Saturday, December 18, 2010


ahhh... its been awhile..
i want to make it short.. so here goes

i didnt go home this weekend, yeap updating here at College,
sounds so LAME hahaha.. anyway.. im coming back next week,
Christmas~ i want to WATCH MOVIES with my girlfriends and hangout,
korang, JOM! and the most important thing.. SHOP! yes..
Shoes and Bags :D maybe a couple of tees also? hehe
cant wait to come home next week!
oh yea! i want to Cut my fringe tooo! :DDD
see you then!

aine, so much for your 'not going to come home till midsem break'..
its imposible for her =.=


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tiraBangs said...

Ainee! plish plish plish bring me along if nak shopping tu :D
I sooo wanna go shopping. hee

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