Thursday, January 20, 2011


i am just damn lazy :S
my mid semester break started last week and i went to LANGKAWI..
since im super darn lazy to even update this blog.. u may just go a check the pictures ive upload in facebook, poor blog you've been abandoned.
oh anyway.. the Langkawi trip was SUPER awesome, seriously, it was THE BOMB
i feel like 3 days with my friends there is not enough, i hope we can go there again soon :)
feels like wanted to stay there for a longer time, its been awhile since i went to Langkawi..
3days of holidays.. not enough.. i used to go there often, miss it super much :)

so, till then! :D
*this is just a lazy post, i wonder when ill post a proper blog post, i procrastinate too much*

p/s: say NO to LONG JOURNEY train, thank you~ :)

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