHORT but FUN trip!

  • played bicycle in the rain around the resort.. with my sister
  • FELL DOWN due to slippery-ness of the floor infront of a kedai runcit *painfull and embarrassing! XD
  • my butt still hurts >.<
  • bought ART OF RICE *this thing is sooo CUTE~! and crafty!
  • bought cute lil souviners for friends
  • swimming and jumping in the pool.. snap snap picture
  • eat at a small little veranda- they built jus for standing to see the scenery but me and my lil sis squeeze in there to eat~ bwahaha! XD
  • eat at a VERY eww-ish restaurant (in the morning.. THERE'S SOOO MANY FLY!!!) eww
  • my phone's physical condition became worse~!! hahaha

THAT's IT!! i think.. *pictures is with my sis~!! ill post later.. hopefully~ hee =P


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