Thursday, June 26, 2008


hmmm.. what should I write today???

start now..
haha went to Genting Highland last Saturday!
it was SUpERbly COLD up there!
haha went by Cable Car!

Went with my brother and his fren's family!
their family is easy to talk with eventho they are 10years older than me,,
they likes to JoKing around.. not A SERIOUS type!
went to the OUTDOOR PARK,, only =.=

i was soo happy anyway cos the last time i went there was
...when i was Standart 5, if im not mistaken..
i still remember i went with my friends...

after awhile we play the OUTDOOR park,, we all go inside to hav LUNCH
that time i was soaking WET,, and shivering cause of COLDNESS..

The reason is the RIDE...
causing me, camera, phone, sweater,
sister, brother, hand bag, shoes
and anything else that we brought WET!

my mom's CAMERA rosak terus!!
well my brother feels sooo GUILTY..

well he said he will buy a new one to exchange it~
cool isn't ?? haha

we watched 4D theater!
haha my lil sis wanted to watch it anyway,,
it was Alice in WONDERLAND!!
so much for "wonderland"
the ride was SCARRY..
well honestly.. it was~

haha well, i think that's all for now!
Jaa ne!

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