Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's October already?

Because this picture looked COOL, I put it here LOL
I've only update 3 times for September's entry. :( I am super sorry for my readers, since I've been 'quite' busy since University started. There's this and that. My October resolution is to still update regularly despite the busy-ness. Hopefully. I will definitely try my best to get this blog updated.

I know this picture somehow not related to this post LOL 
So, if you ask me, how University life? How's the study? Firstly I'll answer, so far, Im doing well regardless that I've been not step my parents house in Selangor for almost 3 weeks and still in counting. But thanks to my housemates, they're can be labelled as awesome that made me survive the life here in Melaka. Not just that, its also because my sister is nearby, duhhh. Untunglaah kan kan?. :P

Waahhh, proud to hear Aine stops her tradition on going back home every weekend, don't you? Haha okay, poyo. Last weekend i had a club program so i didn't go back home, and this weekend my mum and Eda came here to Melaka! But now, they went to visit my little sister already. Next week, also, not going home to Selangor, since my family is coming here to Melaka for my brother's shift from Kolej Mara Kulim to Kolej Professional Mara Melaka. Yeah, as you can see, most of my family is in Melaka already. Even my relatives are here. :D

So next! How's my study? It's going well since, so far, everything that Im learning now is just the basics of everything. The challenging parts have yet to come. I will study as smart as i can. And built A PINK COLOURED MEGATRON! LOL. Dream to. I have to keep surviving. Waahh say so much, right now, I actually supposed to study, have a test next Wednesday~ Electronic Device and System's test. Its weird that the tests are being done at night. Well have to get used to it then. :)

Assalamualaikum, and happy October all :)

p/s: I know the pictures are weird and not related. I just like those pictures and put it randomly LOL.

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