Monday, December 29, 2008

RTM's Family Day

RTM's Family Day!~

Our family is the FIRST family that arrived there
the place kinda far away in the jungle
the place was beautiful~~
took lots of pic
had some breakfast..
the shirt theme was RED but my dad said its Black so my family all wore Black,
But others wore Red.. kinda weird tho~
haha my dad got the WRONG theme!

So Started with Land Activities.. there's a game for lil kids
and there's the game Cari Gula dalam Tepung
my lil sis GOt number 1~ YAY HER!!
and then, there's the game Isi air dalam Botol
they have to use the sponge to take the water
from the bucket to the bottles
my lil sis got 3rd place.. yay! her..again!!
and then theres Musical Chair Game
there's 2 part.. Men and Ladies
I played.. and gave up cos tired ..
and my finger injured cause struggling for the chair! haha
then there's the game called MUMMY WRAP!!
well obviously.. my mum was the 1 who got Wrapped..
we WON 3rd place because of our creativity.. hehe
We get a HAMPER prize for it

and then The Water Games .. only ADULTS played.. lols
There's Titi Wresling, Tarik Tali in the water and Isi Air Dalam Betung
the Betung got sum holes on it,,
so sum members have to help and close it
so the water doesn't go back out
MY brother got 3rd Place..Yay Him~!
Tarik Tali in the water looked DIFFICULT~
my dad+brother's Team LOST haha
then, the Titi Wresling,
they have to sit on the titi and wrestle with the opponent
if fall in the water LOSES..
my Brother's Team got 3rd Place~ again! yay!
I played at the mini waterfall its really nice and refreshing!
the water was VERY COLD.. and there's Fishes!
well its a river~


then we Won the Lucky Draw.. our number was 6..
and after that, there's Karaoke..
and then finished~
got back..

it was FUN the place was BeautifuL,,,

NEXT! Pictures!!

loved these pictures!!!

boredom made me do this~ walked in circular motion..
haha LOCUS?

i saw this a HUGE CEMPEDAK!!!!
uuuuhhh sedapnyee~

That's all for now
Till next POst!


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