Thursday, January 5, 2017

Makeup products for beginners.

Assalamualaikum ! Hey everyone! Happy new yearr!
So, twenty seventeen is here! Have 2017 resolution to try on makeup and look presentable this year? Let me help you there sister. :)

I'm going to share, affordable makeup products for beginners that you can use for everyday simple look. We need to look presentable. Eventhough I'm messy and selekeh most of my days than being all dolled up and wear makeups. But, this is something you can wear everyday, for looking like you woke-up-like-this kinda face. All of these products can be purchase in Malaysia! So Malaysian beauties, lets do this!

The most important thing for making us look amazing is our skin, skincare is important gais, but not going to talk about that here, if anyone wants me to write about my skincare routine let me know! So yeah, skin complexion to be exact. Everyone is so pretty in their own way. So, to improve your complexion to be amazinngg, you can try CC Cream From Farmasi Colour Cosmetics (FCC). CC stands for colour correcting, it kinda gives a light coverage and colour correct your face to make the face looks fresh and flawless! If you want more coverage, foundation is for you. BB creams also tend to give more coverage than CC creams, because their consistency is much more thick. This CC cream come in 2 different shade. I'm using the medium to dark shade. Retail price for this CC Cream was under RM50. Eventhough it sounded so expensive, but this CC Cream last forever! I just bought a new one, since last 2 years, baru je habis. I even wear it almost everyday since last year! Impressive kan? Haha betul tak tipu. I pun rasa macam bila benda ni nak abes ni, masa dah hujung2 tinggal sikit.
How to choose the best foundation for your skin?

Firstly, you need to know what type of skin you have. Normal? Oily? Dry? Combination? Get to know your skin. As for my skin, I have a dry skin. Sometimes its so dry I have dry patches on my face! So, the trick is to do some research online, and read reviews on the foundation you want to buy. To make sure that the product suit your skin type. Most foundations in the market has labels what type of skin its for. So better check that before purchasing.

The next one, is choosing the shade to match the skin. This can be tricky for us sawo matang malay girls. But the tips is to buy the shade that are similar to your skin, or a little bit lighter than your skin tone and never go with the darker shade than your skin tone. The way you can test this is by swatching 2-3 foundations on your jaw/chin and choose which one looks similar to your skin. If you can't tell, because the all of the shades you swatched look like it does not match, try blending it in to your skin, pick the ones that match the closest to your skin tone, if it spreads too greyish or pinkish on your skin, it doesn't suit your skin tone.

I can only recommend the foundation that I like and suits my skin type! The best everyday look foundation will be Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation, I'm in the shade 53. You can get this from selected Watsons. The retail price is quite expensive, RM61.35 (on sale rn for RM52.15) but it's worth the money because it takes forever for it to finish. This foundation is great for dry skin because of the gel consistency. It is also light to medium coverage so it is very suitable to wear for a everyday look.

What else do you really need for starting up wearing makeup?

Lip products! Yaaas, the most important two things that I won't forget everyday is my CC Cream and also some lip product. Any lip product will do peeps! Lip balms, lip tint, lipsticks, lip cream, lip pencils anything! The lip product that I use everyday is Nivea Watermelon/Peach lip balm for moisture, since I have dry skin so my lips are extra dry too. Why lip product? So you wont look pale after applying the CC cream/Foundation. These two products are enough, kalau nak berjinak2 dulu hihi. Sometimes I wear the lip balm by its own because the Nivea lip balm is already have sheer colour on the lips when applying, but most of the time I will smack on Tony Moly Magic Lip Tint just using my clean fingers a little bit on my lips to makes my lips look so much healthier and gorgeous, you. LOL. Both of these lip product retail prices are under RM20 each!
Last but not least! *you can skip this step*

Eyelashes! Curling the eyelashes will open up your eyes to be wider and make you look AWAKE. It really give so much different to your face if you curl your eyelash! It's truuee, try it! Unless you already have very long and curly eyelash. You are lucky to skip this step haha. As for me, all of my lashes are downward going towards the ground. Asian eyes sangat. haha. I usually do this only when I have extra time to spare *since I always wake up late in the morning* and MASCARA! (depends on preference) It's quite troublesome to wear for us muslims because it's a little bit tedious when going for prayers. But, if you're up for it, just do it! Make sure you bring a travel sized makeup remover in your handbag or just buy the ones that are easy to remove using water. So that you wont be a panda after taking wudhuk.

Anddddd you're done! I really hope that everyone find these tips helpful for those who are trying out makeup and new to the makeup game. Haha. Takyah kisah orang kata apa, you do you. We can't stop people for judging, so just do what you love and makes you happy! Any questions please just drop any comment! I will gladly to help through your makeup journeys!

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