Thursday, April 21, 2011

Selangor Matriculation College


there's so many things i want to talk about this matriculation college, first thing first okay?
first! AP1-TB-12 humans..
Irynna, haha i've been around you forever, aren't you bored of me tagging along? haha
I dont think after this we'll be in the same University. So, i know you'll be fine
where ever you are. You're one tough girl. We known each other for 11years now.
Hahaha I'm just everywhere huh? :)
Wafa, this human is not getting bored of me i don't even know why.
This girl selalu kena bully! hehe dengan siapa lagi, ngan Aine laa.. :P
You're just too nice Wafa, the partner of everything i do, i go.
And somehow people calls us TWINS. FYI we look different! haha
Its funny when other people said its hard to differentiate between me and Wafa haha.
Lastly MIAO! the genius of almost everything, origami lover and very pretty.
She's like the sister in the TB12 room. Matured and calm, always.
BTW we all LOVE YOGURTS! haha so i just want to say...
Thank you for cheering me up, feeding me, giving me advices ,etc etc.

F3P2 peeps :)
these people are so important to me.. even though I'm like this..
eheem haha they still LOVE me, well because im like this la korang sayang kan? :D
Sayang korang sangat2 dan jangan lupa Aine tau? :( sedih sangat kita da berpisah..
all the times and days that we spent together, laughing and crying our hearts off together..
went through hardships together, always there for me. One for all, all for one.
It breaks my heart being away with these peeps. All 17peeps of this practicum..
I treasure them ALOT~ they're just like family. They're FUN, crazy, quite perverted but..
Sayang mereka SANGAT2. Thank You KORANG :)

F3 (fizikal 3) Kuliah Mates..
these humans.. are AWESOME :).. am i right guys?
i hope they're reading this because they meant so much to me,
thank you for accepting me for just who I am..
Practicum 4, those crazy humans, quite perverted but they're fine..
Naki, kau apa pun tak boleh buat.. B....H! haha rude sangat nak tulis kat sini.
Harap2 korang tak lupa kat Aine yang agak gedik ni..
Syah ngan Aza yang "comel" tuu korang LUPA AKU mati esok. hahaha gurau.
CHERISH sangat korang! and and MISS DIANA.. sayang miss jugak,
but sorry i wont miss PHYSICS hehe its just too much of formulas huhu!
Sir Wahidi! u made Organic Chemistry so interesting.
And thank you for the PHOTOGRAPHY KNOWLEDGE, i'll use it wisely :)
Sir Kean, i know you wont read this, but im sorry if i didn't sent all the tutorials.
if amendanye memang pun =.=
Thank You to the lectures who help me in this 2 semesters. And all the friends that HELPED.
Im wishing my Kuliah mates ALL THE BEST and goodluck! :D

those that know me, but not in the list up there.. you're STILL awesome..
Domo, ko lupa aku siap kau! :D jangan rindu2 sangat tau hahaha! harap ko berjaya.
Same goes to his friends, Muaz, Akmal, Daus, and others.
My friend's friends.. Afzan, Mira, Peyuz, Yana, and others.. its early in the morning.
Quite blurr with names right now.. whoever that know me from KMS, thankyou korang!
Sayang korang..

lastly! the CRUSH..
yeah. just a crush, its ended since matriks is over,
but im glad you've known me, and we're friends now.
Hope to meet again :)

it was a great college experience, i love it, and never regreted on going.
lots of loves from Aine Ilina, or AINELENA HASAN

sayang korang!

p/s: i know its long but consider on reading it hehe :D and kalau ada yang tertinggal tu adakan je lah :)
still sayang mereka yang tertinggal tuu

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