Monday, November 21, 2011

A trip to the clinic.

Assalamualaikum and good evening peeps. :)

So, since I've been sick for a more than a week already, my mum asked my brother to send me to the clinic. Me don't fancy clinics, because doctors always give lots of medicine! Sangat pemurah when it comes to medicine LOL. Uh uh, the clinic's gadgets are so high class. Haha. They uses the temperature gun, instead of the ear temperature thinggy haha. It was so cool. Haha or maybe saya yang jakun -.-.

Colourful pills! :D haha! -.-
Okay whatever it is, the medicine was alot! I didn't know I was having fever, yet the doctor prescribe me with HUGE FEVER PILLS that have to be taken 2pills for 3 times a day! -.- 2pills okay? Haha seriously doctor? Maybe my temperature was high according to the gun? :O So other medicines are, flu, coughing mixture, sore throat candy- this one's nicee. Hahaha! And lastly huge antibiotics pills, shocking orange colour, loving the colour, hating the taste -.-" Letak je kat lidah rasa tak sedap gilaa! Okay, I'm so lifeless, I even list all the medicine that I'm prescribe with. Haha.

I didn't go to class today, the doctor was kind enough to give me a MC for today. Only. Yeaay! =.= Haha! Well then, I have to get off and continue studying mechanics, having Test 2 this Wednesdaaaay. CUAK. Need to score Test 2 since my carry marks are so low. -.-" Wish me LUCCK! And take care all.

Assalamualaikummm! :D
p/s: sesungguhnya penyakit itu penghapus dosa.

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