Saturday, December 27, 2008


The StuFfies I discover when I was in Penang~

I can't Fly the Kites,, ^^"
Penang was Soo Beautiful..
I love the Scenery of the Sawah
I love RAINBOW so much, and first time i saw a BIG and FULL Rainbow!
RainBows are Pretty
Queensbay Mall Rawks!
I Love Senkuang and Cucumber in the Fruit Rojak
Penang's Atmosphere in the afternoon is VERY HOT
The WIND blows hard in Penang.. *duuhh its an Island~
Irynn SMSed and told me Bloody Monday's DVD was RELEASED! =)
2 Days of traveling in Penang is not enough

I think that's All
Till next Post!!

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