Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MAY. Please be nice.

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon bloghoppers!

After a long hiatus, I've been BUSY. Workload is piling up. May is the month that all the assignments and PBL projects dues are on! SCREAAAMMM! My stress level is going off the bar. Since this is the place where I could really release my stress, just the bit, but it helps :) SO! What work laa yang banyak2 sangat tu kan? One of the assignment due yesterday, so there's 5more assignments and PBL. *dropdowncryinglikeababy* Alaa, 5 je, apa sangat la kann. T_T

Engineering Maths' due 16may
Dynamic and Mechanism individual  due 2nd May
Dynamic and Mechanism group due 18May
PBL project Digital Electronics and System due (21st-27May )
Electrical Technology due urrmm, i forgotten the due date. I dont even remember what is it about. Haha. I think its something to do with simulations. I think. HAHA. Teruknya aku.

As a conclusion, I am quite busy this month. *runsincircle*

Alhamdulillah, so far, my carry marks are okay. Well, it is not that awesome. But it's okay, still tolerable. I have to try harder to archive my GOAL. Eceeeh. Poyo gila. Haha. Alaa test 1 baru, lek lek. Haha konon, padahal aku la yang tak bertenang langsung. Oh just remembered this friday there's Test 2 for dynamic. OH GREATT. SUKA GILAAA. Haha. LALALALALA. Okay dah gila -.-

Somehow this blog post stressing me at the end. THIS WAS SUPPOSE TO BE COMFORTING ME! Haha. Okay, calm down. Tarik nafas, hembus. Hee. Keep calm and blast music. Eh lately there's not even a single picture on my blogpost. Nampak malasnye. Wait wait, let me find a decent picture.........

Found it! Naahhhh!

Amik kau banyak terus. HAHA!
Got tired while finding the pictures, got lazy to type more. <--- alasan padahal takda idea dah.
Assalamualaikum and have a great day! :) Fuhh, I cheered up! <3

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