Wednesday, August 12, 2009


haha since Ainan was nagging about me for not updating.. here goes

okay! PSN was FUN

here are some pictures

BIG Ants!! i looked like i was yawning!was supposed to be SHOCKED! lol i suck*
an apron made out of recycled tomato sauce packages! loves*

we were trying out the recycled clothings! my lil sis look like a pirate LOLs

me, my big bro, and lil sis
went to see the SURVIVAL, Save Our Earth exhibition
it was soo high tech looking..!
I LOVE the lights!

then went for the MONSTERS and DINOSAURS exhibition
the exhibition was SMALL
but the stuff in it was huge!
LOVE playing with the HUMONGUS moving Tarantula!
so FURRY! hahaha!
there's just like 4 dino ony!
haha LAME huh?

when was doing the IQ challenge at the booth
i met a Japanese Family!
their otousan knows how to speak MALAY!
well abit!~
at least,, i was touched seeing a japanese learning
our LANGUAGE! since im learning theirs!
*loving this part the MOST*

i love this trip lol!

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