Thursday, September 18, 2008

my star constellation~

long time no post anything!

well here goes.. yesterday, there's a talk about ASTRONOMY
it was really interestng!!
they share with us how the "orient" touchdown at MARS
(orient= a thing that goes to MARS *obviously)
the orient's function is to collects Mars' rocks~ and stuff
it was AWESOME!

haha then they let us know
how and where to see the constellation of the stars..

a high percentage of foreign schs have their own TELESCOPES!!
in taiwan, hongkong.. even kindergarten kids knows how to handle a telescope!~
(awesome~ isnt it?)

SOME of sch out there also have their OWN
STARLAB!! *refer to the pics down here*

outside picture

inside picture

out and in side~picture

well in Malaysia, the starlab ony hav 1 set!
1,, ONLY 1!

its because~
NONE of sch in Malaysia knows bout it and NEVER rent the StarLab b4..
in the StarLab(have to crawl in),
it can shows Stars Layouts, Constellation, and also PLANETS!
cool huh~?

Let us THANK to
Galileo Galilei,
he hu invented TELESCOPE~

this is the whole reason im putting my horoscope here!!
im A VIRGO!!

*its a women!!

i COLOURED batik!! it was F UN!!
my lil sis bought the apparatus for it at her sch!

ill post pictures later!~

that's all for now
till next post


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