Thursday, June 5, 2008


haha seems that i didnt update for a very long time!!
well since the HOLIDAYS started ive been bored!
BUT... i dun hav the mood for blogging..
but now.. IM BLOGGING!!
haha anyway,, i went to a water theme park wit my cousins!!
it was FUn
TANOSHINkatta~!~ o(^-^)o

i went shopping for shoes!!
and bought new SHOES! o(^-^)o

anyway! im going to TERENGGANU tomorrow!
My flight will be at 8 pm tomorrow!
im going wit "all" MY FAMILY
its rare for US to go together!!(ishonni!~)
cause oftenly they all

are busy with college stuff~
well not actually 'all' of us wud be boarding the same plane
my dad already go there(terengganu)
for work.. of cos!

haha im looking forward for TOMORROW!!

that's all

-Yume MimAshoU!!-

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