Friday, February 22, 2013


Sometimes, we always feel that everything is just not right. No. Everything did not go as what we planned. Yes. That's is certainly the worst feeling ever for me. Since I'm the person that usually, well, most of the time, the person that put hopes high up. Even though there's not a confirmation on something. Who can change ourselves than our own self effort right? Yes perhaps other people may help, to advise, to remind. But whatever it is the important part is our own self. To choose wether to will or not to change. Is this even normal I don't even know. Putting hopes high will make you? Yes, disappointed. So, as you can see, I get disappointed quite often. I've study on my own self, getting to know about myself more, that I have this issue. And it's all come from me. I put my hopes too high. That's my problem. So far, I could not change that. But! Right now, at disappointment times, I choose not to show it. That I am disappointed, and being cool about it. Well, sometimes, it does not even work, but I'm trying my best to change this.

I always think that there's always a solution to a problem. And I think that, this is a eye-opener that make me see that, not everything we want Allah willing it. Kann? All we have to do is appreciate what we have, and take a good care of everything that we love, appreciate them. What we have, ALL of it, is what Allah give to us all. Take a good care of it. Perhaps, by appreciating, we tend to see the bright side more than the dark side of something. Being a half-full glass of person. This may help to be always thankful on what we already have, perhaps. And not being a greedy asking for more and more and more. But still does not satisfied with it. Learn to appreciate what we have before you have to appreciate what we HAD. Not every WANTS you can get, but NEEDS always come in handy. So, I will try my best not to be disappointed easily. We plan, but Allah is the greatest planner. Everything happens for a reason, perhaps more than one reason. Remember, Aine. Always remember that. To change is your own choice. You're good because you choose to be, you're bad because you choose to be. ITS YOUR CHOICE TO BE BAD OR GOOD. You choose. It was always your choice. Wether to change to be better, or to be worse. Think wisely.

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