Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nodame!! Cantabile!

Ive finished watching this drama within 2 days!!
it rawks!!
it gives me more interested in Piano!!

i love the Pathetique song!!

since i havent take any classes
and been studying by myself

i LOVE to play CHOPSTIX!

but ive ony manage the right hand tho
left hand..
still blurr blurr

she is sooc CUTE
she's PRETTY
She's a cCHEERFULL Person!!

and she can play the piano really2 good
eventho she always play wrongly and play the song without following the exact tunes
She rawks!!
she has a NASTY habits
she dun really know how to take care of ownself
she take shower once a day and
she wash her hair once in three days!
she has a HOUSE that looks like GARBAGE
she has a GrandPiano at her Hometown eventho her family is not that rich
She doesnt like to read the NOTES and follow the BOOK
and she HATES Practices and COMPETITION
her ambition is being a Kindergaten Teacher
She's definately really WEIRD
She LOVES Chiaki~! *so do i!! he's ,, well NOT-BAD Looking
that's almost all, about her

This DRAMA really rawks i like the
Orchestra performance where Nodame wearing the cute bear MASCOT!!

the performance REALLY2 RAWKS!!
That's All
Till NEXT pOSt
dun 4get To watch this DRAMA!!~

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