Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Supposed to be wordless isn't it? But! I want more WORD now, since its been a long time since I update this blog with anything. Anyone missed me? Of course there are! HAHA okay, gedik. =.=

SO! Im now, officially, a student from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, majoring in Mechatronics Engineering. :) So far i've been studying the same thing as what in matrics and previous education. There's also some topics that i just discovered~ Now, I've even sorted which is my favourite and lease favourite subject. Well of course, its a secret :P but obviously some of you know. Haha. Its the 3rd week! The subjects is starting to get complicated. I will keep on catching up and try my very best, for once. Yes, i never studied my heart out before. I always love to play more. Obviously i wont be just studying only laa, InsyaAllah, if there's free time I'll take part for the club's activities. But, actually, i have the most free time among my housemates. Im the only person who's in Electrical Faculty, others are all in Communication Faculty.

Oh yeah! I went to an event that the club I registered in did. Its a Recreation and Extreme Games Club (KeReX). It was FUN! The event was to give a guide on basics on 5 elements, which are Paintball, Frisbee, Cycling, Hiking and Wall Climbing. It was seriously something new for me, well except for Frisbee la! Its very tiring, it started at 9:00am and ended at 10:30pm. Started with a briefing of the event and started with 3 first elements. MAKAN SOLAT. And then another 3 elements. Makan Solat. MINI GAME. And last after Maghrib prayer there's JAMUAN RAYA! Hihihi EAT EAT EAT :D I think I wrote more EATING than the program LOL. Anyway, since I started living here in Melaka, my eating habit has GROWN. =.=" Yeah i eat ALOT! DAYYUM ALOT okay? :O

I fell down the stairs yesterday, and my ankle is SWOLEN. =.=" Alhamdulillah it wa not that bad, it could be worse. I still can walk, and climb the stairs slowly. I should be more, i mean, EXTRA carefull next time! :D I have more to write, since I've been delaying to update this blog due to the "awesome-ness" of the hostel's WiFi LOL!
Anyway, That's all for now! Till next possst.

(p/s: quite interested on trying Blogger's new designs! It looked so cool, we'll see. :D)

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