Monday, April 9, 2012

Runs in circle!

Assalamualaikum and goood, urmm, good evening? everybody! :D What ever, HAHA I got a feeling that this post, going to be LONG!

Yes, I am uber happy because the mid semester break is hereee.. I actually thought that no one actually read this blog, BUT THERE ACTUALLY IS. Ngehehe sorry for my scrambled words. Please bare with me for awhile.

So, I'm going to start with SPRING FESTIVAL. We went into the Hall late, we missed the drum parts. :( But oh well, there was a lot of SPEECH at the beginning, was absolutely boring, I must tell you. Huhu. But soon after, there was LOTS of jaw-dropping performance. I fancy the Acrobatics, Magic Show, UKM's dance, and Lion Dance. Haha, the magician guy was so cute *__* haha! Sempat lagi !

They performed gagshow, but then,

Haha, couldn't blame the organiser because it's originally a chinese event, but, make it international a bit la. Mintak subtitle tak bagi pulak. HAHA. I should start taking Mandrin classes perhaps? -.-" Okay, technically, it was seriously boring in the beginning, WE DIDN'T even understand A THING -.-" I was regretting on coming already haha! But it went good when the performance started to be awesome. :D

Like always, the hall was ours -.-" Kesah kami orang lain pikir apa. HAHA!

THAT's THAT. END about Spring fest.

So I'm currently on my dearly bed at home in Serdang. Oh how I miss the fast loading buffer internet. Haha dramatic much? Got back here yesterday afternoon, and straight I went to Wangsa Walk because Abang wanted to settle something about his Wedding Card thinggy. AND I SHOP for FOOD AND BB CASINGS. FYI, that was the 2nd time I step into Wangsa Walk, I love that place! Next time, gonna go for a proper shopping mode LOL.

Then, at night. Went to Busu's CHAR KUEY TEOW stall near Matrade in KL. Hihu. Despite that I couldn't eat the shrimps, the Char Kuey Teow was delicious! Wether I was starving, or it is nice. :D But I think it was a delish. Not all can cook a great tasted Char Kuey Teow. HUHU. So thumbs up for Busu's stall. Anyone interested to taste, let me know, me will give direction. :D Sempat lagi pomot ha.

Im falling for Jon Schmidt and SHINee once again.

So yesterday I gave myself time to start the search engine on SHINee and Jon Schmidt. I miss them badly, I MUST SAY. SHINee have improved a lot, dance and vocal. Jon Schmidt, as always, his music piece never fail to cheer me up. :D Won't start ranting on it. My readers would be bored, drop dead, sleeping -.-" HAHA Exaggerating.

SHINee- Sherlock (Clue+Note)
Jon Schmidt- ROCKmaninoff, but I think the whole album of Bonus Tracks by Jon Schmidt are AWESOME :) Must try and listen to them! A MUST

So well, that's about it, this post really did ended up long -.-" pardon me.
Assalamualaikum, and take care dear blog readers <3

p/s: I've been eating a lot at home, jangan tanya kalau naik lepas mid sem nanti dah tak kenal :P

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