Saturday, June 9, 2012

Final EXAM.

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to the readers. :)

Okay okay, I know that the tension has rise SUPER HIGH because of the final examination for this semester. O Allah, suddenly I feel the nervousness, heart beating vigorously, and butterflies in the tummmyy. Writing this post made me nervous. -.-" Nervousness actually is a good thing. It keeps on reminding you that what you're about to face is superbly IMPORTANT for you. A lil of it can take you a long way, but when there's TOO MUCH of nervousness might be telling you haven't fully prepared for the task.

Hehe, no pressure. <--- saying this actually giving pressure -.- LOL
Calm down, breathe in, breathe out.. FUUHHH.

This is going to be a reminder post for myself, and for all the readers that's going to have their finals soon. Dear self and friends, it's the effort that matters. InsyaAllah when there's effort, success will come right behind. Just remember that, EFFORT comes first. Let the result aside. :)

Always think, and be POSITIVE.

Positive energy is very important in anything. What ever hardships you're having, just be positive that there's moral and wisdom to it. And remember, Allah is always there for you. He knows what you really NEED. Keep on moving forward, be happy and SMILE the problems away. There's never been problems actually, look at it as a CHALLENGE instead. Allah never give a tests and burden that we couldn't carry. So, whatever happens, DON'T QUIT. Keep thinking positive that you can do it! It's just your mindset, really. Don't crush everything, yourself, with a negative mindset.

Just a short post for everyone.
Keep calm and listen to OneRepublic, HAHAHA! Kidding.
Keep calm and just do your very best, and leave the rest to Allah.

Usaha. Doa. Tawakal.

Hope we can answer the questions calmly, :)
Assalamualaikum, good evening and thanks for reading <3

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Miss YaSm!N said...

gud luck 2 bebeh!!!

aine ilina said...

Thankyou kak min! Sama2 la kita mengharungi bersama. :)

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