Sunday, September 26, 2010

my.Birthday :D

.the cake.


i went home this weekend so that i can celebrate my birthday with family
skipped my Chemistry STRIVE for Excellent class.. sorry, but 'terpaksa'
ill try my best to strive for excellent myself ;)
SO! i went home on friday, 24thSept, and that night went The Mines for Secret Recipe..
my dad bought a WHOLE cake of Chocolate Endulgence, heaven! XDD
there's still more in the fridge btw, oh and i get free food and drinks! :D

PEOPLE! IM 18, legally black haired hahaha! *lame
im still the lame aine tho! haha, i wont change much i guess
oh bytheway.. i misses my saujanians friends.. korang! rindu~ :S
-random moments-

back to the story...
i ate FOC tom yam kung, with kasturi green apple juice,
mama and abah ate curry mee, atie ngan abang radi ate lasagna-kurang sedap
hahaha, secret recipe decorated my cake PRETTILY!

eat eat eat and by the time finishes eating..
the stores are closing down already didnt get to buy prezzie..

the end
the tales of the birthday celebration

-to be continued, tales of present hunting-

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