Friday, August 13, 2010

after a long time...


Hahah! Well im so bored of writing blog nowdays.. Quite busy actually..
Yea right! Im just acting like im a very busy person but actually NOOT!

So yeah.. Poor blog been abandoned by AINE all this time.. Im SORRY!
ill try to update atleast once a week? Maybe? Lol, ill try! :D
bytheway.. its been like MONTHS since i last updated~ hmmm
im actually in SeMaC! Selangor Matriculation College.. Aine? in college?
haha yeah.. BEEELIEVE it! HAHA!

life in SeMaC is okay i guess.. humans there are friendly..
especially i got the same room as my BESTIE!
that might be the CAUSE of my SURVIVING in that college, for now~
My Practicum humans are just AWESOME.. =)

BUT.. i still misses those more AWESOME humans, my saujanians friends
rindunye kat korang sangat sangat! ;(

ah ah ah ah ah....
i think thats all for now??
ill post other things soon :) hopefully! hee!

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