Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Curve and IKEA

went to the Curve and IKEA, to bring Mama and Inani, since they haven't reach there yet.
so went trolling at the Curve, searching for something to BUY. i actually wanted to go to the Street.
so there i go, OMAGAH the people there are overpopulated haha. RAMAI GILA okay
i don't even know how to shop with that busy street seriously. ==
because of that I DIDN'T buy anything, and lost my mood on doing anything HUUUUU
Atie bought pants for Baby Athirah, and Mama bought a new softtoythatvibrateswhenyoupullthestrings for Athirah <3
huhu that BABY! super cute no matter what she do =.=

so after walking around with no purposes.. NEXT STOP, IKEA
walk around IKEA, pictures pictures pictures. :D *will be uploaded in FB.
and of course MEAATBALL, again <3
haha, shop again, and then GO HOME the place was almost closing and there was still a lot of human.
thaaaat's ALL!
assalamualaikum <3

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