Wednesday, August 6, 2008


friendship is loooooooong LASTING....

eventho u sumtimes argue or fight with ur friend
they wont hate u...-this is a true FREN~

true frens
understands u
help u when there's problem..
cheer u up when ur sad..
listen to ur problems, complaining, ur obsession for sum1~ ...
they'll listen to u eventho ur not making any point XD
laugh together..
wont hurt u,
this is not all.. FRIENDS are everything

some of them don't realise that they did something bad~
we cant blame them cause we're humans..
humans are not PERFECT
there's stuff that we reaally good AT
and also reaaaly suck at it

tomodachi wa daiji na mono DAYO~
friends are important~

appreaciate ur frens
because we can't buy FRIENDSHIP

whaaa... suddenly so serious wan~ haha XD
love ur FRIENDS tau~!
tell them ur problems if have...
express it to ur besties.. they'll help u~
don't simpan simpan ur problems
nanti jadi gile laa~~

haha XD
wow such an emo and touchy POST! =X
that's all 4 now~!! till next post


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