Sunday, June 19, 2011

eh tiba2 banyak pulak followers? :P

Want to know why? haha!
SeMaC got its own BLOGGING COMUNITY yeaah.
Awesome kan college saya ni? :D eh salah pulak, EXCOLLEGE :P
To all that followed me, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, korang sangat AWESOME okay?
haha.. yeah i know, i posted that I'll be on hiatus because of my lazyness, WELL
let me story, there is one guy, he likes to annoy me when he's bored,
and yea he got bored and and there he goes mencari pasal. YE LAA SAYA UPDAAATE!
ni ha da UPDATE, know why? because that person said PROMOTE2 tapi tak update.
#ehterasake? hahaha sikit laa, so kesian pulak kan, dah banyak orang follow tapi Blog on hiatus.
Ada jugaklah kebangangannya disitu haha, *okay dah update, PUAS? :P

ohkay lepas ni nak update pasal fandom,
HANA TAJIMA, Matluthfi, NigaHiga, Anwar Hadi, Kdramas, etc etc

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