Saturday, August 11, 2012

Poor abandoned blog.

HELLLOOWWW! Salam Ramadhan alls!

Yeahh, I've been away for so many weeks. It's just that, wether I'm busy, or I just don't have the mood to update. Like seriously, its not like I've forgotten about you dear blog, I just don't have the IDEA to update on. SO yeah. Since I've started typing right now. I'll do a proper update after so long. :)

So how's your ramadhan lately dear readers? It's started to be the last 10 days! Go and find that night that worth 1k of nights. Wooo, that's cool right? That Allah is giving us the opportunity to do good, supplies for the hereafter. Don't waste your ramadhan. It's a training session!

Okay, so what I've been doing away from the blog?

Hahaha, I do nothing much though seriously, I just stay at home and do chores and stuff. Well some of the chores. HEHE. Uh uh. I've baked lasagna twice! It turned out nicely done. :) Yesterday made honey cornflakes. It was easy peaasyy. Well I only do a lil of it, the sister do most of the cookie. Haha. Aidilfitri is coming huh? Not much done preparing though. There's still time. No worries.

PAINTING! Yeah, I've been abandoned that too, haha but! BUT! I've coloured in the upper half of it. JYEEAHH. :) I will try to finish it before 3rd Semester starts ! WWOOO

My BB is back from the deaaad. Its great to have it back, but all my contacts GONE! Have to find those numbers and bbpins again. Haih. It really feels like a NEW phone haha. Oh well, please contact me those who have my number, if you want to la. Tak paksa pung. LOL

Oh yeahh. Its August already. Time really flies huh? Anyways.

Till next update! Bye lovieess

time flies, things happened, people changes, always to remind myself those I've hurt, 
never be that person again, please remember Aine.

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