Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Favourite Vloggers! ♥

okay! Firstly, remember FЯED? huhu, YES he is the first Vlogger comedian in youtube
that i recomended to you through this blog like a couple of years ago? haha its HERE!
haha so, after awhile, I started to watch more Vloggers. Well, I stopped for awhile, and suddenly!
after i FOUND AnwarHadi and the eventually found Matluthfi, I AM SO IN LOVE WITH their VIDEOS!
like seriously~ Anwar Hadi is very FUNNY and informative, Matluthfi is SUPER FUNNY and cute! XD
Frankly speaking they are AWESOME, so lately Wafaa' told me to check out NigaHiga channel.
hahaha, THAT GUY IS HILARIOUS, omagah like seriously he is so RANDOM, teehee!, like FЯED? naah FЯED is RANDOM-er and more HYPER. haha but! I super love NigaHiga's videos~
I just love to watch those funny vlogs. Come on! Who doesn't love Funny videos? :D

ohhhh and thats not just it. Haha *actually, Youtube is becoming my favourite web! GO YOUTUBE!
I also love Make Up Guru Channels, especially, Michelle Phan & Bubzbeauty
these two girls, are just awesome giving Beauty Tips, Make up tutorials and etc.
Girls out there, should check them out! Well if you're interested, not PUSHING :P
so then, ill post my favourite video of each of these Vloggers!
*they all are awesome videos, its hard to choose! HAVE FUN WATCHING! <3

From Matluthfi :D

From Anwar Hadi

From NigaHiga

oh and btw! video nigahiga ada JayParrrkkk! woots
haha i watched nama pun sampah matluthfi macam beribu3 kali haha! XD best sangat.
So there's the funny Vlogs I like the most, well not really most,
there's so many more awesome videos from them, these are just my favourites. :D
You guys should check them out! :) *im sure most of you knew them already right? ;)
Didn't put the Make Up Gurus videos because I do not know which to choose :/

Just sharing to the WORLD <3
Till then! LOL! <-- Lots of Love/Laugh out Loud :D

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epal92 said...

yupp.best dorg nie.

tp aku tau lagi sorg nehh.bes gakk laa.


aine ilina said...

@epal92 HEE~ yang tu pun dah tgk, tp lagi prefer yang tiga orang ni :D

epal92 said...

ha`aa.tau tape..yg tuh cam alemm alemm sket.dy ckp ta bape nak lawakk.tp okayy laa.haha.kejam gylaa

aine ilina said...

errrr hahaha XD

Nurfarihanim said...

awww, matluthfi! <3

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