Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SeNsei wa ERAI! *Teachers are awesome*

teachers are awesome???
i don't think sooo~
haha jk
Some of them ARE!!
anyway.. my point is,,,

It's A Title of A JAPANESE movie!!
Very NICE and FUNNY!!
Genre::School COMEDY
Every1 shud watch it!
The story is about Middle High School Students LIFE~!
and also about Stupid Students who dont lyk their homeroom teacher
they thinks that their homeroom teacher, Uzaki sensei, really annoyin~!
well the students call him "UZAKEN" which means ANNOYING

there's 3 students,, they wanted to change Uzaken into
a NICE sensei,,
Well he said that he wont change himself! he ask for Them(the students)
to change him into a NICE sensei...

if wana kno more~!
will Uzaken be a NICE sensei(teacher)???

that's all
Jaa ne!!

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