Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Okays! too much about SHINee ady!

So! now wana tell you about this date
went for a History Exploration
fuyooh it sounds soo cool in English
alaa.. Explorasi Sejarah laa haha

i was chosen from all form5 students.. so yeah..
i have to go~
there's only 4 of us..
well each school have to send 4 students there

it was held in Maktab Tentera Diraja (MTD)
and yeah! they are all TENTERA laa haha
eventhough they have all those activities, but
they still good in STUDIEs!
seriously, they do!

so its was a 1+1 studies..
so partnering laa
Boys school, all boys, no girls.. hmmm..

our school was the first sch to arrive there!
even we got lost on the way there~
haha XD

anyways.. started by ice breaking and all
started to look at the questions they gave
my 'tutor' was a Top Student! congrats..
well sorry for the blurrness of me!
thanks for explaining to me!

*if he ever read this!

okays! then they give a brief on
how to answer questions in the exam
and they gave the topics to focus on MORE!

haha.. we was all rushing through the questions
it was tiring..
honestly speaking, i never studied sejarah that HARD before!
hee =P
well going to read through the answer my tutor gave again
hopefully it will STICK in my brain forever,
well at least till SPM! haha

then, that's all!
Good LUCK in studies SPM ppl!


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