Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Partner in C R I M E

went out with this old lady~ :P
well we spent the whole outing by WALKING, WALKING, and some more WALKING.. and EATING..
That's all that we actually do today =.= SUPER tired really, but it was FUN..
Poor siti, her HANDBAG that she wants to buy is GONE~ huhu takda rezeki la babe :P
uuh uhh! i, Aine Ilina had my first time own STARBUCKS drink! MUAHAHAHA,
thank you siti sebab keluar ngan I, sayang you :DDD

RUS AZUREEN! *nak merajuk ngan YOUU :P
same goes to Farna Syhida :D

NEXT TIME tau!? haha XD

okay! thats ALL!

p/s: tmrw's my mum's BIRTHDAY! sayang mama! :D

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