Thursday, February 28, 2013

Playing with the torchlight.

Yesterday night I got the mood to get back to my DSLR. So I got the idea to play with the torchlight and slow shutters.
The easy steps.
  1. Get a partner or friends to join.
  2. Set up the camera/dslr to be in manual.
  3. Use the shutter mode, set up the lowest shutter.
  4. The camera must be fixed on a table or a tripod.
  5. Prepare a torchlight wrapped with cloth, or use LED light.
  6. Set up the room to be super dark.
  7. Click the shutter button.
  8. Start your imaginary mind and draw when the shutter click once
  9. Stop and move out from the camera before the second click of shutter.
  10. Wait for the picture to process, and walaahhh. :D
If the room is not dark enough, it's okay, you can always edit the picture later !
Have fun playing with the torchlight.
Somehow browsing the picture seems scary all the sudden. Haha.
Here's the best pictures that we manage to come up with!

By NanaNadya
Take 1: Kak Nana writing Thai Lulz. 
Take 2: Kak Nana's Thai gotten better. Haha
Take 3: Look decent with Caps. :D
By Rashidah Omar;
Take 1: Shidah wants to give this to her mum

Take 2: Got confused with mirror-ing the letter S. HAHA
 By me!
Take 1: Supposed to be stars in the sky. But got confused with the on-off button on the torchlight. LULZ.

Take 2: The name! Haha full name with own personal artsy touch at the end.
Actually I just lost track of the spaces. HEHE. 

So! That's how we roll when we're bored! Playing with the mini torchlight and slow shutter mode! Fun, but tiring. Asyik salah and redo redo redo. Haha

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Rashidah Omar said...

cantik....aine ilna, kak nana creative hehehe....tulisan aine tu awesome..nk jugak cm tu

aine ilina said...

Hahaha. Nanti kita buat lagi ye. :)

Rashidah Omar said...

ha malam ye..nak buat cover page jugak heheheh

meatul said...

nak nama akakkkkk jugak. :p

aine ilina said...

Amboi rashidah. HAHAHA.
Kak mea dah tak lepak bilik kitorang. HUhu.
Mai la bilik malam nanti. :)

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