Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Got back from JOHOR last monday
now is sch holidays! yay!
but only half of it left..
so many homework,,
went to walk and walk and walk with my sis
we walk the half of the day
walk all the way to public trains..
so many of them~!!


she have to take her stuff from her fren..
so we go sg. buloh by KTM from Serdang->Sg.Buloh
then after that we're suppose to go Puduraya
my sis hav to buy her bus tickets to Penang

so we went KL Sentral
by KTM from Sg. Buloh->KL Sentral
then she just realise that we went the wrong place to
change KTM to LRT
so we went to Masjik Jamek by Putra LRT
from KL Sentral->Masjid Jamek
then, wen we arrive to Masjid Jamek, we change to LRT
went to Puduraya
Masjid Jamek-> Puduraya
wen we arrived we walk to the Plaza Rakyat
my sis search for her tickets and finally got it
next we have to go Bukit Jalil cos my brother will pick us up there
Puduraya->Bukit Jalil
Then, we reached home
and full of tiredneesssss,,,

::the chain of destination::
KTM Serdang->Sg.Buloh->KL Sentral->
(Putra LRT) Masjid Jamek->Puduraya->Bukit Jalil->HOME

that's all till next post!
gud nyte?? haha XD
its 3 in the morning!


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