Sunday, November 20, 2011

Me want theseee ♥

A pair of Converse sneakers. ♥
Beats, by Dr. Dre 

That headphone by Dr Dre looked so COOOOLL. HAHA!
Oh and and, I'm searching for Curve 4's casing. I think they haven't release the unoriginal ones. The original ones are so expensive! Haha. Me want those cute and cheap ones. LOL. But I have expensive taste. -.- It's because anything that I touch in a Mall, look at the price tag, and.... WALK AWAAYY. Hahaha! My sisters are no different! :P But I prefer those that looked expensive, but very cheap! YEAH! That's how you SUPPOSED to shop! LOL.

One fact about me that, I buy things because it's CUTE! HAHAHA. Don't really care about the function sometimes! HAHA! I suck. But, when I want to buy something, I often get second thoughts. Especially when I'm buying for myself, using my own money. Haha kedekut dengan diri sendiri. But when I'm in the SHOPPING mood, if I have money, I will just buy the things that get my attention. It's bad I know. Haha but onlyy sooomeetimees. *innocent face* 

But, seriously, me like cute and colourful stuffs! Ngeh.
Anyone want to give me these? LOL :3 

That's all, Assalamualaikumm, and have a nice daay!

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